burn our memories


nearly witches (ever since we met) // panic! at the disco

I just discovered something sad...

Well the fan service of creek sure knows how to distract us from reality. But there’s something I suddenly noticed about Craig and those guys…… Isn’t it weird as soon as episode six is over we see no sign of Clyde and Token around Tweek and Craig? I know it seems like a coincidence at first…

So let’s look at before.

Before Token had no trouble sitting next to Craig but look at his reaction to the thought of Craig being gay.

Now we all remember that Token isn’t really one to approve of gay guys especially in his group.

And we all have it burned to our memories to how Tweek x Craig ended.

But again look at Token’s reaction. Not only is he shock but it also looks like signs of disapproval.

Now lets go strait to episode 7 and look at who is sitting where.

Isn’t that a little strange how Token and Clyde are scattered AWAY from Tweek and Craig? But again we can write this off as a coincidence

But what about when all the boys were playing ninja with Kenny and Token?

Clyde and Token are here but where’s Tweek and Craig? Usually when the boys get together to play, it’s usually a must have for Craig to be part of the fun. Maybe Token intentionally didn’t invite the two.

I mean we all remember his reaction when he heard Cartman calling ninjas gay

He was immediately offended. Now again the writers could of just decided not to write Tweek and Craig in because they just had a big episode.

But there is more to this and this is where the fan service is distracting.

Remember this scene? Well don’t you find it strange that Tweek and Craig are no where near Token and Clyde?

I mean they’re way over hear behind Butters!

I found that very odd, so maybe that hint wasn’t that they’re ads (duh) but maybe it was a hint to Craig and those guys relationship right now.

Cause when the fight starts between Stan and Kyle it suddenly zooms to Craig and Tweek

But not long after it also zooms to Clyde and Token who are egging on the fight from the other side.

So now the last evidence to Craig and those guys shattered relationship.

Now look you’re immediately drawn to Craig and Tweek holding hands but then you don’t realize that the once best friends don’t pay any mind to each other not a glance or even a wave.

So if you’re still not convinced.  Here’s this.

Now why would Trey and Matt put extra effort to make that gap between Craig and Token? I mean everyone else including Stan and Kyle (who had a rough fight not to long ago) are at a some-what close distance. While Craig and Token have extra space.

So what exactly happened between Token and Craig? Because it seems like they’re the ones fighting while Tweek naturally take his boyfriend’s side while Clyde sticks with Token.

So maybe this will lead to an interesting episode next year. We won’t know for sure in till than.

Either way it’s sad to see our other favorite group of boys separated because Token is homophobic.


A strange warmth falls over me, a warmth like the sun though we are deep underground. It’s as familiar to me as my own lightning, reaching out to envelop me in an embrace we can’t have. Even though they call Cal my enemy, even though they fear him, I let his warmth fall on my skin, and I let his eyes burn into mine. 

Our shared memories flash before me, parading every second of our time together. But now our friendship is gone, replaced by the one thing we still have in common. 

Our hatred for Maven.

I don’t need to be a whisper to know we share a thought.

I will kill him.

dear gentle monster

what if I go?

disappear forever from your life

burn our memories

it ended so soon

won’t you miss me?

i want to be wherever you’ll be

i hate you 

you never felt as strongly as I did


i miss you 

you’re right

but then why did you come visit me?

if you knew how it would end?

you’re a hypocrite

cruel boy you are

come back

we can forget about our last chat

don’t you want to see me?

be together?

you for me, me for you

give back my things

i will be fine

wipe down every crevices 

burn everything you have touched

don’t think only with your head

just say yes

surrender to possibilities 

my all

i was ready to give

now i feel vulnerable 





fuck you 

you know deep inside

you want me just as badly

i can’t stop writing about your red mouth and the violet spots on your skin, how we are intimate after 5 shots of vodka, and how the lights look pink at 3 in the morning but your brown eyes are mine–
my soul wraps itself around your body & i can’t stop falling in love with you. the kiss marks look good on me, my chest screams because of your swollen lips and half smile.
in this room, in my arms, we will burn our ugly memories and forgive the people who wrecked us.
this love is selfless and we will be patient.
this love will make mistakes but we will be careful.
this love will ask you to stay and will promise you that trying again is okay.

25 was a good year. It was an important year, as they all are. Wild in so many ways, passionate and dream-filled and all those good things you and I can think of. But 25 was definitely a learning year for me too, sweeping in plenty of frustration, uncertainty, and heartbreak into my life. It brought loss, and anger, and sadness. Grief, too, for the first time. In fact this past year saw many many firsts, the kind that lovingly burn into our memories and follow us dutifully to our lasts. But I will say—there’s no better feeling than feeling good after you’ve been feeling bad, down, lost and at your most confused. Sometimes those waves catch you in their full throttle, but most eventually take you back to the shore where that first real breath you get is like new life. So I think 25 was all about getting thrashed around. It was about understanding there’s way more terrain out there. It was about widening the spectrum of things I could feel, of adding new texture and meaning to the movement of one emotion to another. This past year was about growing bolder, challenging fears, finding love, being more forgiving, and beginning again. And I can’t forget to mention that 25 was just fucking FUN too. Now—if 25 was all that, what’s 26 gonna be? Guess I’ll find out soon enough…

What happens to the pictures of us? The smiles that don’t exist anymore are still there. The hugs, the kisses, the love. It’s still there, it’s just not here. Maybe we should burn them, together. If we can burn our pictures, then the memories burn too. They’ll float away like we did from each other.
What happens to the pictures of us? The smiles that don’t exist anymore are still there. The hugs, the kisses, the love. It’s still there, it’s just not here. Maybe we should burn them, together. If we can burn our pictures, then the memories will burn too. They’ll float away like we did from each other.
—  wordsbyt