burn barbie

itsa right beauty of an arvo outside

 wattles are blooming, kookaburras are laughing 

 on arvos like this, mates like you 

 should be burning on the barbie

inspired by the tags in this post from @myrobotlandlord that mention her AU sans; AU, ofc,  being short for aussie.

  • this sans eats whole jars of vegemite instead of drinking ketchup, stacks bangers and mash on frisk’s head in hotland and has gaster blasters that bear a striking resemblance to Steve Irwin.  f e a r   h i m.

anonymous asked:

You + any pairing equals doom for others. Paired up with Sasha to lsfyl? Bitch sasha-yd. You and mcbitches? Jasmine couldn't master that. Tan with Trixie? Burn in hell Barbie™. Ms Kasha? Have a Good Dayvis. You clearly are cunt. Charisma Uniqueness Nefariousness and Teleportation

It’s the Kurse of Katya.

I Want Everyone To Know How Beautiful You Are.

I Recently Had A Girl Express To Me How Much She Admires Me For Always Complementing Others And Preaching To People How They Should Always Be Confident And Love Them-self. She Told Me I Have Inspired Her To Go Natural And Love Her Skin Complexion And To Try Calling Herself Beautiful. She Went On And Told Me All The Horrible Things People Used To Tell Her To Make Her Think She Was Ugly And Shouldn’t Be Loved. As She Spoke Of All Times She Felt Nothing But Pure Reject And Neglect , I Just Stared At Her And Wanted Her Detect The Magnitude Of Her Beauty And Reflect On How Blind She’s Been To Not See What I’ve Seen. She Told Me How She Still Feels Like That And Is Really Trying To Love Her Self. I Saw Much Hurt In Her Because I Knew Her Struggle Oh Too Well. As She Began To Cry So Did I. What Hurts The Most Is So Many Others Are Too Familiar With That Same Hurt. The Same Hurt Of Feeling Unworthy, Ugly , Unloved , Unappreciated And Undesired. That They’re Too Fat Or Too Dark Or Have Whatever Is Considered Unattractive Because We Live In A Society That Has Installed This Fake Image Of What Beauty Is So We Grow Up Thinking We’re Not Good Enough, So We Can Buy These Products And Do These Procedures To “Fix” Ourselves And Fit Into That Ridiculous Definition Of The Perfect Beauty. I’m Tired Of Seeing People Suffer Of Not Loving Themselves. I Know Some People Think Why Do I Care How People View Themselves. Well Self Hate Is A Disease , And It Spreads. I’ve Seen My Family Members Not Like Certain Things About Themselves Or Be Prejudice About Specific Features And Skin Colors. I Grew Up Thinking I Was So Ugly Because I Have The Darkest Complexion In My Family And Any Beauty I Did Have Was Only Because I Had Long Hair And Was Slender And Tall. As I Became A Teen I Slowly Started To Purposely Cut My Hair To Defy My Mother’s And Grandmother’s Standards Of Beauty. Just Anything That Represented That Barbie Image I Rebelled Against. That’s Why I Have The Gif Of Two Barbie Dolls Burning As My Blog’s Header Image. I Want Everyone Who Comes Across My Blog Or Any Other Of My Social Media Pages To Know How Much I Hate That Symbol Because To Me True Beauty Is Uniqueness. Natural Originality Is The Most Profound Beauty That This World Beholds To Me. People Come In Such Lovely Varieties From Their Hair Textures , Skin Tones , Shapes , Sizes And So Much More ; And For Someone To Compare Them-self To Something Another Person Has And Say They’re Ugly Because They Don’t Have It Breaks My Heart Because I Used To Always Think Like That. Every Individual Has A Luminous Strong Light About Them , No Matter How They Look. They Should Never Allow Someone Else Whose Blind Try To Tell Them They Have No Beauty BECAUSE THAT PERSON CAN’T EVEN SEE HOW MAGNIFICENT YOUR BEAUTY TRULY IS. I’m Happy That I Was Able To Remind That Girl How Beautiful She Is , And I Want To Remind Everyone Else How Beautiful They Are And How Much I Love You And How Important It Is For You To Also Love You. Turn That Self-Loathing Into Self Loving. If You Ever Feel In Need For A Pick Me Up , Or Someone To Talk To , Or Someone Who Can Just Understand What It’s Like To Go Through This PLEASE Message Me Its Ok To Talk To Me And It Would Be My Pleasure To Remind You How Beautiful You Are. I Cannot Stress It Enough To Please Know You’re Beautiful , You’re Worth It , Your Special , You’re Intelligent , You’re Loved , You Matter , You’re Wanted And Your The Best You. Don’t Listen To ANYONE Who Says Anything Else.