burn that mother down

Nomanita is the most beautiful wlw ship I have seen in years,

They’re the fucking epitome of ride or die.

Like what wouldn’t they do for eachother? Paint your toe nails? Come here baby I got you and blue looks lovely on you. Burn a hospital down after your bigoted mother tried to kidnap you? Someone hand me the lighter. Wear silly costumes that are over the top even when my taste is more simple? Always baby there’s nothing like how you smile when you have a project. Go on the run from the fucking government and accept your life as a dangerous hacker who has 7 other people living in her brain? This sound like a costume opportunity babe I’m thinking Nancy Drew but with leather.

12x12 Coda

They pushed into the bunker.  Castiel made his way to the kitchen while the rest of the Winchesters watched where he disappeared through the door.

Sighing, Dean closed his eyes for a moment.  He had only about a minute to shoo everyone.  This could get ugly.  Dean licked his lips before spinning around to look at his brother.

Lifting his hands in a surrender and arching one eyebrow higher than the other, Sam donned a smirk.  “Hey, yeah, I’m heading to bed. Have fun.”  He walked toward the hallway.

Biting the inside of his cheek and trying to push down the blush that was traveling to his cheeks, Dean turned to his mother.  

She had a softer smirk. It was awkward, but she lightly punched his shoulder and offered a stiff nod.  “Go get ‘im, tiger.”

Dean couldn’t stop the blush that time.  His eyes prickled and burned with the intensity of the blush as he watched his mother slip down the hallway, too.

He wasn’t sure how ‘under control’ it was when Cas returned.  In his hands were 4 bottles of beer.  “Hey, I thought…”  He trailed off.  He looked around the empty room; a tiny confused twitch set off between his eyebrows.

“I thought maybe we should go to bed early.”  Dean wrung his hands a little.  He stared at his fingers.

“Oh, okay.”

Dean didn’t see it; he was too transfixed on his own hands, but he heard the clatter of the bottles on the table.  He waited.  Or he anticipated.  Or he worried.  He wasn’t sure what to do.  There was more to this.  It was heavier than it needed to be, than it used to me.

There was more that needed to be said.  He opened his mouth but ended up closing it again.  Everything had always went unsaid and suddenly it wasn’t.

Cas was going to die and he said it.

Where Dean was still looking at his hands, he saw Cas’ hand come close to his own.  It was close enough that Dean could feel its warmth. 

Dean’s breath caught.  He peeked up at Cas.

Across from him, Cas was staring at their hands.

Maybe unsaid was their thing.  Maybe he didn’t have to say.  At least, not yet.

He looked back down at their hands.  With a huge breath in his lungs, trapped there by a lump in his throat, Dean took Cas’ hand in his own.

Dean wasn’t sure how long they stood their like idiots, barely even holding hands.  

Breaking the silence, Cas’ voice sounded much louder than the whisper that it was, “We should go to bed.”  He began to let go of Dean’s hand, ending the moment.  

Ending their moment prematurely in Dean’s opinion.

Tightening his grip, Dean shoved the lump in his throat to the side.  “How about the same bed, buddy?”  GOD, did he really say it like that?  That was horrible.

But it did the trick.  Cas’ hand relaxed into his.

That night, they slept, all curled around each other, all balled up in their own universe.  A profound, little universe they’d carved out of the rest of the world.

It didn’t smell like food, but it sure as hell smelled like home.


Alan Ladd as Philip Raven in This Gun For Hire (1942).  Alan was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and was four when his father died.  When Alan was five, while playing with matches, he burned down his apartment.  He then moved with his mother to Oklahoma City, where he was nicknamed Tiny for being small and undernourished.  His mother remarried when he was eight and the new family moved to California.  His small size and pasty appearance were not right for Hollywood, so he worked consistently on radio in the 30s with an occasional bit part in b pictures.  After an uncredited bit in Citizen Kane as a reporter, he auditioned for the part of Raven in This Gun For Hire.  Although he was fourth billed, he was undoubtedly the star of the film in a star making performance. 

Alan had 99 acting credits in his career, through 1964.  Alan began his Hollywood career with 14 uncredited bits from 1932 through 1939.  Although This Gun is his only film among the best 1,001, Alan was notably the title character in a rarely seen 1949 version of The Great Gatsby, and the title character in the popular George Stevens western Shane.  In 1962 he was found with a self inflicted bullet wound in a suicide attempt, and in 1964 he died at the age of 50 as a result of combining alcohol and sedatives.

the truth we didn't know

pairing: junkook x reader

genre ft. au’s: angst + royal au + hanahaki au

word count: 8.176

authors note: just wanted to say a quick thank you to my wonderful friend @taexquila for being so kind and for beta reading this mess you are so amazing i cri

summary: “Grant me strength to endure this torture, grant the prince strength to endure this agony.” And grant, God did not. Since the higher upper had so many more plans in mind.

The atmosphere was almost chilling as Prince Jungkook lazily trudged through the thick mass of the pearl white snow in nothing more than a silk black frock coat made with the finest of silk moths, a pair of suit trousers which was already starting to cling around his ankles and beige ankle boots. Lifting his head up, he aimlessly watched the tree’s lean and whisper, with a thin sheen of snow adorning them they looked like regal figures entwined in an intricate dance. Although there was a thick canopy of of gelid leaves bordering the woods, the snow still fell in slow, unretiring movements onto the uneven ground.

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This is my second time trying to post this. Fix your fucking app tumblr.

I’m currently drinking myself manic. It’s Friday mother fucker, it’s what we do. By we, I mean introverted people who love alcohol. I’ve had several drinks though and this smile is still fake AF because in this country justice depends of the color of your skin. I’m absolutely shaking with rage. I want to burn the mother fucker down, but what is the mother fucker? Systemic racism is so entrenched and I feel so useless. Things need to change. I don’t want to be alive in this world.

Also I gave myself a flapper on my pinkie today while rock climbing. Look up flapper rock climbing if you don’t know what I’m talking about but don’t do that unless you’re not squeamish about skin injuries. If I could change my country, I would gladly have a flapper on every finger in exchange for the change.


Felicity: “That’s what I came here to say to you.”

Oliver:   “We’re usually on the same page.”

Felicity: “About a lot of things.”


Oliver was running through the forest. Everything was on fire. Thick smoke from the burning trees threatened to choke him, but he had to keep going. She was waiting for him. Oliver believed with all his desperate heart that she was still alive somewhere in the conflagration. It would take her from him if he succumbed to the heat and flames. He had to keep running.

“Oliver, you’re too late,” Chase’s voice suddenly echoed in his head. “You can’t save her. She is burning up. She is in agony, a charred blackened thing dancing in agony.”

Oliver tried to block Chase’s ghostly declaration. No, he told himself. She’s still alive. Chase is dead with a bullet in his head. She is safe.  His belief in that was unwavering. She would find a ways to survive.

Oliver increased his pace, running away from the dark phantoms in his head. The terrain was rough and uneven beneath his pounding feet. Burning branches were scattered all around him and he had to jump over them, ignoring the flames singeing his beard and eyebrows. A falling ember landed in his hair and Oliver slapped it away as it were a pyrotechnic insect. He didn’t know how long or how far he had run, but Oliver would sprint a million miles if need be to reach Felicity, to feel the cool relief that she was alive and safe.

He reached the top of a rise and Oliver’s heart stopped. Below him was a large meadow. It stretched out, seemingly to infinity. All of it was a raging inferno. Oliver felt the heat of it like a hot wall of madness reaching out to claim him. A scream was building from the bottom of his soul as he realized he found what he was running to.

A hundred feet a head, Oliver saw bodies on the ground. They were burning. He recognized John first. His leather jacket seemed to  have melted, creating a horrible second skin, blackened and oozing blood.  Rene and Dinah were next to him, clutching each other in a death grip, smoke and ash hovering over both of them. He saw Curtis, Lance, Slade , Samantha and Nyssa. All of them were lumps of charnel flesh.

Oliver frantically began searching for Thea and finally spotted her sitting up against the base of burning tree stump. She appeared to have welded to the bark. And next to her, stretched out on the ground, lay Felicity. Except for a few wisps of her beautiful blond hair, she was an unrecognizable mass of brightly burning flesh.

Oliver let out a soul wrenching scream, a sound that could tear down mountains and shatter the earth. “Noooo…” his voice wailed. “Noooo…”

As he continued staring at Felicity’s remains, she suddenly sat up and turned her smoldering face towards him. “Oliver, you’re too late,” she screeched at him. “You weren’t fast enough. Look what you did to me…”

Oliver came awake; the echo of his scream still bouncing off the Bunker walls. He was covered in sweat, as if the heat from his dream had followed him into wakefulness. Lying on his cot, Oliver’s breathing was rapid and his heart was beating hard enough to cause him physical pain. He lay there for a few minutes and tried to erase from his mind the horrible images he dreamed about. Finally, his breathing shallowed and his racing heart slowed down. A chill covered him like a cold blanket as the sweat on his body began to dry in the humid air of the Bunker.

When the last remnants of his dream left him, Oliver felt a cool relief and certain knowledge. Everybody was safe. Felicity was alive and back in his life. The team was safe. They had defeated Chase. William was safe and back in his life. Oliver clutched onto this reality as he lay in the darkness.

He supposed that Slade had earned some gratitude for leading all of them to the series of caves that provided shelter, a safe haven from the inferno Chase created with his bombs. Oliver still didn’t know how to feel about Slade. The man had so altered his life, bringing Oliver to the brink of apocalypse when he killed his mother, when he tried to burn the city down—and when he held a sword to Felicity’s throat.

Did he redeem himself of those sins by saving everybody Oliver loves? Maybe. Maybe Slade also saved himself. Maybe after three years in a hole, Slade had found his own answers. Maybe he, like Oliver, had quieted the darkness inside him. Yes, a lot of maybes. Nothing is certain. Sometimes forgiveness is a hard road to travel. And maybe that was something else he owed Slade—through forgiveness comes peace.  Oliver felt that peace when he gave Slade his freedom.

After the flames of Lian Yu died down, Oliver used the radio on Chase’s boat to call for help. Lyla’s voice was frantic, asking if John was safe. Oliver told her he didn’t know if any of them were safe or even alive. He asked her to send a rescue team and have them start searching the island for survivors. Lyla said she would fly the plane herself.

Oliver rolled off the cot and touched the good, safe floor beneath his feet. He stood in the darkness and felt a sudden, strong need to be with Felicity. Prompted by his nightmare, Oliver felt it was time to reach out to Felicity and have that talk he told her they would share.

He got dressed and left the Bunker, to face his redemption and his destiny.


Felicity came awake with a jerk, her legs kicking out beneath the green blanket covering her. She wasn’t sure if she had yelled out as her dream released her. The Loft was quiet. Samantha and William apparently were still asleep downstairs. There were no running footsteps coming up to see if she was okay. Felicity glanced at the illuminated alarm clock on the table next to her bed. It was 3:11am.

She lay there, and as she had every night since returning from Lian Yu two weeks ago, she thought about Oliver. After she suggested to him that Samantha and William stay at the Loft until they had some time to decompress and figure out what was ahead, Felicity thought it would be awkward to invite Oliver over to rekindle their romance. She wanted him with her. She wanted to feel him, to hold him close. She could still feel his arms around her, his kisses and his tears on her face when he saw her safe in that cave.

The dream that woke Felicity up tonight was the same one she had been having since coming home.  In it, she was hunkered down in the cave, worried about Oliver to the point of going mad. She could hear the burning and crackling of trees outside. A strong smell of charcoal drifted down into their shelter and Felicity was terrified that Oliver would risk his life in the flames trying to reach her. And then she heard movement at the mouth of the cave and he was there. He was smoldering and his Green Arrow suit had melted off his body. He was covered in burns, a naked decimated Greek statue barely alive. She jumped up and started running to him. But before she could reach him, Oliver burst into flames and fell into a pile of ashes on the cave floor. Her heart burst…and then Felicity would wake up, alone and scared and feeling a deep need for Oliver next to her.

She got out of bed and stood in a pool of moonlight coming through the window. Maybe it was time to go to him. Maybe they needed that conversation he promised her on the island. She told him she didn’t want to regret not kissing him. But that wasn’t the only thing. She regretted all the time they spent apart, the time they could have spent repairing their fractured relationship. Felicity knew, on a rational level, that going in separate directions was necessary, that the individual growth they were striving for was a mirror they could look into and see the truth and wisdom of what and where they needed to be in their lives. Oliver was looking for forgiveness and redemption. He was looking to reclaim the dedication and passion that inspired him to put on his hero’s mask and make a difference again. And Felicity was looking…well, after that brief time together under the salmon ladder, she was looking for the happiness and trust their lives encapsulated before he lied to her. She was looking for a way to move forward.

The only thing, Felicity told herself, is that her moving forward without Oliver seemed to be an impossible task—because he still had her heart. The chance to have love again in her life (with Billy or anyone else) was not realistic if her heart wasn’t in it. Yes, she was fond of Billy, and maybe if she wasn’t with Oliver every night crime fighting, she and Billy might have found something to sustain a long relationship. Of course, Chase made that academic when Billy died. Felicity was fooling herself though with Billy. She just could not let go of her and Oliver’s history.

Felicity suddenly felt a strong need to see Oliver. Should she call him this late? Or maybe she should just get dressed and go to the Bunker. Knowing Oliver, he would still be up, probably searching for any nefarious activity in the city.

She started to get dressed, making up her mind to go to him. She quietly left the Loft and went to face her destiny.


Oliver was about to cross the street to the Loft when the door to the building opened and Felicity stepped out. She saw Oliver and stood still on her side of the street. Oliver was similarly motionless. They stared at each other and the night was witness to two souls uniting on the same wavelength.

“Hey,” Oliver called out.

“Hey,” Felicity answered.

“I was …I was thinking about you,” Oliver told her.

“Yeah?” Felicity responded. “I was thinking about you too.”

Their smiles brought an ethereal light to the night, enough for them to cross the street and meet in the middle.

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Too Soon - Finn Shelby

Request:Hey, could you please write a fic where your parents take u to abort Finn’s baby cuz they have never like you and him together, do wgat you want with how it ends.

Request: Hey can I please request a Finn Shelby X reader one where he’s been sneaking off for ages and finally John Arthur and Tommy find out he’s been sneaking off to visit this house and so they quietly break in but when they reach the upstairs bedroom they find him sleeping with a girl (he gets all startled and like points a gun at them and stuff) and then when he’s talking to his brothers down stairs she wakes up and they find out she’s also pregnant with his child? Sorry it’s kinda long… - @flowerandsparky

Too Soon - Finn Shelby

The makeshift boxing club that had opened in Small Heath seemed to be growing in popularity. Especially among the Blinders. Isaiah and Finn went nearly all the time. Finally after a couple of months, they persuaded Michael to join them. It became a ritual weekly event for the three of them. Get drunk, possibly do some Tokyo, and go to the ring. It was where you were sure to find them on an evening that Tommy didn’t require their help for something. You’d go along with them, watching from the outside of the pen as they sparred. 

Mostly Finn though. You would stand by whichever ring Finn was in, watching him box. He was crap in the beginning and Isaiah usually beat him, but he’d been getting really good. There was something oddly attractive about watching him beat some up.  

“You did really well tonight.” You held Finn’s hand as he walked you home.  

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Time After Time (Part 2 of 10)

Summary: AU. When the reader’s parents divorce, her mother moves her to a new town, right next door to Bucky Barnes. This is their love story.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,403

Warnings: fluff, crying, second-hand embarrassment

A/N: This is going to be one part for a certain time in their lives as they grow up. If you aren’t used to the American schooling system I can help explain?

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6a - 6b - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

Age 11

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Cheryl Blossom: Angel on fire

Request: Cheryl x reader: 1. I’m not weird, you’re just basic. 2. This is where you impress me, right? 3. Take notes, sweetheart. 4. I had a dream about you. 5. You’re the only thing left that’s important to me now. 6. You dont get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!

Notes: No more naughty Cheryl. At least for now. My lil redheaded cinnamon roll. Honestly, between Cheryl and Jughead, I don’t know who I love more. Yes, I kinda did use Stef and Lena from The Fosters. I couldn’t think of anyone else so yeah. I hope you guys like it!

Warning: The reader is going to be the sassy one, instead of Cheryl. Let Cherry bomb get a taste of her own medicine. Oooh and this is sort of going to take place after Cheryl found out about what Mr. Blossom did to Jason. Mentions of suicide.

*Flashback starts*

Reader’s POV

I roamed the halls of Riverdale high, literally trying to figure out what the actual fuck to do. I was busy trying to find the right track to listen to, when I bumped into someone. I looked up to see who it was. It was Cheryl Blossom, the ‘HBIC’. At least, that’s what she thought. You see, Cheryl thinks she has control over every person in this school. Boy was she in for a rude awakening. “Watch out next time,Cheryl. You don’t want to mess up expensive shoes, do you?” She scoffed “I’m surprised you even know what expensive actually means.” A bitter laugh escaped my lips. “Oh come on, darling. Did you forget that I live in the big white house next door to you? My moms are the living definition of expensive. You’re not the only rich bitch in Riverdale.” “Sure doesn’t look like it. What are you even wearing, anyway? Looks like you got that shirt from Old Navy.” “Oh yeah like every rich person likes Dolce & Cobana. In case you didn’t know there’s a store called Urban Outfitters. Unlike you, I actually have style.” “Yeah, your weird personality and clothing style really shows how rich you are.” “Hey, I’m not weird, you’re just basic. Walking around, like you’re the fucking queen. News flash, Cheryl, it’s 2017. This whole ‘Regina George’ attitude is irrelevant.” The anger was evident on her face. “I have not got time to deal with your..shenanigans. I have better things to do, than deal with you.” She said in disgust. “Suit yourself then. Bye, bye Cheryl. See ya round, honey.” She stormed away, leaving me in peace. Eventually, I was going to see her sooner, rather than later. Our parents had these joint dinners, where they talk about their success, and try to top each other. I was always forced to hang out with Cheryl. It’d just be an awkward silence between us. Since we weren’t really friends in school, or anywhere for that matter. I’d actually like to be her friend. But, she doesn’t like me very much. But, today it’s going to be different. I’m breaking down that wall, and going to at least try to get to know her. The real her. “Y/N, darling you really need to get dressed for dinner with The Blossoms. And for God’s sake don’t wear something you’d usually wear. Wear something pretty, please?” “Yes, mother of course.” I fake smiled. She nodded and I ran up to my room. I rummaged through my closet, and tried to find something preppy. I don’t own any dresses, so nude off the shoulder crop top and high waisted pants it is. I styled my hair in a simple ponytail, and did my makeup. When I decided I looked decent enough. I walked downstairs where my mom was waiting for me. “Where’s momma? She’s not coming?” “I’m right here, sweetie. Are you guys ready?” We both nodded and left. My parents were the most extra people you could ever meet. Instead of walking, we drove literally right next door. Once we got to the front door, we were greeted by The Blossoms. “Lena, Stefanie, how’re you guys doing?” Mrs. Blossom asked, as she hugged my mom. They talked, while Cheryl and I were to left ‘chat’.  We were both used to this, so we knew what to do. I followed Cheryl to her bedroom. “You know the rules, no talking, no staring, no nothing.” “Well, sorry to disappoint, But, I’m actually going to do what I came here for. Talk.” “Oh no, you don’t.” “Come on, Cheryl. I actually want to get to know you. The real you, not this whole ‘tough bitch’ front you put on. I promise, I’m not as bitchy as I seem.” I smiled in a hopeful manner. “Fine. But if you tell anyone about what happened in this room, I will murder you.” “Yeah yeah, whatever. Let’s start over, yeah? I’ll go first, hi I’m Y/N Valette. What’s your name?” “Cheryl Blossom. Nice to meet you Y/N.” “See, there ya go. It wasn’t that hard to be nice. Was it?” She chuckled. “No. Hey do you want to get out of here? Go to Pop’s maybe?” I was kind of surprised, but I said yes. “Sure, why not. We were going to be stuck here anyway.” So we headed to Pop’s chocklit shoppe. We caught a booth in the back, because all the ones upfront were taken. “This is where you impress me, right?” I asked jokingly. “Ah right. Excuse me, can I please get two large vanilla milkshakes?” She asked the pretty waitress. The waitress nodded and went to get our order. “I was joking, but thank you.” I smiled. “Yeah no problem.” The waitress came back with our milkshakes, but messed up our order. One chocolate, one vanilla. “Excuse me, but this is not vanilla. I simply asked for, not one, but TWO vanilla milkshakes. Does this look like vanilla to you?” She snapped. Poor girl, Cheryl scared her shitless. “Cheryl! No!” I looked at the waitress :Excuse my friend, I’m sorry. We ordered two vanilla milkshakes. Can you exchange this one for vanilla, please?”  The girl nearly ran off, because she was so afraid. “Take notes, sweetheart. Scaring people is not the way to go.” I said to Cheryl. “Sorry.” She mumbled. “I’m not the one you should apologize to.” I said sternly, while pointing towards the brunette haired girl. “I’m sorry for scaring you.” Cheryl said sincerely, while looking up at the waitress. She only nodded and walked away. “Um, I hope I don’t make this awkward, but I had a dream about you.” I smiled at the blushing girl. “Were you pouring pig blood on me, while I stood on stage at prom?” “Jesus, Y/N no. We were on a date. And I was happy.” “Kind of like now, huh?” Her cheeks were probably the same color as the lipstick she wore. “Y-you think this is a date?” She stuttered out. “I would like it to be. If that’s okay with you?” I replied shyly. “Oh of course! I mean uh yeah totally.” I laughed at her failed attempt to hide how excited she was. From that moment on, I realized how much I was going to be in love with the infamous redhead.

*Flashback ends*

(Present time)

After everyone found out what Mr. Blossom did to Jason. everything kind of went downhill for Cheryl. I mean her father killed himself, and burned down her house. If her mother didn’t like her before, then she definitely doesn’t like her now. Cheryl was in my bedroom, while I went to get food for us. It broke my heart to see her so depressed. I lost my shit when Archie told me she tried to commit suicide.. Ever since then she’s been staying with me. She told me she never wanted to step foot in that house again. And I understand why. “Y/N?” she said. “Yeah babe?” “I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’re the only thing left that’s important to me now. I don’t have my brother anymore. I don’t even know where Grandma Blossom is. My mother thinks I’m a disgrace. My father is a murderer. What about me is so special, that makes you want to stay?” “Cheryl, what’s so special about you is how passionate you are about certain things. And how you’re so confident, and because I’ve known you since we were kids. I’m your friend and you’re girlfriend. And the day you asked me to be your girlfriend, I made a promise to you that I would always be here when you needed me the most. If you really thought that whatever is going on is going to make me stay away from you, then baby you thought wrong. I love you with everything I have and always will. What type of girlfriend would I be if I just gave up on you in your darkest times? A very bad one. I’m not going anywhere, you’re literally stuck with me for like ever.” I chuckled. For the first time in weeks, I’ve seen her smile. Which was the best thing I’ve ever did. There was knock on my door. “Come in.” My mom entered with Mrs. Blossom. “Really, mom?” I scolded my mom for letting her in. Penelope ignored me and marched right over to Cheryl. “We’re going home. Get all of your things, you’re never coming back here.” I was fuming by now.”What? No, you don’t get to touch her, not after what you did!” I yelled, standing in front of Cheryl. Penelope stepped closer to me and said “Who are you to tell me, what I can and can’t do with my daughter?” “Do you know what my moms do for a living? Lena is a fucking lawyer.  And Stef is a fucking cop. Do you really want to go there?” She contemplated for a minute. “Fine. But when things go South, don’t come running to me, Cheryl.” “Oh, you can fucking bet, this will be the last time you ever see me.” Penelope stormed out, while I turned to Cheryl. I smiled and pecked her lips. “You’re free of the Blossom curse, how does it feel?” I asked laughing. “Great, because I’ve got you.” She smiled.

Mercy Bonus Pt 1 Kol M; D. Salvatore; Reader

Song: Like I Would (Troyboi Remix) - Zayn

“Are you ready?” Damon asked behind me as I clasped the last diamond and ruby earring in my ear.

“Yeah,” I breathe. “How do I look?” I turn around, the ruby red dress flaring out around me. It was a simple dress, no glitter or jewels adorning it, but red silk. It was beautiful itself, it didn’t need anything extra for it to shine, that’s what I loved about the dress. It had a trail, but not too long, it made me feel powerful, and confident.

“You look gorgeous, come on.” Damon held out his hand, I smiled and took it. I grabbed my sliver clutch on the way out of my room, praying that this was going to be a good night.

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Till I See You Again (part 1)


Summary: Jace Wayland was 4 years old when he first fell in love. When he was 9 years old he lost the little girl he loved and he’s been blaming himself ever since. Seventeen years later a mundane girl with an identifying necklace walks into his life and changes him forever.

Jace Wayland X Reader

Words: 1238

Authors notes: In honour of season 2 of Shadowhunters, I decided to write this fic about my baby Jace. This story is set after the events of the Dark War but I changed some events the diverges from the book. Clary and Jace were in love but not anymore and Luke is a lead detective of the New York police department. 

When he was 4 years old Jace fell in love. It wasn’t a romantic kind of love; it was an undying adoration for a baby girl that lived down the road from his father’s home. He would sneak away and spend time with baby Stella, playing with her, reading her books, and rocking her to sleep. When his father found out he thought that his father would punish him, but instead his father allowed Jace to see Stella once a week for 2 hours at a time.

When Jace was 8 years old he found a piece of amber in the forest, he polished it until it shone in the sunlight, turned it into a beautiful necklace, and carved his initials on the back for Stella. It is safe to say that Stella wore the necklace until the day she died.

When Jace was 9 years old he lost the center of his world. The little cottage where Stella and her widowed mother lived was burned down to ashes, only her mother’s body was found in the remaining ruble. Stella was from the Joyen family, which essentially made her Shadowhunter royalty. The search party for Stella lasted for months, but the Shadowhunters turned up with no leads and Stella was declared deceased. It broke Jace’s heart and his father reminded him that ‘to love was to be destroyed’, so Jace never allowed himself to get close to anybody else, he refuses to go through that pain again.

After the Dark War Jace discovered that Valentine was the one responsible for the fire, he wanted to teach Jace a lesson about weakness and attachment. The news destroyed Jace, he blamed himself for Stella’s death, the hate he felt for himself strengthened and it he became more cynical and angry at the world.

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Why Not? Pt.2 || [I.M smut]

Originally posted by wonkyuns

Summary: What happens after you wake up and you both figure things out.
Genre: Slight Fluff/Slight Angst/Smut
Word count:  3570 words
A/N: Here I go again, sinning. Feel free to tell me how bad it was. Otherwise, Enjoy!

 You awoke to the soft patter of rain against your rooftop followed by the soft squeak of your door as your mother quietly stepped into your room. Stretching your limbs out lazily, you sleepily nuzzle your face into your pillow as you note the absence of Changkyun’s body laid next to yours. ‘He always wakes up early anyway.’ You think to yourself before cracking an eye open to stare at your mother dressed in her work attire.
“Morning.” She smiles, carefully sitting on your bedside so she won’t wrinkle her skirt. “I got a call from work, they said it’s an emergency.” She sighs, gently patting your cheek. “I know Saturday’s are our thing. I’ll bring pizza home to compensate.” She smiles, ruffling your hair before leaning down to kiss your forehead as you nod, bidding her a raspy 'good luck’ and 'see you later’ as you watched her exit your room. Ever since you were little, your mom and dad were usually at work and you were at school during the weekdays, so the weekend would be your bonding times. Saturday was designated to your mother and Sunday to your dad. However, after he passed away, Sunday’s were more dedicated to alone time and sometimes deep emotional conversations with your best friend. 
“Oh and Changkyun’s half asleep making toast, please ensure he doesn’t burn the house down.” Your mother asks of you as her head pops back into your room before disappearing again. You groan as you pick your phone up to check the time, your face contorting in displeasure as you read that it was barely past 7 in the morning. 'Why couldn’t he be asleep? Or eating me out again?’ Your mind suddenly wondered, mischievously taunting you with vivid flashbacks and you slapped a hand to your forehead in an attempt to stop the unwanted instant replay as you recalled the early morning hours in which Changkyun had you at the mercy of his mouth.
“Nope, nope, nope.” You grumble to yourself as you shook your head and rolled over to bury your face into your pillow, wondering if suffocation could cause memory loss. However, even as it became harder to breathe, your body failed to forget the sensation of your fingers threading through his hair as his tongue and fingers worked you to a very delicious orgasm. With a whine escaping your throat, you turn onto your left side to stare blankly at the wall. Despite the coolness of the early morning weather settling in your room, your body felt rather hot. You squeezed your thighs together and closed your eyes, trying to mentally will yourself to stop and maybe go back to sleep. You were thinking that maybe Changkyun should burn the house down, you weren’t sure if you could look at him in the face again.

“[Y/N] are you awake?” A deeper, huskier voice riddled with sleep interrupts the inner inner machinations of your mind, your heart rate picking up speed, causing your breath to hitch in your throat and to quicken as if you’d just run a marathon both due to surprise and embarrassment. You were just thinking of the sins you’d committed he’d practically materialized in your room like some kind of genie of sexy voices and talented tongues.
“Hmm?” You reply, lowly your voice groggy and feigning sleepiness with your back faced to him. Your wide eyes shut in an instant praying that your terribly acting skills save you from talking to him somehow. 'Fuck, fuck fuck.’ You scream in your head as you felt the bed dip under his weight, his body curling around your fetal position, his arm snaking over your waistline to press you closer to him. Taking a few deep breaths, you try to not be too obvious in trying to calm your wildly beating heart but completely fail as you can feel it nearly pumping in your throat. With how close Changkyun was pressed to you, you new that he could feel it beating, however, you were thankful that he hadn’t said anything about it. Clenching your jaw, you once again try to force yourself to calm down, of all the people in the world, this was Changkyun, someone you could bare your soul too without being judged. He was a part of you, your other half, you shouldn’t be nervous.
“I was making toast and I burnt it.” He breaks the thick silence that seemed to be suffocating you, talking casually as if nothing had happened between you two. For some reason, you felt your heart drop, the rush of anxiety taking a dive into deep sadness that made your chest ache uncomfortably. A part of you wanted to talk about what happened and the other half of you wanted to just make him breakfast like he would ask soon enough. Silly him, you knew him too well, he could barely do things right without you sometimes. You wondered about how his future girlfriend would manage, how she would treat him and if she’d laugh at his lame puns and enjoy his company as much as you did. Your chest constricted with the intensity of the ache at the mere thought.
“Do you think you can-”
“Yeah, ye-yeah,” You cut him off, brushing his hand away and trying to fight the unexplainable urge to cry. Great, you’d just thought yourself into a bad mood and potentially ruined your morning or day.

“What’s wrong?” Changkyun catches onto your bad mood just as quickly as you’d dug yourself into it. His eyes were fixated onto the back of your head, appalled at your behavior. You never pushed him away before. Early morning cuddles, insults and name calling were your favorites. And as much as he wanted to call you his favorite insult, he bit his tongue and rolled off his side of the bed, walking over to your side to kneel before your gaze. He could tell this would be serious. The second he caught sight of your glassy eyes, a lone tear slipping out from the corner of your eye and rolling across the bridge of your nose. His hand instinctively reached out to wipe it away before it could reach any further, concern matting his face. Changkyun absolutely hated seeing you cry.
“Talk to me you shaved coconut. Or should I eat you out again and make you feel better?” He grins suggestively, his hand playfully squeezing your boob and making a honking noise in an attempt to lighten the mood, resulting in you placing your hand on his to stop him just incase he was serious. You couldn’t tell with how spontaneous he was being.
“Thinking about you with someone else that isn’t me really sucks.” You blubber, swiping at your watery eyes as you roll onto your back to stare at the ceiling. It was better to get it off your chest, besides, you and Changkun never hid anything from each other before. Changkyun feels his heart flutter with happiness at your words.
“Then don’t.” He shrugs in a simple reply, taking your hand to pull you back onto your side to face him, his body easing onto your side of the bed to sit.
“C'mere.” He mumbles whilst leaning forward to kiss your forehead, your eyes and nose, his lips lingering dangerously close to yours.
“Do you want me [Y/N]?” Changkun questions as a smile spreads onto his features. It’s a genuine smile, a proud one, his eyes twinkling  with excitement unlike his wicked, playful smirks and grins that he usually wears. You’re confused, but caught in the moment. There’s a new level of intimacy and your heart can’t help but flutter in a good way, your mouth breaking into a smile as he pecks your lips. One peck, two pecks, three pecks. You nearly feel your face breaking with the smile that’s placed on your lips as you give him a tiny nod despite the pleasant tingle spreading throughout your body.
“Babygirl I love you so much.” Changkyun coos, pressing chaste kisses to the corner of your mouth, moving down to your shoulder and the length of your arm. Loud giggles erupt from your throat as he rolls you onto your back, his fingers poking and tickling your sides even as his lips press kisses wildly to your body, your limbs flailing about in protest before he stops.
“So you’re mine from now on okay morning breath?” He confirms beaming down at you as you accept with a soft 'okay’ not giving it a second thought. Why not? There wasn’t much to think about. It just felt like a burden was being lifted from your shoulders. It just felt right.

“My breath doesn’t smell by the way.” You argue with a roll of your eyes, pushing yourself back onto your left side. It didn’t smell as half as bad as his did. 
“Okay, but, you’re sure that 'us' is what you want?” Changkyun asks again, getting closer as a smirk grows on his lips.
“Yeah. Is it what you want?” You counter with growing worry, hoping that he wasn’t having second thoughts.
“I’m just making sure because I really, really want to fuck you.” He groans into your ear, having gotten closer with every word spilling from his mouth. In a split second the heat that was suppressed by your temporary dam of sadness was broken and flooding your body again. fueling your sexual desire. It was rediculous how easily he turned you on.
“Shut up.” You moan in protest as he kisses the shell of your ear before his teeth gingerly nibble on your earlobe, your entire body shivering in delight. Your eyes close as you bite your lip, an involuntary moan leaving your lips as a small sting graces your behind, the sound of his palm smacking your ass twice echoing in the room.
“Fuck. I always wanted to do that.” Changkyun groans, kneeling on the ground once more and pushing your right leg up to our chest as he pulls the fabric of your underwear up, the cloth of your underwear being pressed tightly against your pussy. Changkyun’s lips came into contact with the heated spot that he smacked, your eyebrow arching in question of his actions as he kissed it gently, his lips trailing down to the back of your thighs before he pressed his face between your legs. You can’t help the blush that blazes on your face nor the squeak that squeezes past your lips as he deeply inhales before nuzzling his face against your womanhood. 
“Damn baby I could just smother myself to death in your pussy. You taste and smell so good.” He growls, littering kisses along the length of your womanhood. It’s enough to make you squirm, your tongue running over your now dry lips as you try to roll onto your back but Changkyun’s hand behind your knee keeps you in place, his index finger rubbing the slit of your puffy lips, your wetness spreading quickly.
“[Y/N] You’re so wet for me already.” You hear him chuckle as your underwear is soaked with your juices, sticking between your lips. 
“Kuukkungie~” You moan his beloved nickname as you squirm as hard as you could, wanting him to just take your panties off and fuck you within the inch of your life. Your body was begging.
“Tell me what you want [Y/N]. What do you want me to do to you?” Changkyun questions as he continues to tease your sobbing womanhood, his tongue pressing heavily against your now swollen clit. You can barely mutter a single word as he hardens his tongue to press against it with the tip, swirling it around your hardened nub and making you shake with excitement, your hand pushing the back of his head to press him more into you as a sign that you wanted more. 
“Take my panties off Changkyun.” You rasp, your body stiffening up momentarily as he kisses your pussy with enough intensity to suck on it before pulling away. Changkyun wastes no time in complying, peeling your underwear off and watching in delight as the dampened, flimsy cloth is removed, exposing your sex to his hungry eyes and dropping your underwear carelessly on the floor. 

“Do you want me to play with you more?”  Changkyun challenges your eagerness as he runs his finger along your core, opting to rub circles around your clit and watching you shudder with pleasure. 
“You know what I want.” You wine, motioning him closer with your index finger.  However, your bestfriend, now boyfriend only feigns innocence as his lower lip juts out as he shakes his head. 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He lies as he refuses to come closer. his head disappearing behind the curve of your backside, his exposing your clit enough for his tongue to tease.
“Do you want daddy to make you feel good?” He smirks wickedly as he hears you moan in frustration. You were beginning to regret telling him about your kinks now that he was beginning to use it against you. Your lower abdomen began burning with a delicious desire at his words.
“What should it be princess? My tongue?” He taunts, flattening his tongue out from your clit down to your entrance, his cock twitching as your deep moan fills his ears. “Or do you want my fingers?” He provokes as he pulls away his middle finger rubbing your entrance to barely dip into it. Automatically, your hips move to create more friction to please yourself, but Changkyun catches on to what you’re doing quickly and pulls away with a smirk.
“Don’t move.” He commands as he stands, making you pout at the brief loss of contact. You mindlessly obey as your eyes follow him as he makes his way onto the bed. “Or do you want daddy’s cock filling up your tight little pussy.” He smiles as he places his hand on your hip, the other lifting your right leg and placing your ankle on his shoulder to create more room for him to jam his clothed erection to your lower half. You immediately nod furiously, muttering a small please as he grinds himself into you a wet spot forming on the front of his pants from where your juices met his crotch.
“Please what baby girl?" 
"Please fuck me.” You moan, grinding your hips back to match the timing with his own, your hand reaching out to touch him but he grabs your wrist, keeping you from touching him.
“Who are you talking to [Y/N]?” Changkyun drags out, stopping to pull the string of his sweatpants and push his pants and boxers down enough to let his straining erection free.
“You, Changkyun.” You grumble, refusing to give in to what he knew he was asking for.
“Who are you talking to [Y/N]?” He repeats himself roughly, making you flinch, your stomach flipping at the new display of his more dominant side as he uses a hand to wipe the pre cum oozing from his length to press it against your lips. Your tongue darts out from between your lips to drag along his fingers, gingerly tasting the sticky substance before taking his two digits into your mouth. You maintain eye contact with him as he smirks in satisfaction at your actions. 
“Good girl.” He compliments, using his left hand to guide his length to your throbbing entrance, rubbing the head of his cock against you to annoy you further. “I’m not  fucking you until I hear you say it." 
"Please..dwaddy..” You say meekly with his fingers still in your mouth, your chest almost heaving as he pushes against your core, your opening beginning to stretch to fit him only to have him pull away. You whimper loudly in protest, your eyes pleading with him to continue.
“What was that princess?” He chuckles darkly, pulling his fingers away to allow you to speak.
“You daddy. Please fuck me.” You wail succumbing to his dominance and the pleasure that your body was aching for.

In no less than a second Changkyun’s cock was pushed into you, filling you completely. When he’s fully seated in your welcoming walls, a low, satisfied groan rumbles through his chest.  Your hands reach up to grab the pillow as he slammed himself into you without restraint. Your walls were burning with ecstasy at the stretch and speed he’s pounding into you. You’ve had sex with one other guy before in drunken stupor thinking he was the one, but having Changkyun take you like this was nothing in comparison. Within seconds your legs were shaking, your orgasm already ready to burst.
“Touch yourself for me.” The man above you commands and you don’t hesitate to do so. You reach down to vigorously stroke your clit with one hand as your other hand squeezes the pillow your knuckles turning white whilst moans began falling from your mouth like raindrops falling from rain clouds. Changkyun was experiencing extreme pleasure as he watched you touch yourself in addition to your walls beginning to pulse around him.
“Are you gonna cum princess?” He questions between his own grunts, his hands squeezing your thigh as he keeps your legs parted. You nod as you feel yourself near your end, your mind and body only focusing on reaching that euphoria that you were longing for.
“No. You’re not allowed to cum yet.” Changkyun denies you in the nick of time. He pulls out and grabs your wrists, clenching his teeth to restrain himself from resuming his position and burying himself into your warmth once more. He grabs your wrists and pulls it away, your eyes tearing up as you shake your head, lips trembling and chest heaving as the pleasure begins to fade away disbelief pulsing through your veins instead, your hips bucking in want of his return.
“You didn’t ask to cum baby.” Changkyun mocks, satisfied with your disheveled state.
“Daddy please let me cum.” You find yourself begging in an instant, your voice shaking, throat hot and thick with defeat. Your eyelashes were wet with frustrated tears as you stare up at him. Pretending to consider the idea, Changkyun arches his brow as if in thought. He wanted you to cum as much as you did, he just liked to tease.

“Hands and knees babygirl.” He instructs as he lets you go. Instantaneously, you abide by his law, your shaking hands and knees holding you up. As Chankyun mounts you again, he observes the way your head tilts to the side before briefly looking back at him. Hovering over your body as his cock slides into you easily, he brushes your hair from your ear after kissing your shoulder and the junction of your neck.
“Cum for me okay [Y/N]? I want you to cum hard over my cock.” He murmurs in his deep voice next to your ear before beginning his thrusts and you nod, relief flooding your system with his permission. You suck in a sharp breath as you feel his teeth  sink into the flesh of your shoulder, letting out a hiss as  he pulls away, the burning sensation briefly distraction you from your orgasm. However, as Changkyun grips your hips tightly whilst his stomach begins to coil, you can’t help but lean forward, your hands giving in from under you. You begin to push your hips back to meet his thrusts feeling your orgasm beginning to build again.
“Go ahead and touch yourself baby. I know you want to.” Changkyun rasps out between his own labored breaths. With the change in position, you became a tighter fit for him and with the way your walls were beginning to lightly clench and unclench around him was making him loose his mind. With the way you were being stretched and exposed, it only took a few strokes of your fingers before your body was tensing up with your orgasm, toes curling and hands balling into fists. Your jaw hung open in a soundless scream as you pressed your face hard into the pillow. Your tightness made it extremely hard for Changkyun to ride out your orgasm, his seed spilling into you mere seconds after. You let out a groan as his body slumped over yours, both of you becoming very aware of how hot and sweaty you both were. 

“I can’t wait to do that again.” Your boyfriend laughs as he rolls next to you onto his back after pulling his shirt off and pulling his sweatpants back up over his hips.
“I can wait.” You pant, falling onto your stomach and closing your eyes to regain your strength and calm down from your high. Your arms and legs felt like soft jelly, your energy was drained. You didn’t know exactly how he was managing to keep his composure.
“C'mon we should eat breakfast.” He grins, reaching over to pull your shirt over your butt after smacking it playfully. You crack an eye open to stare at him in a silent question of whether or not he was serious. You could barely move, how was he expecting you to make breakfast?
“Cereal sound good?” Changkyun smiles, brushing the hair from your face and kissing your cheek as you close your eyes in  comfort and full confidence that he wouldn’t need your help for that.

Part 1


Can we just talk about how pivotal Tifa actually is to the plot…??? I already said FF7 has 2 heroines with neither Tifa or Aerith being more important or less important than each other. 

But there seems to be this belief that Tifa only becomes the heroine after Aerith dies, or that she’s not as important….But the entire story of FF7 started because of Tifa. Aerith got involved with AVALANCHE because of Tifa, hell, Cloud met Aerith because of Tifa! 

The reason FF7 starts is because Tifa found a comatose Cloud at the train station, and when this happened the false persona was born, thus creating the major mystery of who Cloud really is and what actually happened and because of his promise to Tifa, Cloud joined AVALANCHE. There’s the story beginning. That’s how it all started. 

It starts in Nibelheim when Cloud has a crush on Tifa.

  • Tifa’s accident forms the reason Cloud wants to be like Sephiroth, because he wants to be strong. He wants to protect Tifa and impress her. 
  • This leads him to agree to help Tifa whenever she’s in a pinch. 
  • Cloud leaves for Midgar to join SOLDIER in the hopes of impressing Tifa. 
  • He never makes it into SOLDIER but he meets Zack who became his best friend, and Zack who WAS a 1st class soldier. 
  • He is deployed to Nibelheim where Sephiroth goes insane and injures Zack, Tifa, kills Cloud’s mother, and burns down the village, this fills Cloud with rage and he attacks Sephiroth. 
  • By wounding Sephiroth so badly this forms the reason for Sephiroth’s obsession for tormenting Cloud, as “The Great Sephiroth” was wounded so badly by a Shinra grunt.
  • Cloud is experimented on for 4 years and reunites with Tifa at the train station where his false persona is created and also a major plot point you spend a good majority of the game trying to solve. 
  • Cloud joins AVALANCHE because Tifa asked him to stay.
  • Cloud meets Aerith because of an AVALANCHE mission he was completing because he joined on Tifa’s request. In fact, both times he meets Aerith it has to do with an AVALANCHE mission he was completing, thus wrapping it back to Tifa’s involvement, again. 
  • Aerith gets involved with AVALANCHE after Cloud namedrops her and they see Tifa in the back of the wagon, causing Aerith to infiltrate with Cloud to get to Tifa. 
  • Aerith says she’ll help Tifa with her mission, thus getting involved with AVALANCHE affairs. Tifa thanks her and willingly lets her help. 
  • Tifa asked Aerith to go to the bar and get Marlene and put her somewhere safe. This caused Aerith to trade herself over to Shinra for Marlene’s safety. 
  • Feeling guilty for getting Aerith involved and kidnapped she goes with Cloud and Barret to rescue her. 
  • Aerith is now a member of AVALANCHE and travels with them due to her previous involvement in one of their missions. 
  • After Aerith leaves the party Cloud doesn’t want to go and save her and Tifa has to convince him to go with them.
  • Tifa is the one who discovers Cloud in Mideel. 
  • Tifa is the one who stayed by his side, tried to save him, and fell into the lifestream with him and is extremely significant to the climax of the story and is the one who helps Cloud regain his true self and helps solve one of the major mysteries of the story. 

Tifa has always been a key player and has had a very important role in the narrative. Cloud’s story, and FF7 story, all ties back to Tifa. 

Without Tifa in this role the story of FF7 would be drastically different from the one we know now. 

Aerith is important to the story, but so is Tifa. And SE has constantly referred to BOTH Aerith and Tifa being the heroines, and that FF7 has 2 heroines. 

And Tifa’s contribution to the story and plot is no less than Aerith’s.

Detailed plot of “Narratage” (novel)

Hey! So I just finished my first novel in Japanese, Shimamoto Rios „Narratage“. As some of you may know, this is the novel Matsujuns new movie is based on. Since there is close to no information about the story available (other than „a teacher has a relationship with a student“), I thought I could write a more detailed summary of the plot for the people who are interested.

Please keep the following things in mind:

  1. This is about the novel, not the movie! (The movie might and propably will be different at some points)
  2. This is what I remember from the novel. I might have forgotten things or even misunderstood them completely because Japanese is not my first language.
  3. More than a summary, I might write with too much detail and interpretation so…I hope it’s still easy to read
  4. There will be possible spoilers (of course), so I divided it up in parts, from „light spoilers“ to „severe spoilers“ as the plot goes on

Plot and review after the cut!

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Yesterday, I spent 60 dollars on groceries,
took the bus home,
carried both bags with two good arms back to my studio apartment
and cooked myself dinner.
You and I may have different definitions of a good day.
This week, I paid my rent and my credit card bill,
worked 60 hours between my two jobs,
only saw the sun on my cigarette breaks
and slept like a rock.
Flossed in the morning,
locked my door,
and remembered to buy eggs.
My mother is proud of me.
It is not the kind of pride she brags about at the golf course.
She doesn’t combat topics like, ”My daughter got into Yale”
with, ”Oh yeah, my daughter remembered to buy eggs”
But she is proud.
See, she remembers what came before this.
The weeks where I forgot how to use my muscles,
how I would stay as silent as a thick fog for weeks.
She thought each phone call from an unknown number was the notice of my suicide.
These were the bad days.
My life was a gift that I wanted to return.
My head was a house of leaking faucets and burnt-out lightbulbs.
Depression, is a good lover.
So attentive; has this innate way of making everything about you.
And it is easy to forget that your bedroom is not the world,
That the dark shadows your pain casts is not mood-lighting.
It is easier to stay in this abusive relationship than fix the problems it has created.
Today, I slept in until 10,
cleaned every dish I own,
fought with the bank,
took care of paperwork.
You and I might have different definitions of adulthood.
I don’t work for salary, I didn’t graduate from college,
but I don’t speak for others anymore,
and I don’t regret anything I can’t genuinely apologize for.
And my mother is proud of me.
I burned down a house of depression,
I painted over murals of greyscale,
and it was hard to rewrite my life into one I wanted to live
But today, I want to live.
I didn’t salivate over sharp knives,
or envy the boy who tossed himself off the Brooklyn bridge.
I just cleaned my bathroom,
did the laundry,
called my brother.
Told him, “it was a good day.”
—  Kait Rokowski, “A Good Day”