burn apollo

Claudio Sanchez also announced that The Amory Wars will be making a return in April!

The 12-issue “The Amory Wars: Good Apollo” series will debut in April from BOOM! Studios, with Sanchez co-writing alongside Chondra Echert, and art by DC Comics veteran Rags Morales, returning to an extended monthly comics run for the first time since his New 52 “Action Comics” run.

apollo drags the sun through the sky
and icarus watches.
today his feet are firm on the ground
but he has always been weak to eyes that burn
molten orange / skin so hot to touch
it sets fingertips on fire.

apollo drags the sun through the sky
and icarus wants to follow.
today his feet aren’t quite as firm / his body
not so steady.
weakness spreads like sticky honey
on his tongue / it infects his lungs.
every inhale burns his throat
every exhale sounds like mourning.

apollo drags the sun through the sky
and icarus shrugs on wings,
muscles already aching.

apollo drags the sun through the sky
and icarus rises / he can see apollo’s smile,
already beaming, already burning.

apollo drags the sun through the sky
and icarus falls

in love.


i. And when Icarus looked up
into the sky,
his vision filled with yellow and warmth.
it felt like Apollo was staring right back in his poor eyes,
and was blinding him with his own burning hands

and Icarus,
for the first time,
fell in love.

ii. And when Icarus tied his wings to his arms,
it twisted his mind.
And it felt like Apollo was beating his poor body,
and squeezing him in his burning hands

and Icarus,
for the second time,
fell in love.

iii. And when Icarus flew up into the sky,
his cold body began to heathen.
it felt like Apollo was hugging him so tight his poor lungs could not fill with air,
and was crushing him with his burning hands

and Icarus,
for the third time,
fell in love.

iv. And when Icarus flew higher into the sky,
his wings began to melt.
it felt like Apollo was burning his poor skin,
and was stripping him of life and will with his burning hands

and Icarus,
for the fourth time,
fell in love.

v. And when Icarus fell
into the ocean,
his lungs filled with water and it burned his throat.
it felt like Apollo was kissing his poor lips,
and was chocking him with his burning hands

and Icarus,
for the fifth time,
fell in love.

vi. And as Icarus sank deep into the ocean,
his arms and legs and heart began to relax.
it felt as Apollo had abandoned him,
and was pushing him further down with his burning hands

and Icarus,
for the sixth and final time,
fell in love.

- Icarus And His Love For Apollo/

  • Percy: what is taking Nico so long in there???
  • Nico: *walks out of bathroom*
  • Nico: it's called taking a shit. You should try it, maybe then you wouldn't look so constipated all the time.
  • Will: #savage
Bay Leaves (Bay Laurel)

Element: Fire

Magical Properties

- Bay Leaves are extremely useful in divination, clairvoyance, and inducing visions. They are useful in other metaphysical skills too; protection from psychic attacks, boosting general magic, and aiding psychic development. Bay leaves are used in clairvoyance and wisdom brews. Leaves placed under the pillow or used in dream work will bring prophetic dreams.

- Bay Laurel is associated with Apollo.  When the nymph Daphne tried to avoid him she turned into the first laurel tree, which Apollo adopted as his sacred tree. The leaves were also chewed and burned by Apollo’s prophetic priestesses at Delphi, which ties in to its uses in divination.

- Bay is used for its properties of purification and protection. It is used in consecrating things, dispelling negative entities and energies, spell breaking, and protection against negative magic. When placed in the corners of a home it will protect all who dwell there, and it can be burned to achieve the same effect.

- Bay is excellent when put to use in wish magic or other things regarding bringing about ambitions and goals. Write a wish on a bay leaf and burn it to achieve your goal, use them in spells and charms to bring prosperity, luck, success, and abundance, and use bay to bring about healing and transformation.

- Bay can also be used for: love, passion, harmony, inspiration, wisdom, justice, memory, release, strength, fertility, victory, and employment.

Medicinal Properties

- Bay oil can be used to treat arthritic pains, lower back pain, earaches, sore muscles, and sprains.

- The leaves can be used in cooking, taken in tea, used in herbal baths, and infused in oil.

- WARNING: the oil should never be used by women who are pregnant, should never be taken internally, and you must dilute the oil and use it in small amounts when applied to the skin.

Lately i’ve been thinking about dark!apollo kids. Just imagine

•Apollo kids who saw too many people die. So they start blaming themselves, or the gods. They become angry.

•Apollo kids with eyes that were warm and light, but now they look like daggers, with the ability to look right into your very soul

•Apollo kids who can feel the shift of their powers, who can almost taste the difference and the darkness on their tongues

•Apollo kids whose voices turn to slik, to silver, to honey, coating everything around them.

•Apollo kids whose songs will put you to sleep or keep you awake, filling you with calm or fear or sadness or any emotion they want you to feel, working better than any charm speak Chiron has ever seen.

•Apollo kids who shoot arrows of light, but they do not make you warm, they do not make you feel hope. They burn.

•Apollo kids who don’t have the powers of healing anymore. But they can make you sick so easily

•They have the power of the plague right at their fingertips, but that’s not everything. They can create depression, anxiety, ocd, any mental illness they want. They can drive you insane, just like Mr. D’s kids.

•jus dark!apollo kids, surounded by light and songs, kids who used to look like angels of heaven (and act like it), but now shine like angels of death