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I’ve realized that the reason I couldn’t let go of him was not because I was in love with him, it was because he’d convinced me that he was the best I would ever have. That he’d be the only person that would adore me in such a sense that I’d feel the fire burning in the pit of my stomach everywhere, including my fingertips. I became a prisioner of this vicious cycle of highs and lows, and I completely lost my identity. It was like we’d become one person, but more like him than me. It was like my heart nor my lungs no longer belonged to me, and this shows that he was never really in love with me, because you don’t consume the person you love. You help them grow.
—  I should have left the first time

We all write about the angels who fell, but what about the demons who rose?

Devils who are too pure to be burning in dark pits, but not quite divine to be taken through pearly gates. Devils who love the sky and count the stars. Demons who take the sun and the moon as new lovers and the planets as new friends. Demons who laugh and dance in the rain the first time those watery drops touch their skin.

Demons who try to be good. Demons who rebel. Demons who still have a little malice in their hearts. They play practical jokes, lie, cheat, steal…sometimes they apologize. Most of the time, they just make it up with another grand gesture. Forgiveness comes because the sentiment is there, even if the words aren’t.

Demons who make friends with fallen angels. Demons who trace their scars where the wings used to be. Demons who remind them that they’re not evil because they fell to Earth, and angels who reassure them they’re not bad because they came from brimstone and fire.

Demons who read books and hate the movies that are made out of them. Demons who don’t read the books and love the movies. Demons who read poetry. Demons who think science is a lot like magic and just as complicated to master.

Demons who start to appreciate humans, and secretly root for them to be good. Demons who have nightmares about Hell, and call each other at 4 am. They don’t have to say anything, and they stay, phones on their ears, in silence, because they understand. No one wants to go back.

Demons who are thankful for Earth, happy for a middle ground. If they can’t go up to the Heavens, and they don’t want to go back down to Hell, then at least they have this. The one place they can be both good and bad, and no one will hold it against them.

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What are all the weird/ embarrasing/ cute things that even saw isak doing in the two months before the bathroom scene?

okay this shit is actually my jam. even thirsting after isak from afar is good shit:

  • isak makes the weirdest faces when he’s trying to open his locker like a mix between “i want this locker to burn in a fiery pit” and “this is karmic revenge for not reading that one biology chapter isn’t it.” like that boy has a harder time trying to get his locker to open up than bella did with edward at the beginning of the twilight series (ok, even’s only seen the first two, and he was trying to tap into a teenage phenomenon - you can’t blame him). even almost goes over there at least ten times to offer his big muscles to help. seriously, the time when he just taps on isak’s locker and it swings open is just pure luck, and he pats himself on the back about it for at least an hour afterwards.
  • “have you heard the rumors about my rapping??” oh boy even’s totally seen it on instagram, but it’s nothing compared to hearing him rap in person. he’s just casually passing behind isak’s table in the cafeteria (trying to get this boy to look at him but he’s oblivious), when jonas is like “dude u rap like a white boy” and isak’s like WATCH ME and tries to do fuck tha police and even….will never listen to that song without cracking up again
  • actually isak seems to be purely motivated by people telling him he can’t do things?? even sometimes sees one of isak’s friends make a comment only for isak to get this really offended look in his eye and do the thing anyway. so far, even’s seen him try to climb the walls of nissen spider-man style, plank on the bike rack (he falls within 3 seconds), and pouring at least half a bottle of hot sauce on his cheese sandwich (he runs to the bathroom pretty quickly after that).  
  • one day isak comes to school still drunk from the night before that he accidentally knocks over his orange juice onto his biology notebook, and even hears him mutter “huh….capillary action”
  • speaking of studying, this guy who acts too cool for school with his snapbacks and hip friends (except for like magnus but he’s hip by osmosis) actually studies quite a bit. the first time even sees isak cracking open a schoolbook at lunch, he assumes that isak’s cramming for a test, but he has no idea that isak actually genuinely likes learning until he sees a book about multiverse theory poking out of his backpack. even had been intrigued before, but this is when it starts becoming an actual crush. because there’s more to him than the cute boy who can’t rap?? and even wants to learn so much more about him, wants isak to tell even every detail about his life and his interests with those wide eyes that even is already having a hard time looking away from.

Everyone: Killing Stalking has such a bad relationship, it’s very unhealthy, very bad, very not good, very very, blah bla-

Me: why don’t ya’ll shut up and enjoy the damn thing that someone worked hard on making and stop goddamn criticizing the thing with your unneeded opinion?

The others: omg yeah but can we talk about how cute it is omg I love these adorable dorks UwU so nice and gay god I love the yaoi mmmm ❤❤💯💯👌👌👌👌👌❤❤❤❤

Me: ya’ll are weird as fuck

Aries: fold your hands. your fingertips are matches, and you crave to light up anything that heats you up. Breathe. You are not a torch. The walls must be finished building before you tear them down. Wait. I know it’s hard, but patience is what you need. Don’t let the energy consume you from the inside out, but let it burn in the pit of your stomach before you burst it out of your mouth or you will be destroying the wrong things. Eagerness before truth will tear you down. Wait, and you can ignite hearts.

Taurus: take off your camouflage. How will anyone see what you need them to see if you stay hidden? The Earth is your stronghold, not your cloak. Let the ground swallow your feet so that you can stand strong. Keep your eyes trained on what you want, your hope has power. Feed it. Your hunger is for peace, and one day you’ll feel full.

Gemini: let your story write itself. This is nonfiction, my dear, you can only control the now. Choose not to skip to the last page, just to see what happens. If you do, everything in between will fade away. Your illustrations are only a glimpse of what you hold inside. Allow yourself to be read and known. And in turn- enjoyed. You weren’t created to collect dust. You were created to become a legend.

Cancer: open up your stomach and let the butterflies out of their cage. You suffocate your passion until it ends up choking you. You are not your own prison, do not lock yourself behind bars. Everything inside of you has a name, let it be heard. Do not be afraid of the echo that it causes, or the silence you’ll be left with. How does one learn to fly without leaving the nest? Unfold yourself, and you’ll find yourself spread among wild flowers.

Leo: don’t feel bad for hitting the target right in the center. You’ve got good aim, and you know exactly where you want to hit. Do not apologize for knowing what you want. You’ve been practicing your whole life, and you should be proud of what you’re able to do. The next time someone tries to take your bow, remember that your arrows are made of gold. Aim for what’s yours, and your arrow will reward you with it.

Virgo: pick up your mirror, darling. Stare into your own eyes. Learn the exact color of them, and what they’re telling you. Do not be afraid of your own reflection. Embrace it. Vulnerability is not a weakness, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Masks only keep people away, and I know you’re yearning for more than that. Rest your hands and learn yourself. You are worth being known. There is someone out there who will know you for exactly who you are, and will love you just the same.

Libra: unfix your eyes from the horizon. It’s healthy to miss a moment every once in a while. The sun sets everyday, it’s not going anywhere. Set down your armor, just for a bit. It isn’t your job to be a bodyguard for every vulnerable heart. Remember that your most important duty is to yourself. You are noble, indeed. But that nobility only goes as far as you do. Hold up your shield for yourself. Safety follows in the wake of those who first protect themselves.

Scorpio: let the crystal hiding in your heart fall to your side. Force yourself to walk away, and leave it lying on the ground. I know it’s hard my dear, it was yours to keep. But now let it be for someone else to hold close. Learn to let go and forgive those who hold it thereafter. Pour yourself into making a new crystal, create one yourself. Build them for those you love. Rechanneling your loss into constructiveness will bless you with complacency.

Sagittarius: slow your run into a walk. Take a bunny trail, and let every moment of it seep into your skin. Running is not an escape, lovely. Experiencing something new is exactly what you desire. You adapt well, so let yourself become one with your surroundings. Take a deep breathe. Write down what you feel filling your lungs. Break out of the confinements you’ve trapped yourself in, and you will finally feel true independence.

Capricorn: step into your hot air balloon. It is waiting for you. Let your inner dreamer soar into the sky. Take a picture of the sunset, and watch as it fades into the starry night sky. Just because you see things as they really are, doesn’t mean you can’t allow yourself to imagine greater things. Begin to let the wind sweep you off your feet. Every time you wish upon a star, your heart will only grow bigger.

Aquarius: take a photo shoot of your own heart. Capture the memories that made you who you are today. Shoot pictures of those who remind you to smile even when it’s dark. Click, click, click the camera at the ocean. Don’t forget where you came from. Let your heart be stimulated. Let these moments fully and completely touch your heart, and you will become your best self.

Pisces: open the doors of your wardrobe. It is filled with the many outfits of people who you wanted to become. Climb in, and search the racks. Find the back of the wardrobe. This is where your true clothes wait for you. Try them on, look at yourself in the mirror. This is who you are. Why do you keep trying to be someone else? You are you, and that is a wonderful thing to be. Wear your true colors, and nothing can stop you.

—  a little advice for the signs (Finn.N)

Stan may be a morally ambigous jerk a lot of the time, but deep down in his core he’s a kind-hearted, warm, friendly, loving sweetheart who just wants what’s best for his family. He just wants to be loved. He didn’t deserve the shitfest of a life he got. He’d be happy burning in the pits of hell, just as long as his loved ones are safe and sound. He grumbles and complains, he lies and steals, but this man is pure and selfless I love him

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1. You were looking at each other in a way that was either filled with sexual tension, and/or hatred. 15. I hate you and you hate me, so why the hell do you make my stomach flutter?! 18. “Have you seen my-oh.” 25. “I don’t want her. I want you.” 

To say you hated him was an understatement – you couldn’t stand him. A fierce fired burned in the pit of your stomach each time you passed him, hatred filling your pores as you glared at him, and he – right back at you.

You and Draco Malfoy shared a mutual dislike for each other. Why? No one really knew.

Maybe because he was a complete twat and everyone seemed to be okay with that.

Maybe because you were a hot-headed Gryffindor Beater, known for her mischievous pranks with the Weasley twins and never ending obnoxious laughter.

You ate your supper, a frown gracing your face as you eyed Draco and his girlfriend, Pansy Bitchkinson. She was practically sitting on his lap, murmuring pet names or feeding his ego with whatever lie she could come up on the spot.

You would’ve happily thrown your fork at her face. You could’ve too.

And no, it wasn’t because you liked him. The idea actually made you sick. No, it was because you despised people like Pansy – all good, all perfect, all for Draco to enjoy-

His grey eyes seemed to get bored of staring at her chest, so they moved to sweep the hall, abruptly stopping on your own. Immediately, your stomach flip-flopped and you almost gasped. The look was one of a predator.

You glared at him, ashamed for your slip up which he surely noticed. A sly smirk grew on his face and you wished you could slap it right of.

Still watching your expression, Draco took Pansy’s hand, making her squeal in delight and press to him even more. His arm snaked around her waist, destroying the already non-existent gap between them.

You only narrowed your eyes. He was doing that on purpose. Why? To annoy you? Why would you get annoyed? You don’t care about him, and despite hating his guts you couldn’t care less who sat on his lap…

…If so, then why were your hands clenching your skirt so tightly that your knuckles were pale white?

You didn’t really mind having class with the Slytherin students, mainly because you hardly paid attention to anyone out of that stupid house other than Draco Malfoy. And Harry Potter seemed to be the only one who understood that deep rooted hatred you had for him.

You promised to talk to Harry about this matter later, since you had to discuss some spells with professor Flitwick. You stayed in the Charms classroom for only a couple of minutes arranging extra lessons with your professor.

Saying thank you with a bright smile, you strolled to your bag, putting your books away. Only then did you notice the absence of your Beater badge. You blinked, your (colour) hues sweeping the table to see where it might’ve fallen.

You always carried your badge with you. It was the most prized possession you had.

You searched your bag, but it wasn’t there either.

Hearing footfalls come closer, you sighed.

“Hey, have you seen my-“ You turned around “Oh.” You voice and face fell flat as you eyed Draco warily “What do you want?”

With a smirk, he held up your badge and you stiffened. Your eyes shot from him to your most prized possession. You creased your brows.

“Why do you have it?” You asked, crossing your arms over your chest. He shrugged.

“It fell out your bag.” He told simply and you raised a confused brow.

“And why do you care?” You pestered.

“What makes you think I do?”

You scoffed.

“Give it back, Draco.” You extended your hand, waiting for him to put it in your palm. He seemed to think for a moment, and lastly his smile grew.

“No.” Was his answer.

“Then piss off.” You flared up, spinning on your heel and grabbing your bag. Hooking it on your shoulder, you turned and bumped into his chest.

He was standing close enough for you to feel his breath tickling your sensitive skin, your nostrils filling with his musky scent. You could see every small detail of his face- the way his eyes narrowed ever so slightly to stare into your own, the way his smirk twitched upwards, even the light sweat coating his skin.

You gulped, suddenly feeling a loss of words and that fiery attitude you always carried around with you. The scenery behind him faded, and right there and then you felt as if you were alone with him.

“Don’t you want it back?” His voice was practically a whisper in your ear.

“Keep it for all I care.” You growled, trying to keep your cool but the nervous blink you gave was a dead giveaway of how flustered you were.

He leaned out with a dry chuckle, pinning the stupid badge to your uniform. You stared at him, amazed.

“I didn’t want the badge” He murmured, his eyes trailing from your chest all the way up to your eyes, briefly glancing at your lips and then back at those surprised (colour) pools “I wanted you.”


Author’s Note: Here is a scene from my book-thing for NaNo. I hope you like it. I am so proud of it!!!

“What do you actually know about the Cursed other than your corrupt views of them?” gre asked the Saras.

“I know that you are a blight on this world. Your blood must run black from your wickedness. Cursed and an assassin,” Nirav spit on the ground, “the only thing that could make you worse would being a witch.” Oh gods, Gre almost laughed at that. The human didn’t know she was a witch, “You will burn in the deepest pits of Hedas.”

“Jokes on you, I am already burning,” Her ice raged through her veins. She was debating ripping out his throat with icy claws, but she didn’t have the control needed to not kill them all. She did have knives though, she mused.

She heard a low chuckle from Ress. She turned her head to the male, “I suspect we’ll all end up in Hedas,” glaring at Nirav, “no matter the species.”

Enya diffused the tension, asking Nirav, “What exactly about witches do you find so awful?”

Nirav said, “You are a bunch of females who relish in spilling innocent blood.”

Enya sketched a brow, “And yet your sect of Saras kill our witchlings before they reach maturity.”

“To better the world. We do not engage in mindless murder,” looking at gre, she saw the unspoken words, like you do.

That was it. Gre could handle insults towards her. But not to Enya. A burst of wind erupted from her, knocking Nirav to the ground.


Ress knew the witchling wasn’t in control of herself. Nirav was pinned to the ground by a force of wind, of magic. If the witchling was able to do this while having her magic smothered she was either extremely pissed off or extremely powerful. Or both.

Her eyes were clouded glass and were world ending. She stood over the human, her skin was pale, as if frosted over, “Apologize.” Her voice was cold and detached. Merciless.

Nirav looked up at her with hate in his black eyes, “Never. You know that I am right.”

Without taking her eyes off him, the witchling took a long blade out of it’s sheath. The blade was coated in swirls of frost and it was pointed at the Saras throat. A small ancient part of him was thrilled at the scene but he said, “Let him go.”

The witch didn’t look at him. She couldn’t hear him. She was being succumbed by rage and magic. If she didn’t snap out of it she could kill them all and destroy the forest.


Gre felt far away. She was trapped behind a wall of rage and magic. She knew her skin was icing over but she couldn’t free herself. If she didn’t stop she would become ice.

“Apologize,” her voice wasn’t hers.

Nirav’s skin was starting to frost over. His eyes were wide and pleading but he still said, “No.”


No. Enya summond flame to her skin, grafting layers and layers of invisible flame to herself, “Gre. Gre. Come back. Let him go. You are in control.”

But her beloved friend stood over the Saras. Cold and detached. Her eyes glowing in silver frost.

She shook her shoulders, her flame hissing against the contact of Gre’s ice. Gre slowly looked at her, her eyes far away. No. Gre was her responsibility. She was her friend, her family.

Turning to the Saras, “Just apologize!”

“No. I meant what i said. I will not lie.”

Ress had fury in his eyes. But not at Gre. To the Saras, “Apologize to the witch. That is an order.”

He still didn’t do it. Ress lifted his chin, “You will do well to remember what the penalty is for disobeying orders.”

It was death. Enya put her hands on Gre’s face, trying to stop the ice. She needed to come back. If she wouldn’t come back.. Her magic is being suppressed by her gloves.

Turning to Ress, “I can’t save him, but I can save you. Run. I am going to take off her gloves which will have her magic summoned to her all at once. I can withstand it because of my flame. But you need to run.”

He nodded, “how far?”

“At least ten miles.”

He ran, at full speed. His fae blood making him run fast and far, looking at gre, her beloved friend, “Gre. I am going to take off your gloves. Your magic will rush you but I can keep you alive. Do you understand?”

Gre slowly looked at her, her eyes far away, but pleading. The fae was far now. She braced herself, pulling flame to her, burning as bright and as hot as possible. She pulled off Gre’s gloves and quickly pulled the witchling to her, arms wrapped around her. Her magic pushing into Gre’s skin, fighting off the freeze.

A wave of magic was released from her. The force of the wind and ice coated the ground, the Saras, and the trees all at once. It was biting into her skin, “You can do it Gre. Release it. Release your wind and come back to me.”

A force of wind erupted from the girl. Enya held onto Gre like a lifeline. She hoped Ress was far away enough from the blast and was still alive.


Ress ran. He ran as hard and as far as his immortal strength let him. He ducked under trees, over fallen logs.

He felt the force of magic before he saw it. He ran faster.

Ice nipped at his back. He ran ten acres. Fifteen acres. Twenty. Thirty. It was thirty acres by the time the force of ice started to slow. Fourty. Fifty. Fifty five. He was sixty acres from Gre and Enya. He hoped the witch was able to withstand such a force.


Her friend collapsed to her knees, but she still held on. She summoned more flame. She cant let her go-

Gre started to sob. Enya almost sobbed with relief. She was back. And she was alive.

I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.” Gre sobbed into Enya’s shoulder.

She rested her head on gre’s, “It is okay. It’s okay.”

And it would be. She didn’t care what happened, who had to die. She would do anything to make sure her friend and family was okay.

You are okay,” she swore into Gre’s hair.

the signs as book of mormon quotes
  • aries: You blamed your brother for eating the donut and now you walk out on your mission companion?! You're a DICK!
  • taurus: Joseph Smith fucked the frog God gave to him and his AIDS went away!
  • gemini: O-M-Gosh you guys! I AM FREAKING OUT!!!
  • cancer: Don't forget what you told me, Elder. You are AWESOME!
  • leo: Bon Bon Jovi! Hey girl.
  • virgo: "For a clitoris is holy amongst all things," said he.
  • libra: He's upset because we just saw a guy get shot in the face.
  • scorpio: And if you order now, we'll also throw in a set of steak knives!
  • sagittarius: I LOVE YOU ORLANDO!
  • capricorn: The warlords there are friendly. They'd help you cross the street.
  • aquarius: And thusly the Lord said, "If you lay with that infant you shall burn in the fiery pits of Mordor!"
  • pisces: I still have maggots in my scrotum!
I laid eyes on you
boldly meeting your gaze
and for a second
I thought I’d hold it
but then I realized
that I have not been
raised or taught how
to talk to boys
to be friends with them
to love them
and my cheeks burned
like the pits of hell
because my God,
if I were,
I’d never look away.
—  “My mama said I’d be a sinner”

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Headcanon based off the lyrics from your last edit?! "There is goodness in the heart of every broken man who comes right up to the edge of losing everything he has" PLEASE

Its always been in the back of Even’s mind, a painful itch he just can’t reach, a dark rain cloud looming over his sunny day.

Nothing is forever, everything is temporary.

This burn in the pit of his stomach aches and swells and he feels it in his fingertips, pressed against the beating heart of the one he loves the most and, fuck, it feels a lot like the forever he knows nothing about.

Even is realistic, has to be for his own safety. He knows that love is a gamble and the odds are always stacked against him.

But with Isak? He’s all in.

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