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OBS&BH Update

During to lack of time, chapter 5 of obs&bh definitely wont be posted today as there are still parts of it not yet written. Hopefully I’ll be able to have it up within the next day or two and I’ll keep people updated with how it’s all coming along here on tumblr

OBS&BH Update

As I said in my AN on the last chapter, I hoped to get the next chapter posted on the 25th. Unfortunately, due to being very busy these past two weeks, there is still a large part of the chapter not written yet. I’m planning to work on it tomorrow and might possibly still be able to post late on Sunday but I may also not get it finished in time, in which case the chapter will be delayed for a day or two until I can finish writing it. I’ll make another post tomorrow evening when I know whether I will be able to post it that day or not

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I never really accepted the HC that Viktor was an incompetent cook or driver. Like, he's 28, even if you're alone, you can still cook and drive well. But then I was introduced to Russian dash cams and I realized. Maybe Viktor's not a bad driver: Russia is 😂

I don’t like ideas where Viktor is completely incompetent at all adult tasks because he’s a fully grown guy who’s been living alone for about 10 years, he knows how to do his own laundry and dishes. But I do see him as a bad driver partly due to his kind of carefree, do before I think personality and partly because he’s from Russia and probably used to pretty crazy driving. As for not being able to cook, in my experience people tend to only learn to cook if they either were taught to growing up or have a reason to learn how. Since I HC Viktor as either an orphan or from an unloved background I don’t see him learning as a child like Yuuri did. And since he travels a lot and has no-one at home to cook for and is rich enough to eat out or order food a lot, I don’t see him as ever really having the motivation to teach himself. Not until Yuuri comes into his life at least :D

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Wait, Moria is Ace?! I never thought I'd see the day that one of my favorite characters shares my sexuality! I'd always felt left out as an ace when it came to main character representation. Thank you so much, you've really made my day.

I’m really bad at replying to messages but I had to talk to you, anon. 

Its amazing to hear from you! It means a lot to me that you’re happy and Moira’s a favourite character to you! She’s a character close to my heart and I’m glad you feel a close connection to her as well. 

Moira is asexual because, well, so am I. Write what you know, right? Most of my protagonists don’t feel sexual attraction to others (some are sex-positive, others have kinks, but they’re all asexual). 

I mean, all of them.

It’s important to make characters that are diverse, so everyone has something they can relate to, and it’s a lesson big-name entertainment brands are slowly learning. I hope you can find lots more ace representation out there in time! ;w; 


Finally a second look at the seasoned farm fields. Started working on it a week ago or so. I added a field for cutted wheat which you can add to your normal wheat field like above (or make a single field with the cutted wheat). In spring both versions change to a greenish wheat field. In autumn you will see a normal dirt ground and in winter a snow covered ground. These fields have a size of one hood grid and you can easily create fields of your wished size. But I also have 2x2 fields in mind. Also I want to create at least one more fruit.

I also want to normal maps for both versions but I’m asking myself how to add it in SimPE. Also do I have to do something in the modeling program (Blender) or is it simply limited to SimPE?

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If you were a part of the rivals universe, who would you support Vitya or Yuuri ? Or would you support them both?

I’m not really a huge sports fan so I probably wouldn’t support either! I’m definitely not an RPF shipper so I wouldn’t be a Viktuuri fan either. I’d probably be one of those people who watched the Big Kiss like ‘oh, that’s nice for them, I hope they’re happy together’ which the in-universe figure skating fandom collectively lost their shit

rigor mortis

don’t tell me it was for nothing - you know all too well i only deify what’s not good for me. i gut your sorrows one by one, surgical atonement at the butcher shop, knit together the damaged bones. i mould them into relics. it’s blurry, freckled with rain out. you ignore occurrences of tunnel vision. i am foregone. i sit doll-like in rooms after the delirium of black light parties. i study the outline of the murder by which i mean, the baseline of the universe. by which i mean, the fissure of your body. i watch the milk spoil (like our love). mornings we burned our tongues on overcooked words, the cigarette you left in the kitchen, a funeral for your teenage habits, a prodrome of all your kid-your-parents-warned-you-about achievements. the way the blood vessels clog the necrotized heart, your throat chalk-full with absinthe, a childhood revision of daddy’s latest sin. remember the town house? the newspaper boy bringing the latest world-ending headline to our doorstep, the suicide lake with its dead swans? somehow it always ends in dull mutations of tv static, saying grace around a table of estranged ghosts.

2016-17 NHL Point Leaders per Team

Erik Karlsson, Jakub Voracek, Sidney Crosby, Brent Burns, Vladimir Tarasenko, Nikita Kucherov, Auston Matthews, Bo Horvat, Nicklas Backstrom, & Mark Scheifele

We’ve all seen those AUs where Akechi steps onto a better path because Akira reaches out to him prior to the Okumura Palace. 

But like

What about an AU where Akechi steps onto a better path because he visited Leblanc one summer morning and got into an argument with Futaba about Star Wars.   

Akechi has a lot of feelings about Anakin Skywalker, okay?  And about how Persona usage is inherently a “dark side” power because it’s rooted in anger and hatred and burning desire.  

And Futaba is like, oh hell no, do you not get that Luke Skywalker changed Anakin Skywalker’s heart. 

And if Futaba is Shido’s biological daughter, and Akechi found out, he’d get a huge secret thrill about casting them as Luke and Leia.  Akechi no you are barely Kylo Ren 


Burning cottonwood seeds along the driveway…