burn the banks

Anarchists Fill Services Void Left by Faltering Greek Governance
Anarchist groups are taking matters into their own hands after years of austerity policies and a refugee crisis have undermined the Greek government.
By Niki Kitsantonis

“We want people to fight back, in all ways, from taking care of refugees to burning banks and Parliament,” said Mr. Sagris, the member of Void Network and the Embros theater group, which raises money to fund squats housing refugees. “Anarchists use all tactics, violent and nonviolent.”

“Anarchists obviously cannot form a political party,” said Spiros Dapergolas, 45, a graphic designer who belongs to Rouvikonas. “But we have our own means to enter the political center,” he said. “We want to get bigger.”

The group’s long-term aim is “militant unionism,” Mr. Dapergolas said. But, he conceded, it is not easy for people to organize themselves. In the meantime, he said, “what Rouvikonas is doing can be done by anyone.”

I’m on my Eleventh Hour relisten, and during the very first Refuge cycle, when the THB try to pull people from the burning bank, Taako uses the umbrastaff as a shield from debris, and I realized that I can’t remember another instance of him consciously using the umbrastaff defensively (unless I’m forgetting one?). And he kind of says offhandedly that it’s probably nigh-indestructible, and it got me really curious. What is the durability of the umbrastaff?

Like, it’s obvious a magical item (and probably has a certain amount of plot armor), but if Taako had attempted to use it defensively in battle, how would it have worked? Can it shield magical damage? We’ve seen it act to protect and inform Taako before, after all. How much can it endure as a shield? Does it have resistances? Weaknesses? I’m so curious as to how Griffin and Justin would have worked with that.

tl;dr: Haley gets distracted at work thinking about the game mechanics of a fuckin’ umbrella.

Please keep my city, Guadalajara, Mexico, in your thoughts, right now there are shootings and narcobloqueos (burning vehicles blocking roads) happening all over the city because an important member of a drug cartel was captured by the authorities. We are being asked not to leave our homes because this people won’t go down without fighting. They shot down a military helicopter killing three people right now. Pray for the safety of my people.

Jealousy - Roy Harper x Reader

@noobwing asks: “Oooh hey can I please jump on the jealousy train and request a jealous Roy Harper, where he’s on patrol with them and the villain is flirting with his s/o.”

Warnings: swearing, if there is anything else please tell me

a/n: could I have gotten any less creative with the title? The answer is no. anyways, I actually like how this one turned out, and just a forewarning I used calico!vigilante reader for this one, because why not. I hope you like this @noobwing it’s my first time writing for just Roy I believe, so if his characterization is choppy or messed up, that’s why :)

Tonight had been immensely boring. You were on patrol, monitoring Gotham for the few nights that you were staying there, and uncharacteristically it was quiet and peaceful. Walking around on the rooftops of Gotham’s highest buildings you saw nothing chaotic as you looked down, and it was starting to annoy you. You were ready for a fight, your nerves were lit up like you had been electrified, so standing there and doing nothing was getting on your nerves. Your boyfriend Roy seemed to share this annoyance, as you saw him peering over Gotham with an agitated look on his face. Getting up, you move back to get a head start, before running full speed and leaping to the building that Roy had occupied.

“Bored?” “Very.” That’s the extent of the conversation, so you take a seat next to your boyfriend. It was nice sure, no crimes meant no one was getting hurt. But it was damn boring. “Why can’t the Riddler just rob a bank or something? I’m so fucking bored.” Roy mumbles, kicking his feet against the edge of the skyscraper you two were sitting on. As if on cue, a huge BOOM! comes from a few miles away, and you can see smoke rising from the Bank of Gotham. You also see a large black flag with a green question mark emblem being raised to the top of the bank.

Roy’s jaw drops, staring in pure shock that he had somewhat accurately predicted what looked to be your only crime of the night. “Finally some entertainment.” You chuckle, before letting yourself fall off the skyscraper, only to use your whip to connect to the next building. Soon enough, you’re on the ground and at the bank. Roy was perched at the top of a tower adjacent to the bank, waiting for your signal if you needed help or not.

Surveying the damage, you saw that hole was blown into the front of the building, debris scattered around it and fire climbing it’s way upward, burning the bank. Carefully stepping over the rubble, you made your way inside and signaled Roy to follow you. Oddly enough, all the safes were intact. No damage was done to them; it didn’t look like anyone even tried to enter them. Confusion took over your senses, puzzled by just why Riddler would blow up the Bank of Gotham and not take anything from it. You found your answer when you rounded the corner into the largest vault.

“Ah, my dearest Calico, it is I, the Riddler! I see you have answered my call.” Riddler says, sitting on top of a throne of money. The amount of narcissism and arrogance that was in the room made you want to puke. How fucking amazing did this insane man think he was? Rolling your eyes and containing a gag you ask, “So what the hell are you doing here Riddler? And are you going to be taken in quietly, or am I gonna have to claw you up in the process?”

“Oh no, no, no Calico. I’m not going to be taken quietly, you have nothing to charge me on, I haven’t stolen anything.” Riddler enunciates, thinking he’s somehow beaten you in whatever contest of wits runs through his mind. “Oh Eddie, did you just happen to forget you blew up the door? That’s destruction of property with intent to commit robbery. This place is also burning up, that’s arson.” You reply, the tone of your voice and the smile on your face both sickly sweet. Riddler lets out a frustrated groan, before composing himself.

“Nigma, don’t make me ask again after this. Why are you here?” You reiterate, patience growing thin with the egotistical man in front of you. “Why kitty cat, Riddler me this. The best way to capture a cat is with a cage, but the best way to lure a cat is with?” He pauses, waiting for you to figure it out. “A string. Goddamn it, blowing the bank was your string. Okay, you lured me here for a reason, what is it Riddler?” You groan out, anger taking over you as you allow the claws in your gloves to be pushed out.

“Now calm down kitty cat, I lured you here because I have a proposal that you won’t, that you simply can’t refuse.” He announces, voice booming like a speaker was connected to it. You have to stop your eyes from rolling so far back in your head they never resurface. “And what, may I ask, is that proposal?” You deadpan, already knowing what he was going to say. You see, Riddler had had some sort of fascination with you ever since you started your tenure as Calico, and he had made many failed attempts to flirt with you during that time. This had to be another one of those attempts.

“A date with me, the Riddler, your intellectual superior!” Eddie booms, holding up his curved staff as if it’s greatest offer you’ve ever received. “You do know that telling me you’re superior to myself is not a way to get a date, right?” You chuckle, then full-blown laugh when you see the confusion spread across Riddler’s face. “Moreover Eddie, I have a boyfriend, you know that…” You trail off, wondering where your boyfriend currently was. If he was close by, then he was definitely pissed, you knew Roy well enough to know he had a temper, especially when it came to other people flirting with you.

“Boyfriend? You must mean that imbecile you run across the rooftops with?” Riddler snarls, landing him three deep claw cuts across the face, and a kick to the head. Falling off his throne of money, you lift his head by his hair, and growl out “Don’t you ever insult him again. Ever.” You back off when Riddler nods in quick bursts, pulling himself back onto his throne of cash. “So I am guessing that that is a no to the date?” Eddie asks you, readjusting the glasses on his face.

“Yeah, it’s a no.” Roy states, abruptly entering the room and slamming his bow into Riddler’s jaw. You can’t help but smirk a bit as your boyfriend rams his fists into the supervillains face, Eddie letting out a mix of pained cries and smartass comments. “I am the Riddler and you canno-” Riddler goes to shout, before one final punch causes him to lose consciousness.

“Have I ever mentioned I really don’t like this guy?” Roy grumbles, as he stands up, staring down at the defeated villain. “Yeah, once or twice when I told you about his attempts to flirt with me.” You remark, lifting Riddler’s limp arm with your foot and then dropping it, Roy had really done a number on him. “I’m going to have Jason shoot him.” Roy says, as he drapes his arm over your shoulders. You laugh a bit, shaking your head. “Jay already shot him on three separate occasions. Boys and their jealousy.” You playfully taunt, running your index finger along your lover’s jaw.

“I am not jealous. I just don’t like him.” Roy whines, pointing down at Riddler. Nodding your head, you say, “So I guess you just don’t like Harley Quinn, Penguin, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, or any goons then? Cause you totally weren’t jealous in those situations, right?” You giggle, as Roy’s face turns the same shade as his hair. “Okay so maybe I am jealous? And?” Roy pouts down at you, green eyes frustrated.

“Oh sweetie there’s nothing wrong with it, I just wanted you to say it.” You purr. Running your fingers along his jaw, you move to kiss him, but are stopped by the sound of police sirens wailing in close proximity.

“Damn Gotham cops, always ruining the moment. Let’s go home, handsome.” You mutter, before you and Roy run from the burning bank and towards your safehouse.


Prosperity Spell

Take six fresh eggs and draw onto them these runes:

Ior - you add this rune for adaptability.
Beorc - you add this rune for bounty.
Feoh - you add this rune for wealth.
Gyfu - you add this rune for gifts.
Ac - you add this rune for fortune and luck.
Wynn - you add this rune for joy.

Choosing good eggs is important here. Sing the rune names over the eggs as you draw the runes onto them.

If you really want to imbue them with the force of prosperity, the paint can matter too. If you are looking for a job, you could paint them with ashes from the job section of the paper mixed into a paste (check it for jobs first). If you are moving out and want to ensure success, you could paint them with ashes from the last fire your family shared together. For various other reasons you could also burn a redundant bank statement, the stock market section of the paper, or that shredded money the government sells and use the ashes to paint with.

Recite the rune poem (in Anglo-Saxon or in English) over each rune painted egg to call the runes to fill the eggs with their power. Crack the eggs and inspect each one individually, hopefully they are wholesome looking and a deep golden color. Visualize the gold of them as prosperity and scramble the eggs together.

Cook the eggs. You can even add certain herbs or spices to aid in the spell and as seasoning. Black pepper, parsley, or basil are good choices (they have protective properties mostly) but remember you will be eating these and so do not go crazy in these regards. Eat half of the eggs and visualize the golden eggs filling you up and becoming part of you. But only eat half, you are more likely to receive prosperity if you are not miserly with your gifts. Spread the other half of the eggs outside. Let that half be eaten by animals, let it be absorbed into the earth, let it go to the gods and wights.

Take the egg shells dry them well. After they are thoroughly dry, crumble them into dust. What you do next depends on your circumstances. If you garden, spread the shell dust under a productive plant you are growing. If you do not have a garden, visit your local tree and sprinkle it at the base. Do not keep any of it. Nothing in this spell is something that needs to remain stagnant, it needs to be put into motion.

The best time for this spell to be performed is in some sort of transition in your life. Do not expect it to work if you do not put yourself out there. You have become a component of this spell and just like the shells you need to put yourself into motion. This is active magick and without active participation on your part it cannot work.

Australian R&B sensation Vanessa Elisha and esteemed producer of opaque soundscapes XXYYXX have proven themselves a divine union on last year’s torridly impelling Out Of Time, so it comes as no surprise that they make such a sumptuous team once again on new single Good Ones Go, a smoldering cover of Drake’s Good Ones. Vanessa Elisha’s moody burning vocal calisthenics evoke BANKS’ dark burning allure, while XXYYXX’s gritty future production creates a more than tactile compelling, restless consuming experience. The cover happened by accident (and such a happy accident, at that). Vanessa found herself struggling to write in the studio one night. She states: “I opened up this 8-bar loop and I immediately heard the cover over it, so I just started recording it for shits and giggles. It wasn’t really meant to be anything. So many people cover Drake and I didn’t want to be corny about it, but the more I worked on it the cooler it got. This is definitely one of my favorite Drake vocal and lyrical performances.” Vanessa Elisha’s Good Ones Go couldn’t be farther from corny. It’s quickly become one of my all time favorite covers of Drake, and as she said herself, there are a ton of those floating out and about.  You can purchase the track from iTunes, here.

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the rest probably say "good night ahgases!" "we're taking your wallet!" "and burning your bank account!" :'''')) "not on sale yet" wjcbejdh who knows if they'll ever be on sale. esp for int'l ahgases 😩 - fansite anon ♡

that’s what i was thinking lmao it’s so hard for international ahgases to get merch 😑 OP said it’s coming soon though~

Toys-Platonic!Harley Quinn Imagine Ft. The Joker

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Fluff, perverted Joker, some violence

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  “Doll, where are you?” Joker’s singsong voice filled the penthouse, making Y/N tense a little.

    Y/N was currently standing in her room, polishing her cherished silver belt of canisters that contained mysterious, deadly gases that only she could control. That afternoon, she had a rare break from assisting Joker and Harley with some wild scheme Joker had come up with. Of course, it usually resulted with Joker and Harley getting thrown back into Arkham by Batman while Y/N used her mystical whims to transport herself back to the hideout in order to plan their jailbreak. She wanted to take the time to polish her prized weapons without being interrupted by either half of the insane pair. So, she didn’t bother responding to Joker and continued polishing her belt.

   “Hiya, Shadow.” Harley was leaning against Y/N’s bedroom door, wearing her Daddy’s Little Monster shirt and tiny blue shorts that barely covered her butt. “Whatcha doin?”

   “Polishing my belt. Is there something you wanted?” Y/N was sure to put as much disinterest in her voice as possible.

   “Yes, silly, we’re supposed to have a girl’s night tonight!” Harley skipped over to Y/N. “It’ll be fun: we’ll dress up, do our hair and makeup, and I can paint your nails!”

   Y/N sighed, set the belt back in its protective case and turned to face Harley. “Harley, what have I said about personal space?”

   Harley’s eyes widened in realization and she took a half step back. “Sorry, Y/N, I forgot. Besides, what’s personal space between two friends?”

   “Respecting my space earns you my trust and trust is key in friendship,” Y/N pointed out. “And when did I agree to go out with you?”

   “When we were running out of the burning bank and Mistah J was shooting up the place.”

   “Oh, I don’t know, Harley.”

   Harley pouted. “But it’ll be so much fun! You promised that you would go to the club with me. You never wear anything besides your uniform and even though you do have an amazing body, a dress would bring it out more.”

   Y/N opened her mouth to answer but was interrupted.

  “What’s this I hear about a club?” Joker sauntered into the room and grinned at Y/N. “So this is where you’ve been hiding?”

   “I wasn’t hiding,” Y/N said.

   Harley turned to Joker with a wide grin. “Y/N and I are going to the club tonight, Mistah J, for girl’s night!”

   Joker shook his head. “That won’t do, Harls, because Y/N is going with me to the club tonight. We made these plans ages ago.”

   “We did? I don’t remember—”

    Joker walked closer to her and put his hands on her shoulders. “Shh, it isn’t necessary. You promised that you would accompany me to my club the last time we all went, don’t you remember?”
    All Y/N remembered was loud music, flashing lights, and brightly-colored drinks. She was never one for nightlife but she did what she could to keep her lunatic associates happy. 


    “It’s all right. Harley will pick out something delicious for you to wear.” He kissed the corner of her mouth, making Y/N jump.

    “Uh uh, Mistah J. It’s my turn to go out with Y/N,” Harley said, blocking Joker from the door.

    Joker tsked. “Looks like someone needs to learn how to share. I specifically remember you two having a girls day just yesterday.”

   “But you did shooting training with her last night!”
   “You ate breakfast with her this morning!”

    “So did you!”

    It had been a year since Harley brought Y/N with her when Joker came to break her out of Belle Reve and Y/N still wasn’t used to their antics. She had come to terms with the fact that Joker would never understand personal space and Harley would swing her bat around, not caring if she knocked over anything or anyone. However, Joker and Harley had quickly developed a need to have Y/N to themselves all the time. Y/N didn’t have a problem spending time with both of them but they were both overly possessive and overprotective whenever she was with them, both forgetting that she too was a dangerous villain. 

     Y/N rolled her eyes and ran a hand through her hair. She had been flattered by their fighting over her at first but now, it got to be annoying. 

    “Why don’t we all go to the club together?” Y/N asked.

     The two of them looked at Y/N as though she had said she was going to leave them to join the Justice League.

    Then, Joker grinned widely. “I have a better idea. Why don’t Harley and I have a little competition and whoever wins that, you’ll go out with them?”

    “I don’t think that’s—”

     “That’s a great idea, Mistah J!” Harley clapped her hands.

    Y/N sighed. Sometimes, she wondered what would’ve happened if she had just stayed at Belle Reve.

     The bass-heavy music was near deafening in the nightclub and Y/N couldn’t stop herself from yanking the sleeveless bodycon dress that matched her skin tone. She didn’t care how “in style” it was, if it rode up anymore, everyone would see the thong that Harley insisted that she wore tonight. Y/N sipped some tequila and stared half heartedly at the people on the dancefloor. All the intoxicated women had kicked off their heels and danced in a way that left even less to the imagination than their clothes did .The men were drawn to them and they would dance together in a disgusting manner. 

    “Isn’t this fun?” Harley yelled as she danced on the pole in the VIP room.

    “I guess!” Y/N called back.

     Harley was wearing a loose gold minidress and heels that seemed impossible to walk in, let alone dance in.  Harley danced her way back down to the seated area and grabbed Y/N’s arm. “Dance with me!”

    “I don’t dance, Harley.”

     “Don’t lie, I’ve seen you when you think that no one’s watching. You’re really good!” Harley yelled.


      Y/N made a mental note to lock her bedroom door and find whatever hidden camera Joker might have placed in her room. She allowed Harley to drag her out onto the dancefloor in the main area on the main stage. Harley twirled her around before pulling her back into her and Y/N would do the same to Harley. After a few minutes, Y/N loosened up and began really dancing with Harley. She laughed as they grinded on each other, making the men around them holler and whistle. It was amazing how little it took to get the attention of men.

      Y/N turned around and felt the color draining from her face. Flanked by his henchmen, Joker walked in, wearing a mauve button-down with all the buttons undone and black leather pants. He walked with a pride that only he could muster and pull off. His blue eyes found her y/e/c ones immediately and he smiled that eerie smile. He made a “come hither” motion with his finger and Y/N gulped. There was no telling how Harley would react and Y/N wanted to keep likelihood of them destroying the club out of anger low. So, she made a pathetic excuse to Harley before weaving her way to the crowd and meeting Joker in the VIP room.

      He was sitting on the soft cushioned seat in the VIP section, sipping champagne. “Leave us.”

      All the VIPs scurried outside while the henchmen remained in the doorway to keep Y/N and Joker protected.

     “Someone’s a sore loser,” Y/N said.

     “And someone,” Joker set his champagne flute to the side, “has been a bad girl.”

     “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

      “I saw you dancing up there with Harley.” Joker grinned. “Come, have a seat.”

    Y/N moved to sit next to him but Joker insisted that she took a seat “on Daddy’s lap”. Y/N sighed before sliding onto his lap and allowing Joker to maneuver her so that she was straddling him. “Harley will have a fit when she sees us.”

    “Harley needs to learn how to share her toys.” Joker moved Y/N’s hair to the side. “This dress is too short. Only I should see you like this.”

    “We’re not dating, Joker, you and Harley are.”

    Joker cackled loudly and threw his head back as though Y/N had told him the most hilarious joke of all time. When he calmed down he looked back up at her. “Y/N, Harley and I were never dating. My reactions with her have been one out of convenience.” Joker tapped his thumbs against Y/N’s sides. “Besides, I don’t believe in dating. There’s not a lot of fun in it. But I do think that playing with you would be incredibly satisfying.”

     Y/N gulped and tried to ignore the warm feeling that spread throughout the pit of her stomach. Joker’s words had a strange way of hypnotizing her and frightening her at the same time. It was disgusting how seductive and maniacal he was at once and Y/N would be lying if she said she wasn’t attracted to him. Joker was an evil genius, handsome, and his tattoos added to his edgy attractiveness. However, there was Harley. Harley was sweet and acted like a blonde bimbo when she was truly as sharp as a whip. Harley had done nothing but be a good friend to Y/N and Y/N wasn’t one to steal friend’s boyfriends.

    Wait, did Y/N just refer to Harley as a friend?
    Y/N smirked at Joker and leaned closer to him, smiling widely but closed mouth at him. “This may come as a shock to you, but I am not a toy. I am not here for you entertainment. We are business associates and friendly associates at best. While your flirtations are…flattering, I could never be with a man who only saw me as property. Plus, you know Harley’s in love with you yet you insist on going after me, her best friend. It’s disgusting, you’re disgusting.”

    Joker’s smile faded for a second and one of his hands came up behind Y/N’s head and his fingers weaved into the back of her smooth y/h/c tresses before enclosing them in their grasp. Joker yanked Y/N closer to him and Y/N tried to remain calm.

    “I wouldn’t be sassing Daddy if I were you.”

    Y/N tried to turn away but Joker grabbed her face and forced her to look at him. “Stop.”

    “What’s going on here?” Harley had just traipsed into the VIP room to find Joker and Y/N in their compromising position.

    “Virtus in me, audi vocem meam in manibus prohibet me fac pro,” Y/N whispered.

    When she did, Joker suddenly had a skull-crushing headache. He released Y/N from his grip and cradle his head as he screamed in pain. Y/N scrambled to her feet, straightened out her dress, and faced Harley.

    “Mr. J had a headache and was asking me to look at it. I haven’t been able to soothe it myself,” Y/N said.

    If Harley was upset about Joker crashing their girl’s night, she hid it well as her eyes widened in concerned and she made a beeline towards her green-haired man candy and tried to inspect his forehead. However, Joker shoved her away and narrowed his eyes at Y/N, knowing that she was the culprit.

    “Puddin, just tell me where it hurts,” Harley insisted.

    Joker remained silent and stared at Y/N. He gritted his teeth and continued hissing in pain and Y/N decided to enjoy it for a few more moments before soothing it herself.

    “Hoc relinquet homo animi dolorem,” Y/N whispered.

    In an instant, Joker’s headache had disappeared and he was gasping in relief.

    “You okay, puddin?” Harley asked.

     “Just fine, thanks to Y/N,” Joker said.

    “Good.” Harley slapped him on the arm, hard. 


    “That’s what you get for interrupting girl’s night.”
    Joker relaxed and cupped the side of Harley’s face in one hand. “I’m sorry, Harls, but you know I’m not good at sharing, especially when it comes to Y/N.”

    “Still, I won our game fair and square,” Harley said.

    “Sure, you did. But I’m still very possessive over my toys,” Joker said.

    He was using the deep tone that always got Harley to calm down whenever they fought. Nine times out of ten, it worked, much to Y/N’s chagrin. Usually, Harley would end up venting to Y/N about it and asking her for advice and Y/N would always tell her to leave Joker, but the poor girl never would. She hated watching the cycle between them and wanted to stop it herself but the situation was so complicated.

   Harley smiled widely. “I know but we have to learn to share Y/N.” Harley stood and walked over to Y/N’s side. “She isn’t just a toy, she’s my friend and even though she’s strong,” Harley hand brushed Y/N’s arm, “she’s still fragile in a way.”

   “I’m not weak,” Y/N spat.

   Harley laughed a little. “No, of course not. You’re one of the strongest people I know it’s just that, you could be broken just like everyone else and I want to do everything in my power to keep that from happening.”

   “Thanks, Harley,” Y/N said.

   Joker sighed and walked up to the two women. “I suppose I could learn how to share. But it’s gonna be hard; none of my toys looks like that.” Joker eyed her like a Rottweiler eyeing a ribeye.

   Y/N narrowed her eyes at him and straightened up. “The funny thing about toys is that they don’t get to decide when they’re played with but I do. From now on, I decide who I will and will not hang out with. Whoever I am not with can deal with it. I don’t know why I let the two of you fight over me for so long.”

   Harley and Joker chuckled.

   “Isn’t it obvious, sweetheart? You like being fought over,” Harley said. 

   Y/N gulped. “Do we agree on what I just said or do I need to return to my old criminal ways?”

   Harley shook her head. “You’re never leaving us now. I don’t want to think of what would happen to you if you were by yourself!”

   “You know that I am a bad guy too, right?”

    “But not as bad as us,” Joker added. “I guess I can play along with this idea of yours.”

    Y/N silently forgave Joker for his strange behavior towards her earlier and turned to Harley. “What about you?”

   “I’ll do anything to make my best friend happy!” Harley wrapped her arms around Y/N and hugged her tightly.

   Seconds later, Joker snatched Y/N out of the hug and held her close to him, resulting in another verbal—and somewhat physical—-fight between Joker and Harley. Y/N used her powers to calm them down and make them sit on the couch. She plopped between the two of them and almost immediately, Harley cuddled into one side of Y/N’s while Joker wrapped his arm over her. 

    Y/N was going to need a lot of drinks to deal with these two.