burn out hard

hey everybody, and thank you for joining us for another episode of million dollars but. 


Hey, don’t you hate it when an Ask Blog silently dies without a word? Yeeeaaaah, sorry about that. Lightning Blitz is over though, and thank you all for enjoying his adventures.

To be honest, Lightning Blitz’s blog has always been an experiment on my part. I figured that if people sent me more money, I could probably draw more for them in return. And while that sounds fine in theory, in practice it was a bit of a nightmare for me.

You see, I already work at maximum capacity to create as much content as I can for you guys. Pushing myself to make more either makes me burn out hard, or messes with me mentally. 

I’ve never been great at making visual-gag humor, especially not on a consistent basis. With Lightning being a baby though, that’s all he could really do, and especially not without bringing Motherly into it in some way. So I thought, maybe I could do a story for Lightning Blitz? Well, I had no story for Lightning either, especially not with Motherly still going.

So forcing myself to try and do either meant that I wasn’t having fun making this blog, burning myself out trying to make way more than I am capable of, and just causing lack-luster updates for you guys.

So in the end, this blog ends, and I can’t thank you guys enough for coming along for the experiment’s ride. I did learn a lot from Lightning, and I hope to take what I learned here with me into my future works.

Mooore bracelet girls magical girl AU sketches

Their general transformation appearances are like so…

Their eye colors change to the color of their bracelet color (which in Serena’s and Rin’s case isn’t that interesting haha…), and their bracelet jewel itself appears on their head somewhere.

Yuzu’s draws power from music and flowers, of course, and Serena draws power from the moon (while obtaining a cat-like appearance in her transformation). More details on their weapons yet to come though…

I’ve still yet to figure out Rin and Ruri’s exact outfit and powers (because their cards haven’t been revealed yet) but I wanted to show at least their appearance from the neck-up. Ruri’s hairpiece would be the double-winged design that’s seen on her bracelet, but that’s a little hard to tell here… And Rin’s was hard to figure out because I don’t have a very good reference for her bracelet Q 7 Q In general though, it will be like a tiara, since she has nothing in her hair in canon to replace it with haha

sonnenblumenmuse  asked:

Hanayo and Maki planning on proposing to each other and getting advice from the NozoRin combo. In the end, they just put the rings on each other's fingers while cuddling.


[FFN] [AO3]

“I need help,” was the first thing Maki said the moment they got seated inside the cafe. She shot her eyes all around them after, as if watching out for something. Nozomi and Rin shared a look.

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pokemon go is either going to burn out fast and hard or we’re going to be using pokemon stops and gyms as social gatherings for years to come. You’ll see pokeball signs in shop windows. You already see the wild monetization of it, hey, while you’re here grabbing pokeballs anyway, why don’t you come in for a drink? But I’m thinking of how it could possibly go farther

like, to the point where it’s eerily like… we’re living… in a pokemon world