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Hartwin fic recs (2/?)

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These are lovingly saved in my laptop’s Kindle and I love them dearly. It’s umbrellas this time, glasses if I made part 3.

Authors’ tagged tropes are included and I tried my best not to include spoilers. As usual my comments are in italics.  

☂️ Sparking - LapisLazuli. E, 2k. Traped in a closet trope. 

“Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while,” Harry whispers, calm as you please, as if Eggsy’s face isn’t pressed directly into the little hollow between his neck and his shoulder, as if Eggsy isn’t drowning in the fucking scent of his cologne, as if the fabric of his bespoke suit isn’t caressing Eggsy’s cheek like a goddamn lover.

☂️ Red Striped Ties - violentcheese. G, 1k. Red string of fate AU.

“Eggsy is the ragamuffin kid who refuses to stop hanging the Kingsman Tailor shop because he has a crush on Harry Hart, the owner.”

Eggsy follows his string patiently. Harry ignores his.

☂️ You Get Up With Fleas - evil_brainmate. T, 74k. Corgi/prince!Eggsy. My first time prompting someone (with my old url) and the result is so much more than I expected.

Eggsy is a fairy prince, trapped in the human world and cursed to transform each day into a corgi. Harry Hart is a gentleman spy, and mortal, who picks him up thinking he’s a stray. The two of them must work together to find a way to break the curse.

☂️ Paint With all the Colours of the Wind - Della19. G, 1k. Soulmates AU. 

Harry x Eggsy soulmate au where you only see colour once you meet your soulmate (so you don’t know them until you see them).

And it goes away when they die.

☂️ our vintage misery - fideliant. E, 23k. Pining, slow burn. 

hey young blood, doesn’t it feel
like our time is running out?

On a difficulty scale of one to saving the world, love shouldn’t be this far off the charts.

☂️ into the wails of your windfight - fideliant. E, 8k. Pining. 

It takes a mission gone wrong for Eggsy to find out that even in real life, the dead don’t always stay dead. Sometimes the movies get that part right, it would seem.

☂️ Class Of Conduct - fideliant. E, 13k. Slow burn. 

Or, Six Things Eggsy Has Learned About Being A Gentleman

“Lesson number one,” Harry says. “Manners matter.”

☂️ Random Access Memories - fideliant. E, 20k. Memory loss.

Having a supercomputer in your head isn’t all that much to be cracked up about.

☂️ down dark tides the glory slides - fideliant. E, 23k. Pining, memory loss. 

You only ever truly hurt the ones you love.

☂️ Or Else - breakdancingfish. M, 4k.

Before they’re allowed to go out on their own, Eggsy and Roxy form a four person team with Harry and Merlin, completing several missions together. Oh, and Harry is the world’s biggest tease. Of course.

☂️ We Are Faking It - lokidiabolus. T, 62k. Fake relationship, slow burn.

For Eggsy it was a thing - he was taking from Harry enough, now was the time he should give something back. Even if it meant playing his lover to get the mission going and catch the culprit. Who would it be if not him, right? Right.

☂️ 57 Degrees. Precisely. - Galahard. M, 6k. Marine!Eggsy, texing, coffee shop AU.

In an alternate world Eggsy goes into the Marines, and stays in the Marines. This is a take on that au, though please forgive my lack of actual Marine knowledge. Also included: finicky coffee drinkers, texting addictions, and baristas with ulterior motives.

☂️ A Not So Lazy Evening - Galahard. E, 3k. Bottom!Harry, PWP. Really good read.

☂️ Vermillion - Galahard. E, 14k. Shy!Harry, slow burn.

He didn’t know what to do with that. He didn’t blush. He wasn’t some teenager to be so affected by anything Eggsy did. Though really, he couldn’t remember the last time he’d looked at someone and not pictured them in his bed but rather his dining room, chowing down on too sugary cereal while loudly revealing his plans for the day.

☂️ Soulmates - Galahard. 1k. Soulmates AU. How much do I adore this? A lot.

For Harry Hart’s 16th birthday he not only gets his soul mark.

He gets a complete sentence.

☂️ Withdrawal - Saucery. T, 1k. Pining, finger kink.

Eggsy goes into withdrawal without Harry’s touch.

☂️ The Language of Flowers - Saucery. M, 1k. Flower shop AU, florist!Eggsy, lawyer!Harry, meet-cute, mutual pining.

Eggsy is a florist with an attitude. Harry is a lawyer with a conscience. Flowers bring them together.

☂️ The King’s Thief - twentyfourblackbirds. T, 8k.

“Harry,” Eggsy said one day, while Harry was deep in a report about weapons smuggling in Ukraine. “I really fancy you.”
“Mmm-hmm,” Harry responded, flipping to another chapter about airline safety standards in Indonesia.
“If I had to say it,” Eggsy mused, slightly put out, “I would, in fact, say that I am deeply, wildly, and madly in love with you.”
“That’s very good, Eggsy,” Harry said absentmindedly, scrawling his signature at the bottom of the paper.
Eggsy sighed. “Sometimes, I might think you don’t listen to a word I say.”

☂️ Patience and Sheer Determinaiton - blacktofade. E, 47k. Fake relationship, prostitute!Eggsy.

Harry goes undercover to infiltrate the circle of a corrupt overlord and is given Eggsy, a young prostitute, as a token of goodwill. Harry has to live with Eggsy and keep him safe, while maintaining his cover.

☂️ Care and Custody - esama. T, 50k.

Eggsy takes out the medal in slightly worse circumstances, asking for a miracle.

☂️ How Eggsy Met Harry, As Told Through A Series of Soul Marks - thayde. 91k. Soulmates AU, WIP. I would warn you that this hasn’t been updated for a long time now but if you have a brave heart then march on soldier.

Eggsy stares at the Mark on his chest sometimes, and wonders if his soulmate would ever settle for street trash like him.

☂️ Boyfriend Material - Deepdarkwaters. E, 3k. Mutual pining, oblivious!Eggsy.

“Are you a cigarette? Cos you’re smoking hot and I wanna put your butt in my mouth.”

☂️ Pig Latin - aerospaces. E, 10k. Fluff.

In Kenya, Eggsy falls off a flight of stairs. Or: lessons in cohabitation.

Eggsy discovers the joys of a home-cooked meal among many other things.

☂️ Considerably Less Cannibalism - LizaPod. E, 6k. Shaving, barebacking. This  one is the myth, the legend, the fic.

It is a real, physical struggle to not stare like a dogger while Harry shrugs off his jacket and undoes his collar, sets his signet ring aside. He has detailed, minutely detailed, fantasies about unbuttoning that fucking collar. At least he’s not wearing the holster right now, or Eggsy’d be sprung already. “It’s time you learned the fine art of the straight razor shave.”

Eggsy gives him his best you havin’ a fucking giggle, mate eyebrows. “Like Sweeney Todd?”

Harry’s sigh is just bordering on melodramatic, but he’s also got that odd— Roxy calls it enigmatic—smile he gets when Eggsy trots out some unexpected bit of culture. “Yes, Eggsy, like Sweeney Todd.”

☂️ Kiss Me Now (before I can run) - persephoneggsy. M, 37k. Soulmates AU.

It wasn’t unusual, Eggsy told himself. There were plenty of people- just a little under half of the world’s population, really- that weren’t with their soulmates. Some of them just hadn’t met yet; others had died beforehand; and then there were the people in Eggsy’s situation. Sometimes people genuinely didn’t want their soulmates. Either they were in love with someone else, or they just didn’t like what they got stuck with, and Eggsy imagined the latter was very much the case with him and Harry. He couldn’t even begin to imagine what it must have felt like for him, the world’s prime example of a posh bloke, to have his soulmate be some beaten-up kid. He would have rejected him too.

Or: soulmate AU where you know your soulmate from the moment you touch them, and when you do, their name gets written over your heart like a brand. But that’s not always a guarantee.

☂️ “It suits you, you should keep it” - eggsystolemyhart. G, 600-ish.


“Pardon, Eggsy.”


“Did you not hear me previously? I said it suits you, you should keep it.”


☂️ Five Stars, Would Shag Again - EmmyAngua. E, 6k. Seduction.

This time, the penultimate task isn’t to seduce an heiress, it’s to seduce an agent. Merlin assures the final three that the agent is chosen entirely at random.

So of *course* it’s Harry.

☂️ are we human, or are we dynamite - randomhorse. M, 13k. Pacific Rim AU. 

It’s been seventeen years since Harry has lost his co-pilot Lee Unwin in the drift, and still the world won’t stop ending.

In the Hong Kong Shatterdome, Merlin is launching a new line of Kingsman Jaegers fit to fight Category 4 Kaijus emerging from the Breach.

In the suburbs of London, Eggsy Unwin gets the draft for Jaeger Academy.

☂️ who got the keys to my bimmer - hartwinning. M, 69k. Mutual pining, mechanic!Eggsy, UST, slow burn.

“What’s the difference between a BMW and a porcupine?”

Harry gives him a slightly bewildered look and furrows his brow.

“A porcupine has the pricks on the outside,” Eggsy finishes.

☂️ hold courage to your chest - Fahye. E, 46k. I adore this.

Eggsy slumps against the wall, feeling every bruise like it’s new, and tells the truth.

“You want to make sure I jump when I’m told?” he demands. “It’d better be you doing the telling, Harry.”

☂️ Bang to Rights - concernedlily. E, 17k. Police AU.

Constable Unwin never met a tailor before, but he knows this bloke who keeps turning up at his crime scenes ain’t one.

☂️ Breakeven - theshizniiit (orphan_account). E, 85k. Omega!Harry, mpreg.

When Harry walked inside the church (and then out of it, and right into Valentine’s bullet) he didn’t know he was pregnant.

And now he’s back from the dead. This time, with an extra passenger and quite a few problems.

☂️ The New Age - DivineProjectZero. Soulmates AU.

It starts with being cursed.

No, scratch that. It starts with a garden and a serpent. And no, it goes a little differently from what you’d think.

☂️ You Are Beautiful - Sheepie. G, 8k. Coffee shop AU.

Eggsy Unwin works as a barista at the Suited Bean. He’s been in love with regular customer Harry Hart for a long time, but he never said anything. Who would want to date someone his size? But Harry sees nothing wrong with the way Eggsy looks.

☂️ Couple of (Couples) Mugs - ilokheimsins. T, 2k. Fluff. 

Harry and Eggsy absolutely do not have couples mugs that proclaim their love for one another. Harry is about 70 percent sure of this.

☂️ Gimme All Your Love - midnightsurge. M, 11k. Fireman!Eggsy, rimming.

“Sorry,” a soothing, male voice started hesitantly, “but… didn’ I pull you out of a burnin’ building a few weeks ago?”

Harry nearly choked on his drink as the question registered in his mind, his brown eyes flicking to the side to confirm that, yes indeed, it was Eggsy standing there with wide eyes.

“Fuck, sorry!” Eggsy apologised profusely as he held his hands up, wanting to help but unsure how to do so. “Ain’t meant to startle you!”


Eggsy is a fireman. He saves Harry’s life when a mission goes awry. A few weeks later, they meet again.

☂️ Rules of Insanity - inthepapers3times. E, 54k. Dark!Eggsy. 

The worst mistake of Harry Hart’s life started like many of the minor mistakes he had made: with a one night stand. If only he had taken the taxi all the way to his house. Maybe then he wouldn’t have met this particular young man, and he wouldn’t have taken him home. Maybe then all of this could have been avoided.

Harry gets pulled into a dangerous game with Gary, a disturbed man he barely knows, and has no choice but to play along.

Gary is in control completely. He makes the rules. Harry is just forced to follow them.

☂️ dig in your fingers - kirkaut. E, 42k. First time, body worship.

The lack of a silver suppository has set Eggsy upon a certain path. The way that Eggsy looks, dripping wet and half naked, sets Harry on another.

(Or: Total Canon Re-Write, aka The One Where Harry’s Libido Saves His Life)

☂️ sins without tragedies - kingstier. T, 11k. 5 + 1. Fake marriage.

“Harry, are we married?”

“Aren’t we?”

Or, the five times they’re practically married and the one time they’re not (yet).

☂️ 5 Knots Harry made + 1 Knot Eggsy tied - therune. T, 2k. 5 + 1. I love this immensely!

Whenever Eggsy gets dressed in his suit he purposefully skips a button or struggles with his tie so that Harry is forced to step into his personal space and fix it for him.

☂️ Like Real People Do - coloursflyaway. T, 3k. 5 + 1. Undercover, first kiss.

Five times Eggsy called Harry a pet name, and one time Harry called Eggsy one.

jixorpuzzle  asked:

11 - Trimberly?

(funny enough, I sent this same exact combo to Trimberghly! Also I don’t know wtf happened because I was aiming for <500 words but I failed spectacularly)

11. things you said when you were drunk

“Alright, explosion and balls back! How you like me now?”

“Yeah yeah, lucky shot. I’d like to see you guys do that again.”

Trini never used to be big on house parties. For one, people never invited her thanks to her exchange student anonymity, but secondly she just didn’t see the point. They often consist of drunk reckless kids acting like idiots talking shallowly to strangers because they both know that neither will remember in the morning. Houses get stuffy and packed to the brim with bodies, resulting in uncomfortably overheated conditions and general unpleasantries all around.

Drinks get spilled, outfits get dirtied, and there’s always at least one mysterious stain that lingers by the end of the night, but party goers endure it all for various personal reasons. Sometimes to unwind from the stress of the week by letting loose and having fun, but more commonly it was an opportunity to hook up. 

It was a scene that Trini never used to frequent.

Until Kimberly happened.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

trimberly prompt! trini is failing biology and her parents somehow get queen bee kimberly hart to tutor her?? trinis ready to burn her house down with kimberly in it but she learns kim is actually really sweet? and really kind and patient and holy shit shes even prettier up close. the small ball of Teen Angst slowly develops a crush (not that she'd ever say that out loud) and gayness ensues.

Hey! Sorry for the delay. Here you go! (unsure whether i actually followed the prompt but this is where the story went i’m sorry i still hope you like it)

(also on AO3)

The last thing Trini wants to do when she gets home is to talk to her parents. She just really plans on sneaking in, avoiding as much a fuss as possible, and holing up in her room until it’s time for dinner.

Unfortunately, nothing goes according to this plan.

When she enters the house, she’s greeted by the sight of her parents sitting on the couch, obviously waiting for her, and she tenses up on instinct.

Her grip on her bag’s strap tightens when she sees an official-looking envelope on the coffee table, and oh fuck, she really should have just climbed in through her bedroom window instead.

Her mother’s gaze is hard and unforgiving, and her father’s is somewhat apologetically disappointed, as if it’s his fault she’s going to receive a good, long reprimand from his wife. It is for this reason that Trini clenches her jaw, putting on her big girl pants and rallying every ounce of her willpower to not flinch and to accept what’s going to happen.

She refuses to back down from what appears to be an inescapable punishment for her own carelessness.

“Sit down,” her mother orders, and Trini obeys without argument.

The silent judgment continues for several long seconds, but Trini doesn’t show any sign of discomfort. She’s not going to give them that satisfaction.

Finally, after what’s felt like forever, her mom huffs an annoyed breath and pushes a sheet of paper towards her. “So this came in the mail today.”

Trini picks it up. Yeah, just as she thought. The B– glares at her from the page, the red ink like a death sentence.

“Don’t you have anything to say for yourself?” Her mother’s tone is getting a dangerous edge now, riled up with Trini’s non-expression.

“What do you want me to say?” she asks, evenly. “It’s not a failing mark.”

“It’s not an A either!”

“Now, swee—” her father tries to defuse the tension, but her mother is having none of it.

“No! You keep letting her get away with whatever she’s doing, and it’s getting out of hand! She needs discipline!” Her mother glares at her. “You need to pick up your slack! You won’t be accepted in any good colleges if your grades are like this!”

“It’s a B, not the end of the world,” Trini says, and it is a very, very bad move.

“Don’t give me that attitude!” her mother nearly screeches, before closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. When she looks at her again, she’s forcibly calmer. “You need grades higher than this, so you need to study harder. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Good. Now, your teacher says you do well with lab activities but not with the written exams. So I arranged for you to have a tutor. Maybe having someone else checking over your work will help you improve.”

Trini blinks, hearing the words but not processing their meaning. “What now?”

Her mother carries on as if she didn’t speak. “You know the Harts, they have a daughter who’s apparently in the same class as you. Do you know Kimberly? I asked her mother if Kim could spare an hour or two a day to help you out, and she said yes. Kim’s also agreed, she’s such a sweet little thing. Very polite. Pretty, and smart to boot. You’re going to meet with her here starting tomorrow, after her cheer practice.” Her mother nods, satisfied with her pitch, and as usual not giving Trini any chance to object before standing up and ending their talk. “I expect you to be in your best behaviour.” Then she walks away, leaving her and her father staring at each other.

“What just happened?” Trini asks, bewildered.

Her father sighs, looking about as defeated as ever. “I think you just got a tutor.”


That’s not good.

That’s not good at all.


“You probably should head home now,” Zack says, brows furrowing as he stares at the setting sun. “You don’t want your mom to be even more pissed.”

Trini scoffs, raising an eyebrow at him. She’s lying on the hood of her car. “Since when do you care about that?”

He shrugs. “Hey, I’m just saying, if you hit a few more of her buttons, it’s not gonna be pretty.”

“I know that.”

“So go. Be a nerd and study.” He scrunches his nose, as if disgusted. “And whoa, I can’t believe I just said that non-ironically.”

She laughs. “Yeah, it’s probably a cold day in hell, huh? Zack Taylor, King of Detention, just told me to study. I feel so blessed.”

“Shut up. It’s just that if your mom gets on your case even more, it’s gonna be real hard for you to escape and make it to our bonfire nights.” He crosses his arms. “I don’t wanna lose my drinking buddy to academics.”

Trini sighs, because for once, she knows Zack is right. Her mother’s been watching her like a hawk since yesterday, and it’s going to get worse if she fails to show up on time to the damn tutoring session. “Fine, fine. I’m going.”

“It couldn’t be that bad, right?” Zack says. “It’s just Kim.”

“She’s the head cheerleader.”

“Yeah, and I’m Zack Taylor.” He rolls his eyes. “No duh.”

“Fuck off, you know what I mean.”

“She seems good.”

“That’s ’cause you’re thinking with a different head.”

“Okay, now you’re just being mean.”

“I’m always being mean.”

“Play nice.”

Trini smirks. “Never.”


For the most part, Trini actually finds Biology a pretty interesting subject. Perhaps not as fascinating as chemistry and physics, but she can appreciate the rote learning needed in many of its topics; memorisation might not be the best way to gauge intelligence, but it sure does pay to have some piece of information immediately at the tip of her tongue.

It’s intellectually stimulating, when she really pays attention. It’s challenging to learn all about neurotransmitters and every bump in a bone and cardiac rhythm. Every diagram she draws must be accurate; otherwise, what’s the point, right?

So yeah. It’s not that she hates the subject; she just doesn’t like it as much as the others.

But with this tutoring issue in her immediate future, she just might learn to hate it with all that she is.

Tutoring itself won’t be that much of a problem, if it’s in school. At least there, Trini’s got some form of control unhindered by the anxiety that her parents’ mere presence evokes. But that’s out of the question, obviously, and what’s more, her tutor’s going to be Kimberly freaking Hart.

Of course Trini knows she shares the same class with the head cheerleader. It’s kinda difficult to ignore that fact when every time Kim enters the classroom, everyone watches with rapt attention. She’s never alone, with their schoolmates always seeking her out and begging for her to notice them.

It’s ridiculous, is what it is—the way the entire student body seems to fall on their feet at Kimberly’s every whim—and Trini decides to hate her on principle.

(“You know that’s a lie,” Zack said when she told her about it. “Your little gay heart just can’t handle that much beauty without overheating.”

“Shut the fuck up, Taylor,” she said, because Zack’s an ass and he knew nothing.

In all likelihood, Kimberly Hart has no damn idea who the fuck Trini is, and Trini sure as hell doesn’t care either way.)

Anyway. Yeah. Trini’s not a fan of her tutor, which is why this whole tutoring thing is probably never gonna work.


Scratch that.

This whole tutoring thing is definitely never gonna work.

When Trini gets home, the first thing she sees is a pink Audi parked in the driveway, and her stomach flips on itself.



Trini just about freezes on the spot when she sees Kimberly freaking Hart sitting like a goddamn Disney princess in her middle-class family’s living room, beside Trini’s mother, the both of them sipping tea from the good Chinaware reserved for holidays and for guests her mother wants to impress—which apparently includes Angel Grove High’s resident queen bee.

Trini is not blind. She knows one of the reasons Kim’s such a popular girl is because her beauty honestly transcends the mortal plane. Her hair’s luscious and falls in gentle waves, neat and classy, even after she cut it off to shoulder-length. She’s got the jawline of a goddess, and her tan skin is smooth and looks soft to the touch. Her clothes fail to hide just how defined her muscles are—Trini knows because she’s seen her running around in those squad uniforms that barely leaves anything to the imagination.

But Kimberly’s eyes are what captivates her the most.

Her eyes remind Trini of hot chocolate on a winter night, warm and comforting; she could almost smell woodsmoke from the fireplace, could almost hear the flame crackling and the sound of leaves crunching underfoot, could almost see wolf’s fur shining beneath the moonlight. Kim’s eyes are compelling, magnetic, not taking no for an answer.

She looks up at Trini with those damn eyes, and her smile?


Her smile is like a flickering shadow, like an illicit affair, like bourbon at 3:00 a.m.—thrilling, electrifying, demanding one’s utmost devotion.

Trini internally curses and bites her tongue.

This is shaping up to be a huge fucking problem.


Trini’s mother leaves the two of them after shooting Trini a glare that warns her of another lecture in her immediate future and profusely apologising to Kimberly for Trini’s lateness. Kimberly just smiles, saying it’s fine, and “It’s my fault anyway, cheer practice ended early and I probably should have waited a bit before coming over.”

(And Trini’s mother just about looks on the verge of singing Kimberly the Ave Maria, honestly.)

When they’re finally alone, Kimberly stands and offers Trini her hand. “Hi, I’m Kim.”

“I know,” Trini says. It’s rather rude, she realises, and she sighs. “Sorry. Yeah. I know who you are. I mean.” She clamps her lips together before digging herself further into mortification. “Trini.”

And when she shakes Kim’s hand, she just about spontaneously explodes, because she’s correct and Kim’s skin is indeed soft to the touch, holy shit, and it’s like holding a silk glove that’s got electric currents running through each thread.

“I know,” Kim says, her eyes laughing, but not taunting. At least Trini doesn’t think so. But it’s quite difficult to think at all when that smile is freaking directed at her, full blast. It’s like a nuclear weapon or something, all white teeth and charm, like it’s a goddamn toothpaste commercial. “We do share a class together.”

Right. “Yeah.”



“Let’s begin?”

“Oh.” She huffs, staring at those endlessly dark eyes, but not without effort. It’s freaking hard to act all high and mighty when you’re literally just barely over five feet.

It gets even more of a challenge when you’re faced with the walking personification of grace and beauty and you start acting like a fucking gay mess.

But that’s not relevant as of now.


“Let’s,” she says, dropping her bag unceremoniously on the couch before plopping down. She rummages through her stuff to get her notes and textbooks.

“You know,” Kim says, settling down uncomfortably close to Trini, “I was sorta surprised when my mom told me I’m gonna be tutoring you.”

“That’s my mom’s fault, sorry.”

“No, I mean—” Kim shrugs. “I was surprised that you needed a tutor at all.”

Trini hums, noncommittal. “Why’s that?”

“You’re always on top of the experiments and lab reports, even though you’re unbelievably quiet during discussion.” Kim releases this breathy chuckle that sets Trini’s heart racing without permission. (It’s annoying.) “I’m pretty sure you even beat me by three points in last month’s project.”

That stops Trini in her on-going campaign to avoid Kim’s eyes as much as possible. Instead she meets her stare directly, proud of herself for keeping her voice level. “You remembered that?”

Kim appears a bit flustered, and she’s the one to look away this time, but Trini’s too busy looking at the flush in her cheeks to think about the reason behind it. “It’s pretty hard to forget when I really did my best for the project only to be beaten by the quiet girl always lurking in the back of the room.”

“I do not lurk.”

“Sure, Trini,” Kim says, and god if Trini doesn’t find that the sound of her own name coming from Kim’s lips is like some sort of music.

If this is just the beginning, Trini’s not sure how sane she’s gonna be by the end of this torture.

At this rate, probably not sane at all.


Trini is surprised to find that she’s actually enjoying herself, talking with this popular pretty girl whom she’s already judged without even really knowing her. Trini realises how much of a jerk thing that is, and she tells Kim so.

“I have to admit,” she begins, tapping her pen on a particularly tricky question, “I pegged you as a typical head bitch.”

Kim doesn’t look offended; instead her eyes seem to sparkle with amusement. “Yeah?”

“Yeah.” Trini shrugs. “You know, the head cheerleader stereotype perpetuated by the media and brought to life by the American youth almost without fail.”

“I was like that, not long ago,” she says, voice soft.

“What happened?”

Kim smiles. “Met some people who made me realise I could do so much better.”


“See you tomorrow, then?” Kim asks when it’s time for her to go, her voice low and like a secret promise, washing over Trini like the velvet of a morning storm.

Trini tilts her head, a smirk playing on her lips. “See you tomorrow,” she says, and Kim’s answering laugh will quench her thirst for days to come.

So. Maybe Zack’s got a point about her little gay heart, after all.



Kim’s a pretty patient instructor, launching into the sort of detailed explanations that Trini wouldn’t have been able to come up with on her own. Her work is organised, all clean lines and neat handwriting, and her arrows and diagrams make sense in a way at which their textbooks fail. She doesn’t rush Trini into understanding the numerous concepts, and has instead worked out that Trini works better when there are other things happening around her. So Kim talks about other things while Trini figures out molecular evolution and evolutionary synthesis.


“Fascism is an ideology relying on the argument of power and not on the power of argument,” Trini says, not looking up from a heart diagram. “Morality and logic are things not really taken into account when dealing with fascist agenda.”

She’s not really sure how she finds herself talking about things not at all related to biology—or even science in general—with Kim, but by the time she realised they strayed too far off topic, it’s already too late. They’ve already covered, amongst others, the politics of eugenics and even the socialist revolution—a discussion that comes so out of left field that Trini wasted a couple of seconds staring into Kim’s eyes before formulating a response regarding the development of revolutionary syndicalism.


“Here.” Kim throws a small box at Trini, who easily catches it.

Trini examines the box. “What’s it?”

“Just open it.”

Trini does, and she takes out a fidget spinner. “Wha—”

“You can use it whenever you want help focusing,” Kim says. “I can’t very well talk to you while we’re taking exams, but that’s a decent alternative. That way you have another outlet when concentrating.”

“I—” Trini swallows past the emotions balling up in her throat. “Thank you,” she says.

If Kim noticed the waver in her voice, she doesn’t mention it. “You’re welcome.”


Early the next morning, Trini leaves a box of glazed doughnuts on Kim’s windowsill, along with a cup of coffee—black, extra shot of espresso, no sugar.


Kim waves at her in the cafeteria later, a huge smile threatening to split her face in two, and a hush falls over the entire area.


“Why are people looking at you?” Trini asks Zack.

Zack laughs out loud. “They’re not looking at me, Crazy Girl,” he says, grinning like a maniac, “they’re looking at you.”


She sees Kim talking to Jason Scott, star quarterback, in the bleachers. They are leaning too closely to each other, their touches gentle and familiar. She sees Kim smile at something Jason says, and Jason grins when Kim throws her arms around his neck.

Zack comes up behind her, flinging an arm over her shoulder. “Come on. I got some booze from last week’s gig. Shitty and probably tastes like piss, but I think that’s appropriate, no?”

Trini pulls her beanie lower over head, allowing Zack to stir her away.

Shit and piss sound about right for what’s roiling in her chest.


She only talks to Kim during their tutoring sessions after that. She stops seeking her out, avoids running into her in the hallways.

If Kim notices, she doesn’t mention it. She’s good at not mentioning things, anyway.

They both are.


The fidget spinner never leaves Trini’s pocket, even though she’s tried to throw it away several times.

(She sleeps with it in her hand.)


A week later, Trini wakes up to someone tapping on her window. She sits up immediately, eyes widening when she sees it’s Kim, holding on to the sill, bobbing her head to signal that Trini should really move and open up now before she falls down.

So Trini lets her in, backing away immediately when she remembers that she’s only wearing pajama shorts with sun prints and an over-sized NASA shirt.

“Why’re you here, Kim?” she asks, mumbles really, eyes trained on her carpet, arms wrapped around herself.

“Are you ever gonna tell me what I did wrong?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Kim scoffs. “That’s bullshit.”

Trini snaps her head up, glares at Kim. She tries not to notice that Kim’s still in her sleepwear too—matching pajama set, with spaceship prints—though she fails splendidly. She also fails in not noticing that their clothes weirdly match. “You didn’t do anything wrong,” she asserts.

“Then why are you avoiding me?”

“I’m no—”

Kim doesn’t hesitate in cutting her off. “If I hear another lie from you, I swear to god I will throw you out your own damn window, Trini.”

“What do you want to hear?”

“Just the truth,” Kim tells her, eyes imploring, voice cracking, and it stabs right at Trini’s heart. “Just the truth, please.”

And Trini will never let herself be the reason Kim breaks down, will never be able to deny Kim anything, so she gives her what she wants, regardless of any possible fallout.

At this point, she’s got nothing to lose anyway, except perhaps an almost that can never be.

“Remember when we talked about how soulmates are probably those whose atoms were next to each other in the big bang?” she asks, and she almost smiles at Kim’s confused frown, probably wondering where the fuck Trini’s going with this.


“They’re drawn to each other because they came from the same burst of light, from the same corner of the universe. They have the same stardust in their bones.” Trini sighs, half a laugh, half a sob. Her fingers dig into her own skin. “That’s you for me, Kim.

“Oh,” Kim says.

“Please just go,” Trini pleads, because one more second and she’s going to fall apart.

But Kim won’t let her be. “No, no, I’m not leaving.”

“Kim, please—”

“You said your piece, and now you’re gonna listen to mine.” Kim walks towards Trini, and Trini’s vision is blurry with unshed tears. Kim’s hand is soft on her jaw, tilting her face up, and then Kim is pressing their lips together, and Trini’s entire world shifts on its axis.

“What—” Trini begins when Kim draws back.

“Your star made me,” Kim says, her voice now sure and steady, and Trini’s entire being is cradled in her hands, “and galaxies swirl in your eyes, and I’m on earth falling in love with you.”


Later, when their lips are sore from too much kissing, Trini explains why she’s been avoiding her.

“Trini,” Kim says, fond and exasperated at once, “I was asking him for advice on how best to tell you what I feel.”


“Next time, whenever you have questions or doubts, talk to me first, okay?”

Trini buries her face into the crook of Kim’s neck, and Kim’s arms tighten around her. “Yeah, okay.”


“That must have been a pretty dumb star,” Zack remarks, after Trini told her what happened.

Trini socks him on the arm. “Shut up,” she says, but she doesn’t stop smiling, and she doesn’t let go of Kim’s hand.

Kim’s laughter sounds like golden sunlight, bathing Trini in the glow of home.

they’re big nerds, i love them so much

Hidden Language - Chapter 1 - InkandOwl - Timekeeper- Tara Sim [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 2/?
Fandom: Timekeeper- Tara Sim
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Colton/Danny
Characters: Danny Hart, Brandon Summers, Cassie (timekeeper), Colton (Timekeeper)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Dance, Alternate Universe - Ballet, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, mild swearing, mostly from brandon, Slow Burn, Mutual Pining

Tasha regards him carefully, bottom lips pinched between her thumb and forefinger, “There is a boy- a transfer student.” She appears to be scrutinizing Danny, “I think he would be a decent teacher for you.”

“Transferred from where?” Danny slides out of the chair, the metal legs scraping against the lacquered wood floor.

“Enfield.” Tasha says.

Danny is a contemporary dancer that has to learn ballet, only his teacher is a boy he’s never met before, from a town in the middle of nowhere

Have you ever wanted to read a Timekeeper fic that takes place in modern day at a dance academy?? (The answer is ‘'yes,absolutely’) you ever wanna read a Timekeeper fic written by me?! (The answer to that is ‘ive never wanted anything more). Look no further fellow countrymen !!!!

Auston Matthews #14

Requested by Anon(s):  I debated asking this but could you write about watching the Canada vs USA wjc gold medal game with Auston Matthews and you guys are bantering and then after the game he’s teasing you and you get upset? It’s kind of a weird idea so you could change it to whatever

*Not weird at all! I hope this works fine with you, I generally assumed that the reader is Canadian or is cheering for Team Canada. :) Enjoy!*

Word count: 858

Originally posted by wonthetrade

A full period of overtime and nobody scored because why would they if they could give everyone watching the game a mini heart attack by going into the shootout round. And of course no one in both teams would score up until the second to the last puck.

These kids are going to be the death of you. You’re probably already dead if Auston’s smug grin was any indication.

“Hockey sucks,” you said, turning the tv off and chucking it to your gigantic boyfriend, “you suck,” you told him.

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Kind Of A Funny Story

Prompt! “Why are you wearing her clothes?” Or something like that. This was.. a little weird to write, tbh. But fun. Not any angst here. Just a fun time.

Pairing: Riley/Maya
Words: 1,690
Summary:  Maya and Farkle both see Riley naked on the same day. It’s not what it looks like, Riley promises! Maya can’t promise the same thing. And Farkle doesn’t really believe either of them.


It’s sort of fair to say that this is a kind of precarious looking scene, Riley must admit, but it is absolutely not what it looks like, and ESPECIALLY not what Farkle thinks it is.

But Riley should probably back up, right?

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Harry doesn’t have his wings yet.

That’s alright. He doesn’t want a soulmate. He likes being free. The circles he tends to blend with rarely have wings, and if they do, they’re small and stunted, showing that they haven’t accepted the love yet. Or maybe they never would. So it’s fine.

When he meets the boy, frees him from prison, it takes him five seconds to realize that he’s the one he’ll grow wings for.

But he doesn’t.

He hopes it will be during their talk in the pub, where he’s charmed to infinity and back.

But he doesn’t.

He hopes it will be when he wins the fight, when he sees the boy staring in awe.

But he doesn’t.

Disturbed, he goes home, and drinks. He knows he’s in love with Eggsy. He could feel it immediately. But his wings…

He googles it, and finds nothing helpful. It’s just people saying that it’s impossible, that whoever doesn’t have wings just hasn’t found their soulmate. But he does, he does, he does love Eggsy. Or, at least he will. There are people pointing out aromantics, but that’s not what Harry is, and there are people countering that soulmates can be platonic as well. That’s true; apparently he’s Merlin’s platonic ‘mate, which sounds silly, but it’s true. Both of them have always wondered why Harry isn’t Merlin’s ‘mate.

Then Harry strikes gold.

A dating website for old people. It’s generally accepted that ‘mates are found between the ages of ten and fifty; but this website is for people 50+ with no wings. Many of them… are the older siblings and cousins of the rich snobs Harry circulates with. And according to them, even if their parents or grandparents or great-grandparents had been deeply in love, their wings had never manifested.

Harry tries a different search. When exactly did humans begin to grow wings?

That leads to another question: why were there people who didn’t want to grow wings?

There is historical evidence that wings were found to be unattractive in England at one time, so that it became a custom among the nobility to never marry for love. This seemed to have the effect of… of breeding out empathy and whatever makes a soul recognize another. There were oddballs, of course; but most “pure” bloodlines have no wings.

No wonder so many of Harry’s set are wingless.

He gets up and goes to find the old family tree his grandfather had made for him.

After an intense scrutiny, he realizes that, yes, his bloodline is “pure” enough for him to never have wings. So there is something wrong with him; just not what he expected.

Depressed, he returns to the study, just in time to hear something that makes his whole body burn with fury.

“—kill you right now, and no one in the whole world would notice!”

“But I would.”

Fury turns him calm and icy as he lays out the truth. Then, on impulse, “Eggsy, meet me at the tailor’s shop I told you about.”

And he grabs his jacket.

Gary “Eggsy” Unwin was a smart kid. He’s managed to pass all his tests with flying colours and it always gave him a lot of time to screw around. But lately, paying attention in class got a lot easier thanks to the cute professor who’s teaching the lecture. Dr. Harry Hart. A hot piece of ass for a man in his late 40’s… early 50’s? Hell, who cares. Eggsy liked them a bit well done. It was an acquired taste.
Right about now Dr. Hart was looking real good with his pants down and his back against the wall while Eggsy sucked him off- in his mind, of course. He’d think about how he’d use his tongue to get the older man to cum in his mouth, no hands. Dr. Hart looks like the hair pulling type, even with his geeky glasses on. And oh, he probably has quite the mouth on him when he’s horny as fuck, swearing up a storm. Shit. Don’t get hard in class, Eggsy. You still got thirty minutes!

He’s probably thrust his hips into Eggsy’s slutty mouth, begging for something tighter, something warmer. And god, is Eggsy willing! He’d lie on his back right away and chuck his trousers and pants off for Dr. Hart. He’d ready himself with his fingers, and spread out his cheeks so Dr. Hart could see what he was about to put his pulsing, hot cock into.

“Fuck me real good and hard, Dr. Hart.” Eggsy thought in his head as he played out the scene.

“You’re quite naughty, Mr. Unwin.” Dr. Hart would rub the tip of his cock against his hole in that moment, earning a twitch from Eggsy’s own cock.

“I can be naughtier. Just fuck me and see.” Eggsy began to breathe heavily, trying real hard not to be obvious in class. Sitting in the back was a relief because Dr. Hart couldn’t see him staring and blushing.

He enters into Eggsy’s tight arse real fast and begins moving almost in a trance. Dr. Hart’s jaw is slack, his eyes are closed and his tie is swinging above Eggsy’s bare chest. Eggsy’s trying to hold onto the desk but it’s squeaking really loudly and Dr. Hart’s cock is just so fucking good inside him, filling him to the brim.

“Oh fuck, fuck!” Eggsy is moaning in his daydream but in class he’s just turning redder than a fucking tomato. “Fuck me harder, Dr. Hart!”

“I’ll fuck you until you can’t walk.” Dr. Hart panted while gripping Eggsy by the waist and continuing to slam into him. Their skin is slapping hard onto each other and wet sounds of their cock and arse fucking together was brilliant. It turned Eggsy into a pleading mush, begging for release.

“Cum inside me, cum in me now…”

Eggsy was so close. He could feel it building up inside his balls. And he felt Dr. Hart burning up where they were joined, he was almost there too.

“Fuck, fuck, I’m-” Dr. Hart’s grip on Eggsy’s hip got so tight it left bruises as he came inside him, spilling his hot cum inside Eggsy’s tight arse.

“Mr. Unwin..?” Eggsy snapped out of his daydream and had to wipe away the drool on his chin. When he looked up, Dr. Hart was giving him a questioning look. “Class is finished, do you plan to sleep in tonight?”

“Uhm, no. I just- uh, I was thinking about the lecture and-” Eggsy panicked as he started gathering his belongings.

“You’ve got a bit of drool on your neck too.” Dr. Hart pointed at him, and Eggsy immediately wiped at it. “Do you actually enjoy this subject, Mr. Unwin?”

“Yes, Dr. Hart, I do. Very much.” Eggsy grinned, and winked at him.

Dr. Hart raised an eyebrow, pleasantly surprised.

“Flirting won’t get you an A, although you wouldn’t need to considering how well you’re doing.”

“I’m not flirting for grades, Dr. Hart.”

“Well then…” Dr. Hart’s voice lowered, and his smile was different now. A new sort of interest. “Care to join me for dinner?”

“Hell yeah.”

Harry Hart's sexuality hint in the movie?

Just watched Kingsman: The secret service for the third time, but is it just me or Harry did run amok every time anyone referred homosexuality as an insulting term in front of him? 

Like in the first bar scene, when one of Dean’s men said: “If you want another rent boy, they’re down on the corner of Smith Street.” and Harry started to give them a lesson about manners.

Or in the church scene, he stood up and tried to get out when the father (???) said: “homosexuals burn…” or something like that. 

Can this be considered as a hint for his sexuality friendly attitude toward homosexuality?

“Do you think he likes me? Like likes me? I mean, I’ve seen him looking at me but I don’t know if he’s, you know, looking at me. Like, is he checking me out? I swear to god, if he told me to get on my knees I’d say fucking thank you, sir–”

“Dear god.” Harry said, his face burning at the image. He turned his back to the mirror. “When will he be back to normal?”

“In a day or so. Maybe sooner because of his metabolism. We’ll have him run a lap or two around HQ.” Merlin hummed. He looked at Harry with an awful glint in his eye. “So, Harry. Do you like like him?”

source : [x]

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Not Sick: Chapter 2

“I have to protect Riley,”
“You’re so busy protecting her, who’s going to protect you?”

In which Maya is sick, but still a part of the Riley Protection Squad. 
*AU: Set in the future. Lucas, Maya, Farkle, Riley, and Zay are all in college.
***Contains Lucaya, Friendship!Zarkle (that’s their ship name, right?), Jealous!Farkle, Riley is only mentioned here. 

Tick tock. Tick tock. Sniff sniff. Thud. Thud. Tick—Sniff—Tock.

Lucas stared down at his lap, twirling a pen between the fingers of his hands. In his lap he had both an anthropology text book and a notebook, various highlighted text and notes scribbled on blue printed lines. He and his little blonde study buddy Maya, who was stationed laying on her bed, stomach down and legs crossed in the air behind her, had an anthropology mid term coming up and although he had paid attention in class he wasn’t confident that he would get a passing grade.

The same was not to say for Maya Hart. She was currently balancing a purple pen on her upper lip, forcing her eyes to cross. She, too, had her anthropology book and a notebook open. Contrary to Lucas’ abundance of notes, there were barely three lines written out with lots and lots of highlights in her text.

“Uh. Maya, why do you just highlight nearly everything in the book?” Lucas shifted on his spot on the floor, facing Maya’s bed. This is where she lost her concentration and the pen fell from between her upper lip and nose. It hit the near empty notebook with a small thud.

Zay, who had visited their college campus for the weekend as he often did, peered over to Maya’s text book. “Oh. Luke, the more you highlight, the more it looks like you’ve read. When really, you haven’t read past the first line of every chapter!” As if proud of himself and his two cents he had to offer, Zay sat back on a green beanbag chair across from the two.

“Gotta point, Babineux.” Maya extended out a hand, pointing her pen at Zay, “And that’s how it started,” You could almost hear Lucas sigh in relief, “but then I started to actually read this hunk of buh-log-na and I started to highlight everything I didn’t understand.” The blonde girl moved on her bed to sit up and lift her textbook only to drop it back down on her bed for dramatic effect. “And I don’t understand any of it!”

As if on cue, a bowl-cut looking fellow opened the door to her dorm room with a huge grin on his face. “And that’s why I’m here! And you know it’s pronounced Buh-loh-nee, not Buh-log-nuh, right Maya?”

“Oh, Farkle, thank God.” Both Lucas and Maya spoke with relief.

“Yeah yeah, tell me how I’m your almighty Ruler and Savior of your world.” Farkle sat at the desk chair and let his backpack slip off onto the ground. He opened it and tossed Maya a box of tissues. “For you, M’lady. As you requested.”

Maya caught the blue box and tore it open, immediately blowing her nose.

“Eugh,” Zay spewed out in disgust. “Come on. I visit to spend some time with some of my favorite people and you guys have to study? And you’re sick?!”

While blowing her nose, Maya was able to get out an, “Am not!” Shortly after she tossed the two used tissues into the garbage bin. 

“Are too!” Zay leaned back in the bean bag chair and grabbed the football he had brought over and began tossing it in the air and catching it repeatedly just as he had done when they were studying quietly.

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Earnest Melodrama On A January Night

..Based on true feelings. Prompt. “Do you want me to leave?” 

Pairing: Riley/Maya
Words: 789
Summary: Maya is playing a losing game, and impulse control is tricky on snowy nights when you can’t breathe. She knows that better than anyone.


No matter what you do, you lose, and isn’t that sort of fucking sick?

You dig your fingernails into your palms, because you’re getting good at keeping your mouth shut- how could you not be? Isn’t that all you do?

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warning: profanity and christmas and LUCAYAAAA, so if you are offended by one of the three of them, please do not read. also: this was literally written in a day and unedited and this is really really not good, it’s basically Lucaya neighbor AU If they lived in the suburbs, so I hope you guys like this, because there are basically no lucaya christmas fics at. all.



Lucas Friar/Maya Hart.


A boy moves into the house next to hers on a Saturday.

The house has been empty for ages, all sticky spider webs and dust that gathers in the vintage bookshelf upstairs—a symbol of the past, of an age long since past.

She doesn’t expect it to be bought, she lives in Emerald Heights for fuck’s sake, a sign that you pass by in highways and forget the moment your car rushes forward, Emerald Heights, population:7,000.

Because no one would want to live in the Californian suburbs, in Emerald Heights, where the grass is dry and yellow and brown as it whips in the wind, where coyotes howl and the houses are fading somehow, they are old and lost and forgotten, in the background of the lights of Los Angeles, only a few miles above them.

Because no one would want to live here, and she stands on the sidewalk with a caramel frappuccino, contemplating his choices.


She knows his name because of the other neighbors, who crowd at his door and ring his doorbell and leave casseroles for dear, dear Lucas Friar, who is apparently the epitome of a politeness and what a gentleman should be, all charming smiles and bright eyes and conversations on insurance with Mrs. Wang across the street and earl grey tea with Mrs. Davidson at four o’clock.

Because he wears plaid shirts and cowboy hats and looks like the male lead from Disney Channel tv show, all grins and green eyes and boyish charm.

And she hates that.

Because he fits right in, because he’s not an outsider like she is, even after months of trying, his house doesn’t stand out in a straight line of white picket fences and blue painted walls like hers does, with glass windows and a chandelier and black and white decor that’s modern and hipster and urban, it doesn’t fit in the suburbs of California, in Emerald Heights.

She hates people like him, who are charming and blonde and moderately good looking, she’s hated people like that ever since she was six years old, when her father, who was also bonde and charming and fit in with the neighbors, who gave ten dollar tips to waitresses just left one day without a fucking trace.

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Falling For You

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the call

Here’s some demon!Eggsy because there needs to be some of it out there. There is some violent that is typical to the canon content. And you know some language. 

Out in the Kentucky sun Harry Hart bleeds and drifts somewhere between the world of the living and the world of the dead. Trapped between his slanted view of pavement and memories of days long past. All thoughts of Valentine gone from his mind. 

After many years of service Harry’s stared death in the face more often than most. Each time he’s come away intact. Merlin’s accused him of being the luckiest bastard to walk the planet but his old friend doesn’t know one of the oldest secrets Harry has guarded since his knighting. Harry doesn’t have incomprehensible luck but he does have a secret weapon as it were. One that should be along shortly if their history has any dependability to it.

Sure enough the ghastly trainers appear in his line of blurred half-vision. 

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