burn steel

I got the honor to participate in @jojofanzine (which is an awesome project btw thanks for having me!) a while back so I drew as many best girls as possible from Jojo which is hard bc all the girls are best girls.

Sandy Hook truthers are some of the worst people in the world. I truly believe that.

It’s not like the JFK or Obama’s birth certificate or the “Bush did 9/11!” theories where, eh, it’s all a bit silly, but at least no one is actively being hurt by it.

“Jet fuel can’t burn steel beams!” “But he was born in Kenya!” It’s laughable.

However, these poor people lost their children under the most horrific, cruelly random circumstances ever. What a nightmare they’ve been through.

And those sick, dumbass excuses for human beings insist on making things even worse for them by suggesting: “Hey, you’re faking this.”

Hideous beyond words.

The Disappearing Quiet


The noise of the hotel being
built behind my house has been
a constant for the past twelve
months, and the worst part is
I have become accustomed to
the disappearing quiet and
sadly rather attached to the
shaking walls and screeches
of burning steel and clamor of
hammers and circular saws.
There is one sound, however,
that cuts through the din and
that is the incessant beep, beep,
beep of backhoes and cement
trucks reversing. But, when
I found myself trapped in the
newspaper headlines this
morning, I realized that maybe
the worst noise for all of us
is the sound of progress
going backwards.

So I remembered that my name is FANFICdiddlydoo so here are some good fanfics to read

Returning to my roots. Most of these are one’s I’ve read so far (there are TONS more to read so if you know more plz let me know!). Need to look into more. I’m interested in ALL characters so if you know a good one, link me!


-In the Flesh by raisedbyhyenas


-Thick as Thieves by Kyokaen

-Caps, Beliefs, and Ego by Abyssickly

-One, Two, Three by Aviena

-A Long Time Coming by Sweenester


-Flesh and Steel by StGfanfic

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-Shelter Me From the Cold by Tess1978


-Gravel and Timber by snipershezz

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Nick Valentine:

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-Synthetic Tales of the Sole Survivor by EssentiallyRei

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InuKag Week 4: “AU”

A/N: The idea came to me while listening to Met at Work…1500 words.

Traveling in a fried-out Kombi

On a hippie trail, head full of zombie

I met a strange lady, she made me nervous

She took me in and gave me breakfast

And she said


The awareness that Inuyasha required water sooner than later buzzed in his ears, annoying and persistent like the gnats that hovered his head.

But he hadn’t a drop of it, and he had traded his last horse for the rifle that burned hot steel against his back. Useless and unprovoked since the second he threw down his saddle for it.

He’d see her again…eventually. The mare was his and always would be, so he needed to find a temporary job, build up his savings again, and buy her back.

Although none of those things would happen first without his finding water.

And seeing as he was shoulders deep under a crushing weight of orange desert sand, head pushed to the side to sizzle under the unpitying sun- he was sooner fated to die of dehydration than apply for any open career positions.

“Oh my God!”

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About 43 seconds into this amateur footage of a fire, the flames begin to emit an eerie screaming sound that is enough to frighten anyone. The whole things gets a little less surreal when you learn that the fire was created from gunpowder being burned inside large steel drums, and the noise created was from holes in the the steel drums, creating a whistle effect.


“A Court of War and Starlight”: 2/?


He strode near her until he was looming over her, but she never balked, never cringed–just locked eyes with him and stared with a challenge on her mouth. “Liar,” he breathed. He could see the stormclouds swirling behind her eyes. 

Hers was perhaps the most intoxicating scent he’d ever encountered. Like … salt, and fresh-forged steel, and bitter winter air–nothing remotely feminine, except perhaps the hint of anise. It filled his blood, roaring through him like it had the first time, only stronger now … much stronger


Her heart contracted and her lips parted. They were so alike, the two of them. Whatever the material that stirred someone’s blood to flow–Cauldron or not–it was the same for them.

Something else locked, too. Like a cord, tied from her soul to his, burning like forged steel, shackling them together. His eyes went wide, his nostrils flared, and there was something like genuine fear in his eyes.

Nesta Archeron was his mate.

All text taken from “Grounded” by Sarah Viehmann. Do not repost edits or quote fic without permission.

To be reforged,
Something needs to be heated,
Shaping steel can not be done,
Unless energy flows through it. 

My steel is cold now,
It has been for a while,
And through typhoons and earthquakes,
All I have left
Is unrefined ore.

But with nothing else,
I will not resign myself to the way,
This was handed to me. 
With hammer in hand I strike,
And again,
I will make the steel burn myself,
And shape it into something grander than before.