burn on hell

So I made a poem for mark since he’s sooooo ‘nice’

Once upon a time

there was a fucker named mark

He liked to burn his fandom

And leave them with an angry spark

With His little short ass self

And his ego the size of the universe

Figured he could set up his own little curse

And leave the fans with themselves.

He plans to drop his egos

The fans prepare to fight

Mark was a fucking asshole

A fact everyone knows is right


sweetseijoh  asked:

Known for iwaoi, slaying me every time you upload a new drawing (like yes ty) and being an all around sweetheart who I admire :D

Iwaoi is killing me!!! So sorry…gotta let this out and drag you all down with me :D
FAJKSFGHJSFJASH but i feel honored and flattered I can slay you with it :D Burn in iwaoi hell with me..its heaven here

AGSJHLFGJASGFAS THAN K YOU!!! (/)///(/) admire??? galhjsgajs *runs away* can’t handle this…..
*whispers* thank you! <3

(what am I known for)

anonymous asked:

Heyyyy i just want to say your fic “A Place to Call Home” is. SO. FANSTASTIC. The characters are so well-rounded and endearing, the slow burn pace is effective as hell. Thanks for existing. Sorry I don’t have an ao3 account yet. But will make one soon. I am very happy that your work exists, and I pray to the old gods and new give you lotsa time and creativity so that you can write more. PS. Will IwaOi bond soon? 😳 I’m really looking forward to that. My god chapter 22 sorta killed me.

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Anon!!! Bless you and your kind words!! I know it took me forever to reply to this, but I had an absolute SHIT day yesterday, and once I answer asks they like go off into the void I call my blog so I just kinda kept this one to myself for a bit reading it over and over again and it cheered me up and helped me through my bad day so thank you very very much for this. You really don’t know how bad I needed this. Honestly it’s things like this that help me write 4k chapters in like a day (which I did, partly in thanks to you, I was struggling through a block if I’m being honest) so again just thank you. I’m so happy ch 22 killed you but please don’t die yet as there’s a lot more left to unfold! 

In regards to your question, though. It’d be no fun if I just gave that away, would it? ;)



- Had the same style gun that was shown in the Markiplier TV episode that Wilford uses

- Has a fairly recognizable lip movement

- A large mustache that might be concealing… another mustache.

- Seems to have an aggressive relationship with Damien, the Mayor

- Has a similar uncaring for death that Wilford does


- The most suave, the leader

- Was mentioned to be named “Damien” which Mark hinted may be Darkiplier’s name

- I mean does this appearance not fucking scream Dark

- Is seen just about the least, not much is mentioned about him other than that he is the Mayor and was close to Mark for a long time.