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I got the honor to participate in @jojofanzine (which is an awesome project btw thanks for having me!) a while back so I drew as many best girls as possible from Jojo which is hard bc all the girls are best girls.

5:01- jhk(m)

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the only thing thicker than water is blood.

(m)-mature / 4.1k words / vampire!hoseok / enjoy ! 

req; vampire hobi. that’s all I’d like to request you can do whatever kind of drabble or fic you please, but I need some vampire hobi 

*before you read please know there is death involved in the fic, so stop or be cautious before proceeding on if that is triggering for you, thank you

Current Time: 03:48 pm

You remove your sunglasses once you’re on his porch, adjusting the top of your bathing suit beneath your long shirt before knocking on his front door. Hoseok has lived here alone for barely a month now, and after being friends with him for so long, you find it odd that one day he just decided to leave his childhood home, abandon his family, and somehow get rich enough to buy this mansion along the beach that the two of you had met staring at from the outside.

But every time you went to ask him about it, something stopped you, or every time you thought you’d asked the last time you spoke to him, the answer seemed to have been completely forgotten in some unreachable corner of your brain. And in a peculiar twist of fate, the more you wanted to ask, the less you had answers to, and though you have been dying to see him, you only just now felt compelled to accept his invitation to come over for a swim.

He answers the door in nothing but swimming shorts, the deep lines and muscle along his chest marking him as different from the boy you remembered as well, letting him pull you in for a warm hug, nose nuzzling into your neck affectionately before letting you go.

“Finally!” He gives you a big smile, leading you from the entryway into the huge living room, “you accepted my invitation to come swim.”

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So I remembered that my name is FANFICdiddlydoo so here are some good fanfics to read

Returning to my roots. Most of these are one’s I’ve read so far (there are TONS more to read so if you know more plz let me know!). Need to look into more. I’m interested in ALL characters so if you know a good one, link me!


-In the Flesh by raisedbyhyenas


-Thick as Thieves by Kyokaen

-Caps, Beliefs, and Ego by Abyssickly

-One, Two, Three by Aviena

-A Long Time Coming by Sweenester


-Flesh and Steel by StGfanfic

-By No Constraint by Quinzelade

-Little Things by Sunderland

-Shelter Me From the Cold by Tess1978


-Gravel and Timber by snipershezz

-Like Some Kinda Walking Target by lushlove

-Black Betty by jo7787


-Wastelander by qinwa

-A Simple Arrangement by pterodactyldrops

-Underneath the Rubble by blueeyesbunny

-Shelter by Hollywithaneye

-Safety Off by Amailia

-Axes to Grind by Kateana


-Rain by tess1987

-Burning Steel by Valdryfor

Nick Valentine:

-Laid Bare by LillyoftheAlley

-Something in Common by TheFamousFireLadyM


-First Words by Vaultpopsicle

-Tale of Two Pipers by LittleMissValkyrie


-A Cold Beer by Alice_in_Black


-Synthetic Tales of the Sole Survivor by EssentiallyRei

-Professional by FloodFeSTeR

Arachnophobia (Snowbaz AU)

Simon’s terrified of spiders

– Simon –

I look around at the boxes stacked in the living room and kitchen of my new apartment. I just got finished with the bedroom and I’ve finished most of the living room, pulling out photos of me and Penny to put on my nightstand and unpacking some sheets for tonight. Penny helped me move the couch up and into place but she had to go meet Micah at the airport a couple of hours ago. I glance at my phone and decide to be done for the night, well morning I guess. It’s three a.m.

I tiredly shrug off my t-shirt and jeans and head into my new bathroom. I dig around in a few boxes before pulling out shampoo and soap and moving to turn on the shower.

It’s then that I see it. Big and black, skulking at the bottom of the tub. All eight eyes staring evilly at me. I let out an embarrassingly loud shriek of fear and scramble out of the bathroom. I fucking hate spiders. They have eight legs which is far too many. No one needs so many legs and the way they crawl sends shivers up my spine. I make it out of my apartment and slam the door behind me, breathing heavily. I cannot go back in there until that spider is dead and gone. But I left my phone inside so I can’t call Penny for backup. It’s either spend the night out here or find someone to kill that monster so I can take my shower and get some sleep.

I glance up at the door across the hall. This isn’t exactly how I planned to meet my new neighbor, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and I need help. I push myself up off my door and walk across the hall, raising my hand to knock.

– Baz –

I wake up to loud bangs on my door and glance at my phone. Who the fuck is at my door at 3 in the fucking morning. I yawn and sit up, tiredly pulling on some pants. I comb my fingers through my hair and open my door.

A cute boy who I don’t recognize is standing in front of me. Practically naked. He’s wearing nothing but boxer briefs, which are cupcake print. His curly bronze hair is a mess, sticking up from his head in all directions and his eyes are wide. He has moles freckling his cheeks.

And shoulders.

And chest.


I pull my eyes back up to his face because Aleister fucking Crowley I don’t even know this guy’s name.

“Oh thank Merlin!” he says. “I just moved in and I’m sorry to wake you up like this but there is a spider in my bathtub but I need to shower and I’m really fucking terrified of spiders but I can’t call Penny and—” I can’t focus because I’m barely awake and this hot adorable boy is standing in front of me begging me to go back to his apartment and I need to stop thinking about this.

If this were anyone else I would just slam the door in their face, but I feel bad for the poor boy so I sigh and walk forward, shutting my door behind me. He turns and I follow him across the hall and into his apartment, trying not to stare at his ass.

His apartment is sparse. I can tell he’s just moved. Boxes are stacked everywhere and the only other thing in the living room is a couch. He heads through his bedroom (also pretty bare except a mattress with sheets on the floor and some pictures of him and a girl with purple cat-eye glasses) and into the bathroom. He turns to face me and points at the tub where I see I tiny spider.

I try not to laugh but can’t keep the small smirk off my face as I see what he is so terrified of.

“Hey,” he says, trying to act more upset than he actually is. “Don’t judge me. They’re creepy as fuck.”

I shrug, still smiling. “Do you have tissues?”

“I think so.” He says and turns, digging through a box before triumphantly pulling some out.

I grab one and squish the spider neatly, balling up the tissue and handing it to him. He takes it carefully, holding it by two fingers as if the spider will suddenly come back to life and crawl out.

He takes it to the kitchen and tosses it in the trash. I follow behind him and stop in his living room, leaning against the back of his couch.

“Right, thanks…”

“Baz,” I supply.

“Thanks, Baz.”

“and  you are?”

“oh, Simon! I’m Simon.” He smiles at me and Crowley his smile lights up his entire face.

I stare until I realize I’ve been staring and shake myself out of it.

“I should…” I gesture towards the door.

“Yeah. Right. Of course.” He says, following me to the door.

“Thanks again.” He says as I leave.

I turn and smile at him. “Anytime. See you around, Simon.”

“Night Baz.”

I head back into my apartment and toss and turn trying to get a freckled chest and sunny smile out of my head, finally falling asleep.

– Simon –

After the hot boy next door leaves I shower and try to get some sleep. I’m up again at six a.m. and can’t get his deep red gold skin and dark flowy hair out of my head. I get up off my bed and walk across the hall, not sure what I’m even going to say.

He opens the door almost immediately, this time wearing a shirt and jeans (and Merlin do they look good on him). He smirks at me and leans against the door frame.

“Simon.” He says, his steel eyes burning into me. “Long time no see.”

“I figured I should thank you for coming to my rescue last night. I mean, it was at an ungodly hour and you still decided to help a stranger in only his underwear kill a spider.” I say. I take a breath.

“What I mean to say, is: want to go get coffee with me?”

He smiles at that and pushes himself off the door frame, hands tucked into his pockets.

“Give me ten minutes.”


7 tips to create likable characters

It is finally here! This took me way too long than it should but I’m proud of how it turned out in the end, and I’m happy I took my time.

Majority of the characters belong to my friends and others aren’t technically mine; most of these characters are portrayed by Robin Lord Taylor, Ben Mckenzie and Cory Michael Smith in films they’ve done way before Gotham.

My friend Alex and I thought that the short screen time of these characters deserve more life and personality! So that’s what we gave ‘em c: some of them are just made up by us.

Anyways hope you enjoy the video!!


Therd, Thred, Raymond, Empy, Payn, Facade, Hazel, Burne, Mad, Steel, Wisdom, Theo, Kyle, Kirsten, Hazel, Reggie, Mundy, Danny, Six ©  Me

Toby, Ash, Ron, Taylor (Robin as a Lawyer~) ©  Alex 

Louis, Marie, Tony, Peter, Scott, Wade, Rickie, Mundy, Broody, Sofia © Alex and me

Aleks, Eris, and Clover © My friend Delsin

Characters I portray based on films/series:
Phil © The House is Burning
Abernathy © Accepted
Dylan, Jared © Law and Order
Sami © Taxi Brooklyn 
Ryan © The O.C.
Chris © Camp X-Ray
Tommy © Carol

Characters Alex portrays based on films/series:
Lloyd © Cold Comes The Night
Sami © Taxi Brooklyn
Cedric, Dale © Law and Order
Jeff © Another Earth
Alex © The Assassination of the High School President
Sam © The Walking Dead
Noah © Full Dress-(It’s actually not out yet so the headcanons are all based from Alex! )
Nick © Moving On

ncodangelo-deactivated20170513  asked:

“I work at a department store and if you take out and unfold a shirt and then leave it one more time I’m going to stuff it down your throat” AU for jimon!

omg yes 

simon didn’t make it his business to hate any of the customers who came into the store where he happened to work – unless they shoplifted, or something, but even then that was above his pay grade – but there was one customer who absolutely grated on his fragile college student nerves. he was handsome with a gaze that could burn through steel beams, but apparently his mother had never taught him how to fucking fold a shirt back after unfolding it to look at it. 

now, simon was aware that a pretty huge chunk of humanity was guilty of this. in fact, he’d done it more than a few times himself before he actually started working retail and realized the awful error of his ways. but what made this customer worse than all of his other customers was he’d take the now messy shirts and just fucking– toss them somewhere else where they didn’t even belong. 

the next time simon caught him he wasn’t sure that his manager would be able to hold him back from shoving the offending fabric so far down the customer’s throat that he had no hope of extracting it himself. that next time happened to be right before simon’s lunch break where his nerves were at their worst after being hangry and sneaking moments of study on his phones. 

the infuriatingly handsome customer absently dropped a shirt right on top of the display simon was straightening up. as he started to fume, captain america’s demonic brother wandered over to another display and fussed around with those shirts. simon snapped the shirt open and blinked when a slip of paper fell out of it onto the shelf. …huh. 

get lunch with me? – jace 

simon turned his head to the stranger – jace – and considered him with a flush on his cheeks. “sure.” despite the grin growing on jace’s lips, simon still wanted to shove the t-shirt down his throat. “now come over here so i can show you how to fold a damn shirt.” 

Arrival - cc ficlet

Title: Arrival
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Length/Rating:  ~1,100 / PG
Summary: Teeny tiny follow up to Layover.  If you don’t know what’s happening here, start with Departure.  That’s that, I think.


Chris loiters outside the little wine bar in the West Village, scuffing his shoe against the curb and willing himself to just go inside.

His phone had just buzzed with a text from Darren saying that he was running a few minutes late and Chris can’t decide if it’s worse to stand outside alone or sit inside alone.  Either way, people can see that he’s alone, and waiting.  And possibly being stood up.

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kpopdeliciousfandoms  asked:

Peter hale love hate imagine. Where the reader loves him but he hates her an and he says something stupid makes her cry and gets Derek mad because she is part of the pack. An then peter runs after you in the middle of the night and a fight starts. and the end so should be with a lot of drama and tears but always much love!!


They were just fighting, trying to get closer and closer to each other. Her bladed knuckles swiping dangerously close to his jaw line.  The older wolf jumped back, taking her wrist in his clawed hand. He pulled her into him, twisting her left arm behind her back, letting it lie just over the bottom of her spine. She winced at the pain, trying to wiggle from his tight hold. Peter only held on tighter, gripping her body to immobilize her. (Y/N) could feel every hill and curve of his torso slide against her front, the heat of his skin burning through the layers of her clothes. She prayed to whatever god was up there that she wouldn’t slip up. She couldn’t have him know how much she craved the feel of his strong body sliding up against hers. The close proximity was beginning to itch her skin, making her less than focused on kicking his ass. 

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t o i l & t r o u b l e

( draco x reader )

you and draco are in the same potions class. though you’ve never spoken, an unfortunate accident on draco’s part leaves him momentarily vulnerable, so you come to his aid. 1.8k+ words.

nothing, really. unless you’re uncomfortable with the word “bloody”.

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Mel M Drabbles| Cry Baby

Characters| Engineer!Namjoon x Robot!Reader 
Genre| Angst 
Word Count| 937

       In all his years of being an engineer, Kim Namjoon had never felt more stressed than the day he and his fellow colleagues had started building a model soldier. The first of many if everything went according to plan. After he had received that life changing call on that rainy afternoon, the blueprint of requirements and extra boring paperwork made its way to the laboratories doorstep a couple days later.

      He and his six men, all equipped with different skills, spent countless days just gathering the materials. Then, Jeongguk and Jin, his modern blacksmiths, started to build the body, scraping, manipulating the metal in their hands into perfection. It was then that Yoongi, the tech whiz, started to program the full range of motion this being would have. From as simple as sitting to performing ancient battle moves. It had been decided very early on that it would be a woman, because they were working for agility and a smoothness that Namjoon argued only a woman could possess. It held the element of surprise and something that the opposing team wouldn’t expect. The rest grunted, but agreed nonetheless. Once the metal body, with large breasts and a good size butt (Jeongguk’s bright ideas) that Namjoon himself admired, Jimin, Taehyung, and J-hope, got to work on the cosmetics. Each was a skilled artist in their different mediums. This phase, though last, took the longest. Each clay piece, each wax piece, had to be perfectly done, yet imperfect because they were aiming for human like  

     The finished product looked positively amazing. Never in his wildest dreams could Namjoon had pictured this. A beautiful soldier he got the honor of naming. He named you y/n. Time would tell how real and lifelike you became. He remembered taking you to the park for the first time and how you passively sat down on the bench, staring coldly in from of you. It was too passive a scene for Namjoon, even if he did have a “stick up his ass” all the time, according to Jimin. The world was too painfully beautiful for that. He remembers the first time you said his name, with curiously on your tongue and something like endearment but maybe he was just imagining. Namjoon let it slip that to be kind was the most beautiful thing you could be and that he loved a girl who was caring and generous. And that is where he went wrong. You were impressionable, he just didn’t know how much. Those words were put into your system and burned into your steel mind so that your number one goal was to do that.

    “Y/n, put the dog back please. We have to practice, remember’ you were currently too busy playing with Yoongi’s dog, Holly, to pay him any mind. So he had to physically pry the dog away from you and grabbed into your wrist hard that you had complained “Ouch, Namjoon,that hurts”. And he hadn’t been paying attention then and he wasn’t doing it now. All he could remember was the government letter saying that #101 seemed to be displaying too much affection for one who was made to fight. If Namjoon was unable to change this “glitch” in your system, then they would pull the cord. He couldn’t bare to think of shutting you down. You were different, a brilliant masterpiece he had come to care for desperately. He was the one who insisted on watching you not only because he was the leader, but because he couldn’t allow you to treat the other guys the way you treated him. There was an innocence in you that he had once had, a long time ago and it made him nostalgic.

    So he had done the next best thing and let go your wrist as you sat down on the metal testing bed that was unpleasantly cold on your skin

     “I thought we were going to test tomorrow?” You asked and his heart pitter mattered. He had to lie. There was no other way besides this one. With his back facing you he quickly replied

   “No, I’ve decided it would be better to do it today. You don’t mind do you?”

    “Of course not, Namjoon” you lightly laugh as you start to lay down. Trust. You trusted him and Namjoon wish he could rip out his own heart then. He makes his way to your side and puts his mask on. The restraints are put around your arms and ankles. Trust. You trusted him not to do anything. You notice that he doesn’t look at you and so you intimately bring your hand to his chin to make him look

  “What’s wrong?  Is there something you’re not telling me?” Namjoon tries to mask his choking up with a cough. Not now, now wasn’t the time.

   “Nothing” and he takes his time to really admire your face. You’re gorgeous. Your eyes sparkle and your smiling and he will remember this moment for the rest of his life.

   “Forgive me, Y/n. I’m so sorry.” He slowly leans down and kisses you and you don’t have time to react because he’s bringing the tranquility shot to your neck. And before you close your eyes and the world fades out, you swear you feel a wet drop on your cheek. Namjoon can’t bare to be in the room any longer and so he flees before Jeongguk and J-hope can comfort him. It isn’t until he’s driving away from the haunted laboratory, tears blurring his vision that he says it. What he never even had the guts to admit to himself “I love you, y/n.”