burn i say

  • 707: [screams]
  • Yoosung: … What was that?
  • 707: I just thought about my anxieties and it’s like my mind hand touched a hot memory stove.

“Thank you for all your service”
“If it takes fighting a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it”

I love Eliza ❤ ❤ ❤

Bokuto probably has a pair of owl uggs that he wears before and after practices, and the rest of the team absolutely hates them. And Akaashi has tried to burn them on several occasions but Bokuto always keeps a close eye on his favorite shoes. He calls them his “hootie booties”

Akaashi calls them a mistake

there’s something better to come (it’s on the horizon)

<< iii. things you said too quietly 

[did no one ever tell you about the boy? (who fell in love and told it to the world)] ao3

Summer cannot come quick enough.

With the exams over, the professors had given up trying to control the fifth years and so, almost every lesson is spent lazing on the grass. Lily and her friends used to spend their time outside underneath the Beech Tree, but given recent events they’ve taken to sitting on the lake’s shore, paddling when it gets unbearably hot and making bets on how many pieces of toast the squid will eat when they’re bored.

Lily reckons her friends miss the company of the Marauders, who shared the spot beneath the Beech Tree, and though she won’t admit to it, she misses their company too. They never say anything though, so Lily keeps quiet about it, grateful none of them have pressed the matter. It’s embarrassing enough to even admit to herself she misses them.

She and Mary are the only ones out at the moment, Marlene and Tegan have both gone to the owlery to send letters home and Gemma is in the library, finishing a History of Magic essay for Binns, the only teacher still giving homework. The grounds are scattered with groups of fifth tears, but they’re in a secluded enough position that it’s quiet.

“I spy with my little eye -” Mary groans and rolls onto her back, flinging her arm over her eyes dramatically.

“No more. I’m shit. Also, you’re a cheat. How am I meant to know what specific type of cloud formation that is?” She says.

“Should have paid attention in Astronomy then.” Lily retorts, smug.

“Whatever.” Mary flips over again and props herself up on her elbows. “I can’t wait to never have to spend another midnight freezing my tits off on top of that bloody tower.”

“I can’t believe you’re dropping it.”

“Not all of us can be good at everything, Evans.” Mary grins. “I wasn’t blessed with clever genes -”

“Just big boobs ones.” They laugh, Lily looking forlornly down at her chest, remarkably flat next to Mary’s. She looks up when Mary’s laugh cuts off abruptly. “What?”

“Um…” Lily snaps her head around to see what Mary is staring at. The sun is behind him, but Lily would know that hurricane hair anywhere.

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Daphne, are you saying that you have feelings for Niles?
I think I do.

The fact that Burr actually said those words sort of astounds me… The level of research Lin must have done for this show is just… Well done.. I know there are some historical inaccuracies but things like this. I’m actually speechless because that lyric always blew me away and I just can’t believe Burr went from saying he should’ve shot him in the heart, to the world was wide enough.

Who knew history could be this interesting?

2:38 AM

This is one of the worst nights in my life. My eyes are filled with tears as I can’t seem to get air. My vision is blurred as I’m drowning in my own duvet. Hatred and self harm, my left arm and thigh is now burning, but I say to myself that I deserve it. Please get me out of my own head because I can’t take it anymore. I just want to die… no one would care anyway..


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anonymous asked:

I'm a little confused about the timeline. I figured Purifying Fire happened right before Zendikar. "Stone and Blood" put the events of Zebdikar at two years ago so where does the 4 years ago come in? Not trying to be argumentative by the way! I've just been trying to make a timeline myself lately and with magic's fuzzy canon in places it's hard.

Chandra is established as 11-years-old in Fire Logic (FL). In her reminiscing about the events of The Purifying Fire (TPF) during Burn, Chandra says “Was I really just 19?”, which puts TPF at approximately eight years after FL. Release begins with mentioning that Kaladesh takes place 12 years after she watched her parents die, making Chandra 23, and making TPF ~4 years ago.

There’s some wiggle room of course, when someone says “this happened x years ago”, and when they don’t specify how many months, there’s obviously room for error, but this one is pretty clear.

Here’s a rough chronology of when each set or novel takes place, but keep in mind there’s a lot of wiggle room. This is just a rough based on taking year estimates literally, and the greater the timespan we’re looking at the more wiggle room there is:

  • 6,000+ years ago: The Eldrazi are imprisoned on Zendikar.
  • 1,280ish years ago: Bolas nearly kills Ugin, but he’s saved and cocooned by the magic Sarkhan brings with him to the past.
  • 1,000ish years ago: The Eldrazi almost escape, but Nahiri reseals them, then goes to find Sorin. Sorin seals Nahiri in the Helvault.
  • 200 years ago: Liliana Vess is born.
  • Between 200 and 40 years ago: The Mending occurs.
  • 40 years ago: Nissa ascends as a planeswalker, presumably Lorwyn/Shadowmoor blocks occur (this last bit is a guess).
  • Between 14-15 years ago: Tezzeret usurps control of the infinite consortium. (Canonicity questionable)
  • 12 years ago: Fire Logic occurs.
  • 6.5 years ago: The modern story begins with Agents of Artifice when Tezzeret recruits Jace into the Infinite Consortium.
  • 4 years ago: The Purifying Fire begins about 4 years ago (Jace still has to be working for the Consortium).
  • 3.5 years ago: Jace switches minds with Kallist by accident.
  • 3 years ago: Kallist is killed and Jace’s mind is restored. Jace defeats Tezzeret and leaves him to the Kamigawa Nezumi. Bolas barters for his body.  Alara Unbroken (Shards of Alara) is hard to place, but it would have to take place before Sarkhan returns from Zendikar, so I’m putting it here.
  • Between 2-3 years ago: Jace, Chandra, and Sarkhan unlock the initial seal on the Eldrazi. Afterwards, Test of Metal occurs (if any of it is still canon).
  • 2 years ago: In the Teeth of Akoum (Zendikar) ends when Nissa frees the Eldrazi Titans. Scars of Mirrodin also occurs in this same timeframe.
  • Between 1-2 years ago: Return to Ravnica occurs and Jace becomes the Living Guildpact. The Godsend (Theros) occurs at some point after Scars of Mirrodin but before Ajani goes to Kaladesh six months ago. Dragons of Tarkir happens around this time, and Ugin is revived.
  • 1 year ago: Innistrad occurs, when Liliana destroys the Helvault and kills Griselbrand. She also releases Nahiri.
  • Less than 1 year ago: Battle for Zendikar and Shadows Over Innistrad blocks happen.
  • 0 (this is my anchor point for everything else): The events of Release happen.
  • Two months later: The events of Burn happen.

Rationale for these can be found here. Creative has been deliberately vague on the timeline for a while now, most of this was only place with the information from Release.