burn me like the sun

“You have married an Icarus,

He has flown too close to the Sun…”

My friend and I had a very long discussion on how to approach this. I hope this comes out okay! For @ohwhataprettypinkhat

“What planet has three freaking suns?” Pidge asks as she slowly walks back into the castle. Her skin is tinged a deep red that’s burning and painful, and the other paladins are sporting similar looks and burns after performing a casual exploration mission on a new planet that did not end well in their favor.

All had thought it would be safe to dress in casual clothes, and now all are suffering the consequences with painful burns splayed across their skin.

To a blind eye, Pidge, Keith, and Shiro seem to be the worst off, but Hunk and Lance aren’t any better. Their skin appears two shades darker, and both are sporting an unhealthy pinkish tinge that enforces how miserable the two are feeling.

Allura and Coran were quick to inform the paladins that the pods wouldn’t be able to heal something they had know prior knowledge of, so the others opted to retreat to their rooms for the day and rest off the heat exhaustion mixing uncomfortably with the burns.

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I feel your absence like a noose around my neck. I look at you and I ache. Something inside me twists. It wants to get out. All of me is reaching towards you.
I feel your hands like ghosts. My skin remembers what it was like to be warm. Like the sun was burning, burning, burning inside me. We slept under the same moon. We laughed under the same sky. Somewhere, all of that is raining back down on me.
I lift my face and greet it.
I lift my face and remember even though I know you forgot.
I lift my face anyway.
I kiss the rain and wish it were you.

Jinyoung is the only one who can make Jaebum do aegyo, and if that’s not a superpower idk what is

Solar Connection Spell

This is a spell to increase your magickal connection solar energy and fire.

Candle, matches/lighter, citrine, frankincense incense, bay leaf, sharpie

Light the candle

Light the incense

write the alchemical symbol for sun on the bay leaf

Set the bay leaf aflame and let it burn to ashes

Hold the citrine as it burns

Recite either aloud or mentally “As this bay leaf burns like the sun let me connected to it.  Let me be connected to the light of the sun and the fire.  Let the light of the sun fill and fuel me.”

Rub the citrine in the ashes of the bay leaf

When you feel comfortable, snuff out the candle and meditate until the incense ceases to burn.

@mugsandpugs1 said:

Henry listening to his friends talk about their more normal families with kind of bemused disbelief. Like he doesn’t think they’re LYING, he just. (What is this) (cannot relate)

Patrick is complaining because his mom won’t stop worrying that he didn’t put enough sunscreen on during the summer and Henry’s just— Sunscreen? What is—— that?? You fucking pansy. My dad lets me burn in the sun like a man.

Vic’s coming to the boys, trying to think of a Father’s day gift… “just kill someone’s dog. My dad loves that shit.”

Belch. This poor boy Belch with his single mother. “My mom made me breakfast for my birthday.” There’s a beat. Then Henry nods, “That’s cool…”

“I wanted to trust that this time would be different, but all I’ve learned is to trust my instincts more.”

“Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you’re not exactly the kind of person who’d fit in a crowd like this.”

“The way you make me feel burns hot, like the sun.”

“If I wasn’t around to annoy you, you’d get bored.”

“It’s almost as if I wasn’t ready to forgive you. Huh, fancy that.”

“I’ve burned a lot of bridges, but sometimes I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of the one that connected me to you.”

Robb Stark Imagine- Part Two

Part 1

 The sun was low when you finally arose from the slumber that must have taken over you; you had forgotten how tiring crying could actually be. But then again, there had been no reasons for you to shed such an amount of tears prior to this time of… well you don’t really know what to call this time. There was the short time in your life without Robb, then the past years where you’re life consisted of only Robb and now this time, this time of such uncertainty and loneliness. Yes; you had the other Stark children, you had Jon and Sansa and Arya, but they weren’t Robb.

No one could ever be Robb, he was everything.

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Well I loved The Last Jedi. Star Wars isn’t meant to be a crowd pleaser or a nostalgia trip. At its best it teaches you about life. Usually it does this by being jarring and weird. This did that. So, I loved it. Seen it twice now. Can’t wait to see it again.

“Swear It” reincarnation AU Patrochillles

Long fingers skim down my torso. The muscles jump, leaving the hairs standing on end. I blink at Achilles irritably. It is dark, but I can still see the lovely gleam of his eyes and golden hair turned silver in the light of the moon. His face is one of concentration. “What is it now?” I yawn, trying not to bury my face into my pillow. Achilles does not look at me. In fact, his eyes have not left the spot where his fingers faltered moments before. My eyebrows furrow in concern. “Achilles?”

“I’ve been thinking,” Achilles murmurs softly, something beyond my reach flashing in his eyes. I groan and flop on my back, staring at the ceiling. His hand still lingers upon my upper torso, possessive.

“That can’t be good, then,” I joke lamely, turning to look at him. He cracks a smile, the one that burns through me like the sun. I roll over again, my hand keeping his upon me. “Well, you’ve woken me up now. Please tell me what is going on in that golden head of yours.”

“It’s something Dr. Bailey said in class today. What he said about birthmarks.” Achilles tells me, his eyes staring deeply into mine. I gulp, confused by the sudden flash of…something that shoots through my body. The weight of his hand feels heavier somehow and I drop the grip I have on it. Achilles simply blinks at me.

“Something about birthmarks being related to how someone died?” I ask and my eyes land on the mottled shape right above his heart. I reach out and touch it. Achilles’ eyes close almost immediately. Fear spikes in my heart as I try and think of what Achilles’ birthmark could mean if it were true. A gunshot? A knife to the chest? Spear? Arrow? Stop. My hands reach up to cup his face, my eyes wide with useless worry. My heart only stops roaring when he opens his eyes again, green and gold. Alive.

“You worry over the silliest things,” Achilles tells me with a small smile. He wraps his bronzed arms around my neck and kisses me. I hold onto him tightly, afraid that he might disappear if I were to let go. You make me like this, I think to myself. My heart is still in my throat. I cannot bear the thought of something happening to him. I do not think I would survive it. No, I know I would not live if he were to di—

“It frightened me,” Achilles murmurs against my neck. The hair there stands on end with the sweetness of him. “Patroclus,” he says, “Patroclus.” Yes, yes, my soul sings. His fingers find my birthmark again, his fingers spread wide and trembling. “Who would do this to you?” His voice changes into something dark. It is deep and ancient, terrible. “Who would dare?”

“Stop it,” I say sternly, knocking my nose into his. “All of this is bull, and you know it. How the hell would anyone know anyways? They made it up. You shouldn’t worry about it.” It should make sense, but there is still something wedged in my throat. Achilles had that look in his eyes. He was so far away from me, somewhere lost. Even now he looks at me like he sees right through me. He probably does. He always has.

“I cannot help it,” Achilles tells me, his voice honest. He props himself up on one elbow, silvery hair skirting across my face like silken kisses. His eyes stare down at me, fierce and soft all at once. “When I think about it I feel nothing but woe in my soul. It tells me I am forgetting something important. It tells me to keep you always within my sight.”

“I’m okay with that,” I try and joke but I can feel my eyes start to sting. Achilles rolls his eyes.

“I’m trying to tell you something, you idiot.” I choke a laugh, reaching up for him. I pull him down to me, tucking him close to my side. I press a kiss to his temple, Achilles still huffing.

“I am not going anywhere, love.” I murmur and I feel him cling tighter to me. “Neither are you.” Achilles turns to look me in the eyes, his green eyes wet.

“Swear it.” His lips slowly quirk up.

“Swear it? Why?” I ask as I usually do in this game of ours, feigning confusion.

“Because you’re a jackass,” Achilles says and I laugh out loud, my head thumping back against my pillow. He kisses my throat.

“Oh, I swear it,” I say as his face comes to hover over mine. His smile is bright and he kisses me again.