burn me a river

This is the house that built me
and I’m gonna burn it down.

This is the river I crawled from
and I refuse to drown here.

And bless the strippers
but fuck the men.

And bless the berries
but fuck the farm.

And bless the daughter
but fuck the family.

What is a home
if not the first place you learn to run from?

You’ve got to bite the hand
that starves you, and in doing so

Praise the place that birthed you.

Birthed you fucked up.
Birthed you ugly, and interesting,

and ready to scream.

the science of physical properties,
bionic crow totem shakes, quivers, bound to a duty
far deeper than bones.
we wander through the park, spring smells, clouds
over-head, part to reveal blue and the sun bandages
our cheeks, necks and faces.

the price of peace, is a solitary bird singing
for a supernatural supper, when i look up
from my book, scan each page, flipping,
I cannot find the word or the meaning.
a sea-hawk spreads open wide wings,
hovering on a unexpected, wind current.

behind our backs, on the edge of the park,
a moral sense of what is right and what is wrong,
is exchanged between hands in a white sealed envelope
full of crisp new bank notes.

self-defence rage for the realization there is no justice
in the justice system, we rapidly blink like children
finding out for the first time that Santa is not real.

what dominion binds me to the song birds simple notes,
i hear you all the time, in existence,  
harmonies,  cosmos, all that is conquered,
all those walls built against peace, all that fury of women,
who have been silenced, rolls out before me on a long
stretch of royal red carpet.
all those witches who were burned for healing,
bringing children into the world, all those noble,
honest hard-working souls, lost fighting
under a meaningless banner, all those people
who believed in a future that would be better.

this song sings out for you, for the universe
who gave me life: pulse, heart, burning relentless vigil.
streets, cities, threats, prisons, shackles, rivers, branches.
the sun shining down on our faces,
on our backs lazying on spring green grass,
waking, blinking, breathing: grace, song and bird.

Each bolt a burning river

“More like Kid Flash.”
“Don’t call me that, how about no one calls me that?”

“–Where you’re Kid Flash”
“The Flash”

“Kid Flash”

“Welcome to the team, Kid Flash.”

“Are we really calling me “Kid Flash”?

“ Yeah, I think we are.”

“I think you’re officially Kid Flash now.”

The city needs a Flash. The city needs the lightning racing through the streets and up the sides of buildings. Wally knows this. For so long, he dreamed of running, and then he felt the lightning in his bones, threading across every nerve. He didn’t want to be second best, he didn’t want to be the afterthought, like the thunder, coming too late. It wasn’t about fame or glory, it was about proving himself. He was not a child. He’d have done anything to take the same risks, fight the same battles.

Wally would do anything to be Kid Flash again.

children of the bad revolution [listen]

• the nbhd 
• lana del rey

1.let it go 2.jealous girl 3.female robbery 4.kill kill 5.cola 6.afraid 7.say my name/cry me a river 8.burning desire 9.children of the bad revolution 10.baby came home 11.she’s not me 12.lleaving tonight 13.serial killer 14.$ting 15.million dollar man 16.a little death

The Darkest Minds: A Summery
  • Ruby: what are you talking about I'm definitely a green I don't know what you're talking about
  • Liam: *stares intensely at Ruby with puppy eyes* DARLIN
  • Chubs: do you even know what happens when you...
  • Zu: ...
  • Clancy: lol wow look at me I'm such an amazing leader all of these children love me I'm such a hero wow *sexually assaults Ruby* *burns down East River*
  • Vida: boo, I fucking hate everything
  • Jude: let's just talk I like to talk talking takes my mind off of things if we stop talking I might actually have a panic attack continue please
  • Nico: I'm sorry I was just staring at Clancy he's pretty cute
  • Cole: I don't understand the kids? FIGHT ME

#36: Hey Little Girl, Want Some Candy?

By: MechDog2395

Length: Short

It was an awesome Friday night; hitting on some beers and drinking in some girls. After last call, I was stumbling home by my drunken self.

I found a frosted park bench with a single female occupant sitting on it. She couldn’t have been older than 8. She was wearing a white dress which surely couldn’t keep her warm, but she wasn’t shivering.

“Hey, little girl” I said humorously. “Want some candy?”

The freckled-faced girl turned to me and silently lifted her palm upwards, waiting for me to give her my offering.

“Uh…I was kidding!” I stuttered “Didn’t your folks teach you never to accept candy from strangers?”

The girl simply sat there - unblinking and unsmiling – waiting for candy.

“You’re creepy,” I stated.

I headed down to the bike path. It was the quickest route home.

Normally it’s a bad idea to walk on the bike path because the cyclists would run into any pedestrian before even thinking of slamming on the brakes, but at night, the bike path was deserted so I expected safe passage.

I reached a section of the path that passed underneath an overpass. The overpass sheltered me from the chill wind coming up from the river. I reached into my jacket pocket for my smokes but fumbled with the lighter.

That’s when I realized that she had followed me.

“Jesus Christ kid! What the fuck!? Don’t you have a home to go to?”

Again she reached out with her palm, waiting for me to give her something.


She reached out and grabbed my hand. She was strong; much stronger than a child should be. She yanked me over a guard rail and I rolled, head over heels, into the frigid river water below. The freezing water burned through me. As the hypothermia gripped me, I saw her again, lying on the embankment, but she looked different. Her body was a shriveled husk. Her skin was more akin to tree bark than to flesh.

Her face looked peaceful though – content – like she had finally been given a treat.


The body of a young man was discovered by the river early this morning. Although it is too early to determine his cause of death, it appears he was walking along the bike path late at night and lost his footing and fell into the river. Alcohol may have been a factor. 

However, as the police were removing the body from the river bank they were surprised to find the decomposing body of young Shelly Porter; the 8 year old girl who disappeared in 1996. Shelly was last seen playing in a park nearby. Police are baffled as to how her body turned up only now after the massive man-hunt for her twenty years ago turned up nothing. An autopsy report on the two bodies should be made available next week.

Baby, go ahead,
call me poisonous,
tell me my opinion is a lie
but my love for you
was never falsified

darling, maybe you can pretend
that none of this 
was your fault,
maybe it will help
you sleep better at night,
maybe then the flames 
won’t haunt your dreams,
maybe then you wont’t hear 
my anguished screams 

and sweetheart, 
continue to claim innocence,
claim righteousness,
label yourself judge, juror, and bailiff,
but you and your mob came for me 
when the riot was already over,
the ashes had cooled and settled 
and instead of letting them 
blow away, you pulled out a match
and struck 

oh, and maybe instead of pet names 
I’ll call you Holy,
because for all you claim 
to be above human squabbles,
you sure seem to like the fire,
your words are like gasoline
and I hope you don’t need this bridge 
in the future, I hope you don’t drown
in the river

—  Call yourself Hathorne, you burned me at the stake || O.L.
This is true love.

Just a little reminder first :

“I think you know immediately. As soon as your eyes… Then everything that happens from then on just proves that you have been right in that first moment. When you suddenly realize that you were incomplete and now you are whole…”

Now, let’s begin..

too much? ok ok..

“Just come back safe.”

Because since the first second they met, Lauren has ALWAYS been at Bo’s side. Everything she has done was to help her, protect her. Nobody’s perfect. But Lauren has always cared for Bo.

“Just come back. I love you.”

Because Lauren has seen the true Bo, her human soul, her strength, her heart. Lauren knows Bo, she knows how brave she is. And Bo can see that in her eyes. She sees her soul reflected in Lauren’s eyes. And thanks to Kenzi and Lauren, Bo has always been “protected” from the darkness within herself. And Lauren’s love for her has always brought her back from this darkness.

Love is what keeps her safe from the appeal of power. Love of her friends, her family.. Love of Lauren.
And the darkness inside of Bo knows that, when it tries to take control, it knows that Lauren is in the way of its freedom. And I don’t talk about the succubus. I talk about the Pirrypus who tries to use Bo, to infuse anger, crave of strength, of power to her.

“You’re not a monster.- I know you.”

Bo is always afraid to be a monster. Afraid to not be able to take control. She ran from her past, she doesn’t want to kill anymore because of her powers. She’d prefer to die instead of taking a life. But Lauren has shown her another way. She gave her hope, she has teached her how to be herself without being afraid of who she was. Because Bo is not a monster. Since the first time they met, Lauren has told to Bo that she wasn’t a monster, that she was perfect.


When she loses hope, Bo finds strength and support and love from Lauren.
Lauren is always here for Bo. And she knows that. She feels safe. Lauren is her harbor. (Eleanor, nope, go away)

“See you soon.”

Because Bo knows that she has something to fight for, someone to come back for. And it’s Lauren.

“You have to come back.” - “You’re gone. There’s nothing to come back for.”

And Lauren was and will always be here, waiting for Bo. Lauren knows that Bo has a great destiny to fulfill, she understood that, because she knows Bo, maybe better than herself. She sees the leader that Bo is and is becoming. She sees the “Queen”. And she’s here to support her, to give her confidence and tools to achieve her missions. She truly believes in Bo. With all her heart. Since the beginning.

Lauren tells Bo she has always believed in her, since the first time they met. ALWAYS.
And Bo tells Lauren she has always knew that she has extraordinary, amazing. She has ALWAYS knew that Lauren was so much more than she lets see.
It’s a declaration of love, of trust, of respect.
Since the first time they met! It’s just a confirmation at the end.
And at this moment, we all thought “we have ALWAYS knew this, since the first time you met!”

And yet, Bo is so afraid to lose Lauren. Because she means a lot. She means.. You know what Lauren means to Bo, c'mon. Don’t make me write it. I can’t.

It’s just.. I can’t .. this post.. too much feels


She didn’t want to leave Lauren behind. And Lauren reminded her about her mission, told her to go save Trick and kick the Garuda burning ass.

you can see the tears in Bo’s eyes, like if her heart was crying. Stop that. I don’t have enough coffee in my blood.

Well, if you can’t see the love. The evidence of this. Of them. I don’t know what to do.. to say. Of course, you have the freedom to remain blind u_u" xD

But… Let’s be honest :

I own nothing except the words in this post, and the crazy thoughts.

virmyre  asked:

well since someone is sharing headcanons.... HERE'S MINE: a few months after aang's passing zuko goes to visit katara and hasn't seen her since the funeral. they reminisce about old times over tea, and katara comments his tea is almost as good as his uncle's now. right before he leaves, he says he doesn't know when he can come back but he wanted to say something to her so he knew he could rest peacefully... that he wished he had told her he loved her when she saved his life. #bye



Here Comes the Sun - Chapter Twenty-Five


Nora didn’t take the 405 back home. She took Highway One. The sun was shining and she could see the waves crashing on the beach and she rolled the windows down so her hair was whipping around in the wind. There were days that paying the sunshine tax to live in Southern California was totally worth it, and today was one of those days. She reached over to turn the music up when she noticed Henry watching her with a smile.


“You look so alive,” he yelled over the wind whirling through the car.

“Zombie makeup is soooo last season,” she shouted back. He reached up to remove her hair that had blown in his face and mouth and Nora gave in to good manners and rolled up the windows. He carefully removed the last few strands that had caught on his stubble.

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Nothing breaks my heart more than to see what Mexico has become because of the corrupt government. The crime and violence in Mexico has gone on for way too long, and the government has done NOTHING to help us. 43 innocent students were captured by the police and turned over to the cartels to me murdered, burned and then dumped in a river. The pain it brings to our people is unbearable. My prayers go out to the families of these 43 students. May they rest in peace.