burn that mother down

Angels in late night parking lots,

In rundown apartments with broken windows and scattered pieces of furniture.

Angels with clipped wings collecting feathers,

Taking them home and keeping them safe from harm until they’re carefully assembled into a pair of makeshift wings.

Young angels with eyes wide with wonder and mouths open in gleeful surprise,

Always reaching out of windows and staring down birds, longing for wings that should have been theirs.

Fallen angels with anger and regret draped like a cape over their shoulders,

Getting into fights with the locals for abusing too proudly, stalking local support groups with hard eyes and eyes burning with something when a cynical mother finally breaks down.

Angels who fought in the war, no longer able to stomach the sound of metal on metal.

Warriors with flashbacks while doing mundane tasks, suddenly back in that burning, screaming, bloody field where it all went down.

Guardian angels who gently guide others from tragedy with kind words and encouraging smiles,

Crying in the shower when they can’t help.

Angels without empathy who try so hard to help but get exhausted so easily, always having to untangle social cues.

Cosmic angels with black holes for pupils and cosmic smiles, burning so brightly you can’t help but notice their presence.

Angels of death, collecting bones on the roadside and burying dead crows,

Mourning with sorrow so tangible it collapses in on itself over and over again.

12x12 Coda

They pushed into the bunker.  Castiel made his way to the kitchen while the rest of the Winchesters watched where he disappeared through the door.

Sighing, Dean closed his eyes for a moment.  He had only about a minute to shoo everyone.  This could get ugly.  Dean licked his lips before spinning around to look at his brother.

Lifting his hands in a surrender and arching one eyebrow higher than the other, Sam donned a smirk.  “Hey, yeah, I’m heading to bed. Have fun.”  He walked toward the hallway.

Biting the inside of his cheek and trying to push down the blush that was traveling to his cheeks, Dean turned to his mother.  

She had a softer smirk. It was awkward, but she lightly punched his shoulder and offered a stiff nod.  “Go get ‘im, tiger.”

Dean couldn’t stop the blush that time.  His eyes prickled and burned with the intensity of the blush as he watched his mother slip down the hallway, too.

He wasn’t sure how ‘under control’ it was when Cas returned.  In his hands were 4 bottles of beer.  “Hey, I thought…”  He trailed off.  He looked around the empty room; a tiny confused twitch set off between his eyebrows.

“I thought maybe we should go to bed early.”  Dean wrung his hands a little.  He stared at his fingers.

“Oh, okay.”

Dean didn’t see it; he was too transfixed on his own hands, but he heard the clatter of the bottles on the table.  He waited.  Or he anticipated.  Or he worried.  He wasn’t sure what to do.  There was more to this.  It was heavier than it needed to be, than it used to me.

There was more that needed to be said.  He opened his mouth but ended up closing it again.  Everything had always went unsaid and suddenly it wasn’t.

Cas was going to die and he said it.

Where Dean was still looking at his hands, he saw Cas’ hand come close to his own.  It was close enough that Dean could feel its warmth. 

Dean’s breath caught.  He peeked up at Cas.

Across from him, Cas was staring at their hands.

Maybe unsaid was their thing.  Maybe he didn’t have to say.  At least, not yet.

He looked back down at their hands.  With a huge breath in his lungs, trapped there by a lump in his throat, Dean took Cas’ hand in his own.

Dean wasn’t sure how long they stood their like idiots, barely even holding hands.  

Breaking the silence, Cas’ voice sounded much louder than the whisper that it was, “We should go to bed.”  He began to let go of Dean’s hand, ending the moment.  

Ending their moment prematurely in Dean’s opinion.

Tightening his grip, Dean shoved the lump in his throat to the side.  “How about the same bed, buddy?”  GOD, did he really say it like that?  That was horrible.

But it did the trick.  Cas’ hand relaxed into his.

That night, they slept, all curled around each other, all balled up in their own universe.  A profound, little universe they’d carved out of the rest of the world.

It didn’t smell like food, but it sure as hell smelled like home.

okay but how about an au where these two people who are insanely in love with one another but also just INSANE on their own, so their relationship is built on chaos, they’re always reckless, causing mayhem all over the city, like let’s burn this mother fucker down sort of love. like oh my god my heart beats for you and i’ll bleed for you kind of love but oh my god what have you done ?! i HATE you kind of love, wrap my hands around your throat and give you this look that says i want to KILL you but i kiss you instead sort of love. and one day one of them ( muse a ) decides they’ve had ENOUGH, breaks up for muse b FOR REAL THIS TIME, they swear, goes home to the house they grew up and locks their doors because the thing is, muse a is a little more on the rational side. however muse b refuses to accept this END and they drive over to muse a’s house, at like three AM and starts HONKING their horn and throwing rocks at their window — and muse a comes storming out the house screaming and they get into this huge fight ; all the neighbours are waking up and start coming out of their own houses to tell them to quiet down … and muse a & b suddenly stop fighting each other and start yelling at the neighbours like ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS’ and then they smirk at each other and then drive off and everything starts all over again 

what is going on with the gerudo in breath of the wild? like a quarter of them reference husbands or other voe they’re romantically interested in but???? how can any of them be straight?

unless they’re dating and marrying outside their species - which i am all for - idgi!!! also their husbands and lovers have to live outside the city……

nintendo what is going on??? please give me Lore Details or i will burn this mother down

Has anyone else noticed similarities between Assassin’s Creed III and the Star Wars’ Original Trilogy? A young boy, Connor/Luke lives in a rural place that gets burned down, during which his mother/aunt & uncle die(s) prompting the beginning of his journey. He is guided to an old Mentor/Grand Master of the Assassins/Jedi, who lives in exile, who at first doesn’t want to train Connor/Luke, but then agrees to. Many years before, the Assassins/Jedi were hunted down and wiped out by their enemies, the Templars/Sith; and Connor/Luke’s father, Haytham/Darth Vader, who was (meant to become) a(n) Assassin/Jedi, but chose the enemy’s side instead, helped carry out that purge. Eventually, Achilles/Yoda passes away from an old age, and Connor/Luke is the last of his kind, seeking to bring the Templars/Sith down, and re-build the Assassin/Jedi Order.
Oh, and the entire thing takes place in the backdrop of a war between a powerful Empire and a (newly-found) Republic.
(1) Darth Vader’s role can sort of be divided between Shay and Haytham, as Shay was the one who turned on everyone he knew.
(3) Edward Kenway is totally the Han Solo of the AC universe, right down to that cool vest he wears, with Jackdaw being his Millenium Falcon.

I’ll Tell You A Story

In the King’s Wood, there lived a mother and her cub.

She loved him very much, but there were other things that lived in the woods,

evil things, like stags and wolves. He could hear them howling in the night. The little cub was frightened.

His mother said, “You are a lion my son, you mustn’t be afraid.”

“For one day all the beasts will bow down to you.”

“You will be king.”

“All the stags will bow,”

“all the wolves will bow,”

“the bears of the North and the foxes of the south,”

“all the birds in the sky”

“and beasts in the sea.”

“They will all come to you little lion, to rest a crown upon your head.”

And the cub said, “Will I be strong and fierce like my father?”

“Yes,” said his mother, “you will be strong and fierce, just like your father.”


“I erased all traces of you. I’ve burned it all down. Nothing will lead back to you, Mother… It was all for you, Mother, Mother, Mother,…”

OH HOLY CRAP! One thing was knowing Wang So killed off the monks for his mother, but the fact that he actually came back to her like an eager little boy who got his first A, seeking her approval and praise, is so messed up! It’s heartbreaking how expectant and giddy he is - as if he was sure that this time he has done enough, that this time his mother would surely love him. He even sounds like a little boy, speaking with that touch of vulnerable bravado as if he was actually boasting to her and being proud of himself. After all the cruel dog comparisons and insults Wang So received during his life, it’s heartwrenchingly ironic that in the end he comes begging for his mother’s affection just like a loyal, abused dog that returns to his master. So much love-starved and fucked-up he is!

“You are my shame, disgrace, and flaw.”

Wang So comes to his mother expecting unconditional acceptance from her, just like what would a mother from Hae Soo’s story do, but instead he gets a complete rejection of everything he is. Only mere hours after he slaughtered a whole order of monks to protect her, in an act that was against his conscience and that tarnished his soul. And even then he still begs her for explanation so he would finally understand what is so wrong with him, what he’s lacking, why his mother just can’t love him no matter what he does or how much he tries. And you can see how deep and traumatic his inferiority complex is since he immediately blames his scar for being unworthy of her love, but he never blames her for causing his misery while she blames him for hers - the final proof that he is the victim in this toxic relationship. She hold so much power over him because the sheer force of her brutal rejection sends him stumbling back and later tumbling down on the floor, as if she dealt him a mortal blow. And for a moment all fight goes out of him - the man who fought a small army and still came out victorious is defeated. The tears start to fall, his lips begin to quiver and he feels nothing but hopelessness as he tells her about his horrid life with his adoptive family. It’s WS’s last attempt to coax at least a hint of affection from her. However, he never stood a chance in the first place because even 15 years ago she chose his older brother over him and it wasn’t about which one of them she would love more, but about the one who would gain her more power. It was simply about betting on the better horse who would get her the throne. The scar made WS into an outcast, unfit to be a king, and it was in that moment when he lost once and for all any chance to be accepted by his mother.

“Today is a day you will remember. You threw me away, Mother. However, I will not leave. From now on.you will have to look only at me.”

Though, when Wang So gets up, with his head held high and determination in his teary eyes, it’s unsettling how much he actually does resemble her - after all the abuse he received he manages to come up with the perfect response and revenge. She said it herself, didn’t she? She can’t bear to look at him so he will stay and torment her until the end of her miserable life. When he turns his back on his mother it’s both literal and figurative and it’s for good. Lee Joon Gi in this scene single-handedly redefines the definition of acting brilliance - it’s unreal how much he’s able to express and emote.


bellamy and clarke’s first christmas after they buy a new house is anything but perfect. between clarke attempting to make a christmas ham and nearly burning the house down and bellamy inadvertently offending her mother (as if it’s hard), it’s a veritable christmas miracle that everything works out in the end. a party with their closest friends, opening presents with lincoln and octavia, and the engagement ring bellamy’s wrapped and placed under the tree all make it clarke’s best christmas yet.

merry christmas, @nixandschnitz!!
sincerely, your secret santa. ♥

Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys goes to the counter and orders the hottest espresso of dothraki beans in the house. When the Barista asks her name, she says she’s Khaleesi,Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men,Lady of the Seven Kingdoms, Breaker of Chains ,Queen of Meereen and Princess of Dragonstone, but the cup can be for Dany. She then drinks the hottest coffee the house has ever produced, without burning herself. All the baristas and clients bow down , calling her mother in their native languages.

Jeez, I take two hours away from Tumblr and OF COURSE there’s photos from the Dyla wedding popping up all over the place.  


Oh, and also?


It can be a dance, or their eyes meeting during Oliver’s best man speech, or Oliver escorting Felicity up the aisle after the vows.  BUT THERE MUST BE SOMETHING.

eminem is honestly sf scary to listen to. i’m listening to “love the way you lie” on the radio and it’s like listening to an angry, ugly 7 year old white kid who’s threatening to tie his mother up to a bed and burn the house down because she wouldn’t buy him like string cheese or something.