burn me like the sun

“I wanted to trust that this time would be different, but all I’ve learned is to trust my instincts more.”

“Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you’re not exactly the kind of person who’d fit in a crowd like this.”

“The way you make me feel burns hot, like the sun.”

“If I wasn’t around to annoy you, you’d get bored.”

“It’s almost as if I wasn’t ready to forgive you. Huh, fancy that.”

“I’ve burned a lot of bridges, but sometimes I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of the one that connected me to you.”


Weird thought.

Does Chris Evans know that he’s a super hot macho daddy af man?

Or does he think he’s ugly?

Because baby you’re far from ugly you fucking beautiful man.

Just another aspect of an enjoyable intensified adult friendship, nothing to see here

One of them — probably him — discovered fic around the same time that they discovered msrafterdark and fanvids. In the long months between when they got to be together IRL, they started randomly sending each other links to the fics they liked. She tended to like the hottest, dirtiest ones, especially the ones where Mulder is in control; he’d send her the sweeter, sappier ones (often with a comment about how “fluff” could mean more than one thing). They both loved “Contact High” and “The Parting Glass” (both of which he threatened to send to the creator of their show with some sort of pointed note, which she nixed on grounds of not wanting to make him feel bad — and they laughed and laughed). They read “Iolokus” and “Blinded By White Light” chapter by chapter together like an intercontinental book club with only two members. Later, when they got to spend more time together, “Visitor/Resident” choked them up, not just because of the stories themselves but for how it showed them what could have been (they didn’t discuss that part, just kind of suffered the feeling separately). He read “When the Ink Dries” to her over the phone one night that spring, and neither of them made it through the call with all their clothes on.


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General Theme

Running with the Wolves  * Aurora

“ My heart still beats and my skin still feels ..my lungs still breathe, my mind still fears.”

Travel theme ( Instrumental )

Big Sky  *  Two Steps from Hell

Happy Theme

Just Fine   * Mary J Blige

“No time for moping around, are you kidding. And no time for negative vibes, cause I’m winning.”

Love Theme

Halo  * Beyoncé

“You hit me like a ray of sun, burning through my darkest night.”

Sad Theme

Never Let Me Go  * Florence and the Machine

“And it’s peaceful in the deep. ‘Cause either way you cannot breathe.”

Fight Theme

Breaking Dishes  * Rihanna

“I ain’t gon’ stop until I see police and lights. I’m a fight a man tonight “

Death Theme:

Blue  *  The Seatbelts

“Don’t wake me from the dream. It’s really everything it seemed. I’m so free..”

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Solar Connection Spell

This is a spell to increase your magickal connection solar energy and fire.

Candle, matches/lighter, citrine, frankincense incense, bay leaf, sharpie

Light the candle

Light the incense

write the alchemical symbol for sun on the bay leaf

Set the bay leaf aflame and let it burn to ashes

Hold the citrine as it burns

Recite either aloud or mentally “As this bay leaf burns like the sun let me connected to it.  Let me be connected to the light of the sun and the fire.  Let the light of the sun fill and fuel me.”

Rub the citrine in the ashes of the bay leaf

When you feel comfortable, snuff out the candle and meditate until the incense ceases to burn.

Twin Flame

The smell of your room
The impending sense of doom
Soon followed by peace
Sex in the sheets
Tickling your feet
Soft kisses on my forehead, so sweet
We crash, we burn
We return
I never learn
I yearn for you
I ache
My favorite mistake
I can’t walk away
You want me to leave
I go, but my heart stays
You know that I won’t stray
Trying to forget you, I kill time with others
Not like when I met you, I don’t see them as lovers
You spread yourself thin
Deflating your spirit
I’m calling for you
You don’t hear it
Here it comes again, that feeling
Memories reeling
Memories of laughter and play
Memories of hot days
Deja vu crashes through my brain
Nostalgia hits me like a train
The burning sun, the sweat on my skin
Your scent on my clothes
Summer in the air again
It passes
I latch on to the past
I replay our old songs
Why does it feel so right to do what’s wrong?
You’re the fire in my soul
My twin flame
In past lives, our story was the same
I’ve known you for a thousand years
I’ve loved you through a million tears
We’ve murdered each other to learn lessons
We’ve broken each other to let light in
We’ve drowned each other in the dark
To rediscover the spark
The one that ignites our hearts
I’ll wait until you’re healed
I’ll wait till you can feel
Whether you’re here, whether you’re gone
Our fire in the next life will burn just as strong

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anything is golden honestly but this part; Hit me like a ray of sun Burning through my darkest night You’re the only one that I want Think I’m addicted to your light I swore I’d never fall again But this don’t even feel like falling Gravity can’t forget to pull me back to the ground again (ITS LIKE THE SUN CAME OUT FEELS) - or the beginning about the walls tumbling down // anything you want honestly!!

that’s the part that i liked the most too! okay well i’m gonna start giffing it now and probably post it tomorrow :D

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name | erin
nicknames | bug girl/butterfly girl
star sign | capricorn
height | 5′3″
orientation | hell if i know  
nationality | american
favourite fruit | mango 
favourite season | Summer or fall. like i just want to have the sun burn me to the crisp because being cold is awful. 
favourite book | Ancillary Sword, it’s the IR book I’ve read the most and i adore it
favourite flower | passionflower! 
favourite scent | lemon blossoms or just before rain
favourite colour | green
favourite animal | butterlfies! but honestly i like bugs in general
coffee, tea or cocoa | tea
average sleep hours | hahahaha what is sleep. idk man my sleep schedule is super fucked up lately
cat or dog person | idk man i don’t do animals that are larger than a rabbit? Both are fine. But like I’m awkward with cats. I don’t know what to do with them. 
favourite fictional character | Breq
dream trip | idk man, there’s so many places I want to go but im broke as hell. So if someone whats to fund me going to places i’d be happy
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Does anyone else think about Youngjae when they hear this song..

“Hit me like a ray of sun

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Burning through my darkest night

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“Your the only one that i want

Think I’m addicted to your light

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“Standing in the light of your halo

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“I got my angel now”

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“Baby, I can see your halo
You know you’re my saving grace”

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“Baby, I can feel your halo”

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“Pray it won’t fade away”

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I heard it like last week, and I was thinking of Youngjae the whole time.. Like yes, he is an angel, he does have a halo, and he did hit me like a ray of sunshine /.\

i ache for him in a way i never did before, i adore him, i am totally blinded by him, god I can’t stop thinking about it, his lips pressed against mine, I’d burn to ashes, I’d burn completely like the sun burns, he lives inside of me, I can’t explain what I’m feeling, all i know is i love him with all my power, with every part of my body,i desire him, I’ll guess I’ll be like this forever, it’ll never end, this feeling, this energy, won’t ever stop unless I can’t picture his smile anymore, i melt inside everytime i look into his eyes, sparkling like crystals on chandeliers, shining brighter than the moon, they light me up, they give me strength, they make me happy, just thinking about him makes me ache in a beautiful way, in a happy way, those lips look like they were carved to touch only mine yet they don’t, I’m so jealous about every girl that had the opportunity to kiss them, I’m jealous about everyone that has ever hugged you, they had my whole world in their arms without knowing, if those lips, made for me, ever did what they were meant to, trust me, I’d completely zone out, I’d lose myself and find you, you burn me like the sun, I could’ve never hated you, even after all the lies, all that pretending that you loved me , I still love you, I still love you