burn all the mk3s


We are going to start Featuring cars and let people share their MK3 & their story.

Here is Kolben Hillbery & his 96 Jetta GLS.

“My name is Kolben and I have a 96 Tornado red jetta GLS. I bought my mk3 without really knowing much about them, I had an aircooled beetle at the time, and was driving a beat ford explorer back and forth for school. I needed something that got good gas mileage, and one day this faded red (tornado pink) jetta was parked a few miles from my house with a for sale sign on it. I went and looked at it, found out it had almost no rockers and some good sized holes in the floors, talked the guy down from a grand to $400, and limped it home. The 2.0 was, basically, toast. It had overheated to the point that the plastic oil slinger on top of the cam was melted down into the head. I started patching the body up and found out that it had coilovers on it, i turned them down and really didn’t care what they were. I then came across a junkyard engine for it, and for another $100 bill, got a 36,000 mile 95 (obd1) engine without really knowing it was any different from my obd2 2.0. About the time it was roadworthy, I recieved a facebook friend request from the guy who had originally put the coilovers on it, who (after trying to sell me a lot of parts, which I eventually ended up buying) told me that the coilovers were Bilstein Pss9’s, and that they were actually nice. He also let me in on the actual mileage (close to 270k then, over 300k now) Since it’s been on the road It’s had a few panels painted (front clip) and been buffed. The wheels on it now are BBS RW001’s, with 205/50/15 falken 512’s, and on the body it has a neuspeed front strut bar, a homemade (eurosport clone) rear strut bar, trek edition roof rack and bike carrier, early textured gl moldings, ghetto textured bumpers (hides rock chips), an obd1 grille, glx tails, a eurotub and plate, and currently a set of vr6 side skirts to cover the rockers for winter. Inside it had g60 leather red dot front seats, a Glx leather rear seat, a grant woodgrain wheel, and a recovered headliner. It’s my favorite of the car’s I’ve owned, enough that I sold my aircooled and bought another Jetta to get a fresh start. For a car that’s built from junkyard parts and has a stupid amount of miles on it, it still turns heads, gets me where I need to go, and has even won a few trophys."