burn down rome

They say,
“Rome wasn’t built in a day.”
I wonder how that can be
when with one look he builds
an entire empire under my skin.

With a touch he colonizes
every bone, every nerve,
and in a fraction of a second
my body pledges allegiance
to him.

With a word settlements bloom like daisies
on my brain, armies march to Carthage
across my shoulders, he speaks
and at once I am at attention.

If Rome wasn’t built in a day
they must not have been
trying very hard because suddenly
behind my ribs
he has raised temples
that worship his name.

In minutes I will be Rome,
in an hour I will be the kind of empire
the sun never sets on.

They say,
“Rome wasn’t built in a day.”
How long, I wonder,
did it take to burn down.

—  Rome
Burn Down Rome


Each love leaves a wound
and I’m lucky to say I have but a few
still paying my dues
for every night I spent full of regret
each love leaves a wound

unbroken in my longest days
unloved in my saddest nights

I gave my heart to the blind
I gave my trust to the vile
I lost my faith in a world
I gave my love to the low
I gave my lips to the sick
I lost my faith in a world

jealousy’s face is denial
envy’s touch is the kind

it reminds me of my longest days
and my saddest nights
unbroken unloved

friends spit curses like snakes.
Burn Down Rome

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30 Bands, 30 Days.
    Day 01 – Your favorite song.

You and me down and blue, we’re through;

This is quite possibly one of the cruelest questions for me, ever. I just can’t choose my all time favorite. I suppose, though, my most listened to song at the moment is Temperance by Burn Down Rome. Pure heart-wrenching, screaming goodness for when you want to turn your phone off, lock yourself in your room and blast the bad mood away and keep listening even when the mood passes.


Burn Down Rome - Apathy (by rjkoneill)

London’s done this to me
longer days than you could ever believe
sick of the rains
reminding me of nights I tried to forget
unclean lips I couldn’t resist
London’s done this to me

sick of the rain
I’m sick of the shame

I haven’t slept for days
I know what’s wrong
you took my love from me
and I never forget
and I never believed
vanity takes it all from
vanity takes it all from me

sick of the rain
I’m sick of your name

still rotting with hate
still fighting with fate
still drowning in faith

sick of the rains
I’m sick of your name
lonelier nights and lonelier days
laying awake with the devil to pay
I need closure for my mistakes
lately my faith is gone
and finally my trust was wrong
I need closure
I need healing
London’s done this to me
London’s the death of me.