burn baby burn hahaha

I’ll Tell You A Story

In the King’s Wood, there lived a mother and her cub.

She loved him very much, but there were other things that lived in the woods,

evil things, like stags and wolves. He could hear them howling in the night. The little cub was frightened.

His mother said, “You are a lion my son, you mustn’t be afraid.”

“For one day all the beasts will bow down to you.”

“You will be king.”

“All the stags will bow,”

“all the wolves will bow,”

“the bears of the North and the foxes of the south,”

“all the birds in the sky”

“and beasts in the sea.”

“They will all come to you little lion, to rest a crown upon your head.”

And the cub said, “Will I be strong and fierce like my father?”

“Yes,” said his mother, “you will be strong and fierce, just like your father.”

Exo Reaction in a Battle!

Kris: *Throws weapons at his opponent*

Suho: Ok, let’s make a deal here. I pay you, and you will let me go.

Xiumin: HOW DARE YOU TAKE ALL OF MY BAOZI!!!!!!! *beats up his opponent*

Luhan: *Kicks the soccer ball to his opponent face*

Baekhyun: YOU DARE TO MESS W/ ME AND MY EYELINER?! V(Taehyung): Oh~ you are gonna get it now. You should know never mess w/ my mama.

Lay: Who are you again? *Gets kill* Where am I’m?! *Find himself in heaven*

Chanyeol: *Set his opponent on fire* BURN BABY BURN!!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!!

Chen: Isn’t this the part where you drop dead?! Oh, not right now? Let me help you w/ that. *Fries his opponent w/ his lighting*

Tao: *used wushu on his opponent*

D.O: *at first he was scared but then he remembers he still holding onto his frying pan*

Kai: *use sexy jutsu on his opponent*

Sehun: No, I don’t want to fight. No, go away. No! stop bothering me! NO! *hits opponent and runs away*