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Suds ‘n Sighs

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Characters - Sam x Reader

Summary - Sam’s dislocated his shoulder and can’t wash his hair properly. Reader to the rescue! ;)

Word Count - 1,725

Warnings - Fluff. Literally the mushiest thing I’ve written so far I think?

A/N - Let’s be honest, who hasn’t wanted to get their fingers in Sam’s hair? This was my way of dealing. Let me know what you think!

You couldn’t believe it. Who knew Sam could get so unbelievably grumpy?

Sam was currently groaning and griping about his current predicament, his discomfort made glaringly apparent.

It was a routine salt n burn. He scared the hell out of you when you finally torched the sucker, finding him slumped unconscious against the old oak that stood tall above the graveyard. He had a concussion along with a dislocated shoulder. You had to get Dean to help you pop his shoulder into place, and stayed up a few hours with Sam to make sure the concussion wasn’t severe. Luckily it wasn’t, but he was slightly confused for awhile.

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Imagine Hyuk and Hongbin constantly showering N with love. The leader is slightly off-put and extremely confused at the sudden and seemingly nonstop show of affection. Hyuk and Hongbin had a joint vision of them burning in Hell and was told that N was the angel that could redeem their souls. Leo let out a quiet laugh, not knowing that N could redeem the very soul he just sold to give the maknaes that vision.

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Hey so I'm that anon who was on season two like two weeks ago?? yeah I've finished the whole fuck*n show now and I'm burning in Caryl HELL. thank you to your blog for getting me through this dark chapter in my life.

PLEATHE sis! I admire your olympic speed at watching this show cuz after season 4 I was contemplating setting my TV on fire and using the ashes as seasoning. It took me 3 months to finish s4. It was that bad.

 Anyway I’m sure episode 10 will be a happy one for you. The best part is we get to die together during this episode <3

Preference #3: He’s on your kill list? Nice.


#3, requested by anonymous with Calum.

We were minding our own business sat outside the cafe drinking something refreshing on the summery day. I sipped at my drink just having a casual conversation with Calum until I heard my name being called. Whipping my head around I instantly felt irritated but put on a polite smile as someone I wished to see burn in hell stood before me.

“Y/n? Hi!” He put the same fake enthusiasm that I remembered, but I was more mature now, there’s no need to undermine him, especially in public.

Trying to maintain my fake smile I let out a shocked gasp at him, “Matthew! Look at you, you look great!” I squealed as I stood up and gave him a quick hug, feeling like I needed a shower as soon as I pulled away. Glancing over to Cal who looked incredibly confused I sent him a pleading look.

“Who’s this handsome fella?” Matthew nodded to Calum who stood up and held out his hand to him.

“Calum.” He remained blunt but shook his hand nonetheless. Once Calum retracted his hand he placed it on my waist, trying to stop me from pouncing.

“My you did well for yourself Y/n, how are things for you now anyway? What line of work are you in now?” He asked as he indiscreetly looked me up and down before flashing a smile back to me.

“Oh I tour now with Calums band, pretty big. You must’ve heard of them.” I joked as I lent closer to Calum, taking a deep breath. “Yeah I get to see the world for months at a time, it’s a lot of fun. Best job I’ve ever had actually.” I spoke now through gritted teeth as I saw Matthew ponder before looking behind us.

“Well, sounds wonderful. Must love you and leave you, catch up soon Y/n.” He said waving as he began to walk off.

“Yeah, definitely!” I raised my voice so he could hear as he quickly walked off. “You dick.” I muttered under my breath as I let out an irritated sigh before sitting back down opposite Cal.

“Okay,” He started as I glanced up from my drink to see him with a confused expression and his eyebrow raised to me. “What did that guy do to deserve the death glare?” A chuckle escaped me as I connected my lips to my straw, taking my time before answering.

“That,” I scoffed, “was Matthew.” Even saying his name made me feel uncomfortable but that wasn’t enough to convince Cal. “Matthew worked with me at my old job, the one I loved so much when we started dating. Matthew was jealous of my position and basically drove me out of my job. Ever since then all he does is undermine me when he sees me, smirks in my direction when he wears his uniform.” Pausing I sipped my drink, trying not to think so hard about the amount of strain he put me under in the space of two months. 

“So that guy is the reason you were so stressed out? Why you did overtime and barely slept?” I could see the glaze over his eyes as he thought back to that rough period of time we both went through, it was probably the most difficult time we endured but he came through, he helped me with it all. 

I simply nodded as I sipped my drink. “Yep, and he earned a highly respectable place on my kill list.” Looking over to Calum who had a blank expression on his face. “What’s up?” I asked, and he seemed to snap out of a deep thought. 

He’s on your kill list?” I nodded and saw a smile form on his face, “Nice.” He laughed and I joined in, he raised his drink to me, “To that dick, may he remain a respectable number on yours and now my kill list.” A laugh came through as I clinked my drink with his before relaxing back into my seat and moving on with our conversation, removing the thought of Matthew from my mind entirely.

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the dctv shows i watched are only supergirl and legends of tomorrow. do you think the flash and arrow are worth catching up?

let arrow burn in hell where it belongs and see thea’s scene’s n youtube like i did, but the flash i recommend yes. it has it’s faults sure but we aren’t getting a racist storyline there *glares at supergirl* and most important we got cisco , wally and westallen so it’s a good show. 

if you are searching dctv shows you can start powerless too, it’s amzing till far


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i stand upon a promontory, and
i see the rolling blue stones of the sea
i spy every waiting grain of sand
and wait for my rose to come back to me.

my love is a fire, a burning star
of heav'n, of earth, of here and of hell.
and she watches me watching from afar,
and she feels my heart breathe and pulse and swell.

she is a billowing ghost of that sort
she kills the weak sun, birthes the inky moon
she cuts my thoughts short
she leaves me room

—  ja babisch, the promontory
Burns Like Hell

A/N: Request from @today-only-happens-once Hi hello. I have a one-shot/drabble request… could you do one where the reader has made a demon deal to save Sam, but the fic itself is a conversation/scene with Dean, where the pairing is actually Dean x reader, and the reader sacrificed herself a) because she loves Sam like a brother too and b) to stop Dean from making the sacrifice that she knew he would otherwise? I love your writing and would be so happy if you considered taking this one on. Totally up to you, though. Thanks bunches! ^u^

Hope this is alright! Just a small oneshot! :)

Dean x Reader, Sam

Warnings: crossroads deal, angst

Word Count: 600

“I did it for you, Dean.” The growling of hell hounds was heard by everyone in the room, especially by you. Tears welled in your eyes as you knew your time was up, but you had no regret for what you did that had led to this moment.

“Why, Y/N? You shouldn’t have done such a thing,” Dean yelled, throwing his hands up in the air in panic as he watched Sam spread the goofer dust all over the room. With each tick of the clock, Dean could feel his heart hammer against his chest violently, scared out of his mind for you. He knew the pain, remembered it all too well when he had made a similar deal to save Sam many years ago. He still had nightmares sometimes of the ripping off flesh, the spilling of internal organs and the torture that was hell itself. He remembered the heat and the pure agony of his soul being shredded and darkened. He couldn’t bare the thought of the same thing happening to you.

“Look at me, Dean. Look at me,” you demanded, grabbing his face between the palm of your hands, committing to memory the jade green color of his eyes and the plumpness of his perfect lips. “You need Sam. And I wasn’t going to let you be stupid enough to sell your soul again, Dean. For once let someone help you - help Sammy,”

Sam had been in tears as soon as the Winchesters found out of the deal you made in order to save Sam. He had died during a sloppy Wendigo hunt exactly 6 months ago; completely your fault and you didn’t hesitate when reaching a crossroads and made the deal in 5 minutes flat. The crossroads demon gave you one option and one option only and you took it without a chance to second guess yourself. Sam was devastated to find out that the woman he had looked up to as a loving older sister and friend, would do something like that for him and Dean. Dean didn’t take it well, but this time, there was no way of getting out of the deal no matter how many demons he threatened.

“I can’t – I need you too, Y/N,” he finally cried, flinching at the sound of the hell hounds that banged against the motel door. You oddly weren’t afraid. It probably had a lot to do with the fact that you were doing this for the two men that you loved more than life itself. “Don’t go, Y/N.” He begged, clutching your hands. You took in the sight of the constellation of freckles that were scattered across his cheeks and the bridge of his nose, the way his scruff from not shaving for a few days felt beneath your fingers.

You turned to hug Sam tightly, knowing there wasn’t anything you could say that would make this situation any easier.

“For what it’s worth, if given a second chance, I would have still made the same choice,” you told the two of them, swiftly kissing Dean one last time before making your way towards the door.

Sam clutched his brother who was screaming for you to come back. Dean tried to get Sam to let him go, he punched and kicked and clawed but his younger brother refused to let him go. You broke the line of the dust with your boot and slowly opened the door. In a matter of seconds, you no longer heard the way Dean choked out your name with wretched sobs. It was quiet.

And then it burned.

Like hell.

I’m No Hobbit! | Closed

Starter for @bowlegsxpsychic

1 foot…2 feet…3..4..5..6…7. This grave was a total of seven feet deep in the ground. Why? she didn’t know. As Clarissa hit the hard surface of wood, she mumbled to herself about how exhausting it was and then looked up.


She was definitely not tall enough to get out of the grave. How the hell would she salt N Burn this thing now? She couldn’t just get on the coffin and jump on the side of the wall and spider monkey herself up there.

Pulling out her phone, she cursed and texted Dean, saying.

[SMS: Deanie]: Don’t you dare fucking laugh at me.

[SMS: Deanie]: But i need help getting out of the grave i dug. I’m not tall enough to get out.