burn scars

behold the glory of a god's love

Some mortals boast of their distant relations to Ariadne and Psyche, envying the wonder they were privileged to experience as lovers of the gods and soon proclaim how they’re just as worthy of each of the gods’ love.

Until Icarus hobbles forward to them with arms covered in candle wax burns, scars crossing his stomach where the ocean swallowed him whole, and blank eyes that Apollo chose to snuff out.

Adonis comes back from the Underworld so all can see the tusk buried deep in his hip, and - to the mortals’ dismay - his handsome features now decay with lines of fatigue and exhaustion.

A low growl resounds across the starry vault of the sky, and the astronomers see Callisto throwing her furry head back and snarling, her frenzied eyes glaring at the moon. 

And when the mortals start to scream or run away from these monsters who once loved gods-

Medusa simply lifts her veil. 

Kai knew he tended to look somewhat strange with his numerous and seemingly random tattoos, the ink spread across all the skin that his massive burn scars didn’t cover, but of all the things he thought about often, his physical appearance wasn’t high on the list. Staying fit, staying alive, staying vigilant, those were valid and important things; what other people thought of him was not. So he had no issue running shirtless, air burning his lungs and sun hitting his skin in a way he thought might burn until he finally came to stop. As he grabbed a drink, he noticed a pair of eyes of him. “What?” He snapped, far from friendly. Truth be told, most feral cats tended to be more friendly than him.

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"Undone" for your mean little Foe Yay Spy please?

It’s the same ritual every night.

He opens his wardrobe and angles the full-length mirror on the inside of the door towards him.

Off with the jacket. Hang it up neatly. Off with the tie, watching the dark blue knot snake undone. Add that to his tie rack. Twenty different silk ties and he only ever wears two of them. Pity.

Then the shirt; pop each button undone one at a time. Bundle it up and toss it in the hamper. His chest exposed now. A light scattering of hair. A light scattering of scars. He’s slim. Always has been. Doesn’t seem to be able to put weight on. He turns his left shoulder away from the mirror.  The burn scars there have faded over time but he still hates them. It’s a reminder that he’s not perfect, not anymore.

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suicide is simultaneously a cause of my lack of motivation, and one of my biggest motivators

why attend therapy and counselling and get help when i know i’m going to kill myself anyways at some point? why study for my GED and further my education? why try and make new friends? why should i bother trying to better myself or my future if i know that i won’t be around much longer? my mind is set on the fact that i’m going to end up killing myself someday, whether it’s tomorrow or 2 years from now, so i just end up thinking that nothing i do now will matter when i’m gone

but suicide also motivates me to do things - primarily anything that’s negative
i’m going to be dead soon, i might as well cut and burn and scar the fuck out of my body since it won’t matter later. if i want to numb myself out by swallowing a ton of pills then who gives a shit what damage it does to my body or my organs? i won’t be around long enough to care. why should i care if i destroy myself and my life even more than i have already if i don’t plan on sticking around?

honestly i just don’t care about myself. whatever bad happens doesn’t matter. nothing matters. i’m just so exhausted and living has become too much.

Aloe heals skin faster if it is kept moist. If you are using fresh aloe leaf gel on your face or body to help heal blemishes, burns and scars, try keeping it wet by spritzing yourself with Rosewater. The aloe will begin to feel tight on your skin when it gets too dry, so just spritz it with a little rosewater and massage it into the gel.
Not only does it feel amazing, but it will help your skin heal so much faster.