burn after me


Mind Chess Battle

I can’t even play proper chess game on a board. How the heck they remember all the positions on the chessboard?? Is this a normal thing for smart people??

Though I’m really impressed with people who are actually good at playing chess. Looks so damn cool and very…intellectual. *goes off to play chess with computer*

So I went to church today and in the Catholic setting there’s this rite of sprinkling water or whatnot and it’s basically when the priest(s) get a small bucket of holy water and splish you with it with a holy… mace… thing… anyway you get a couple of drops on your head and that’s it. Well the entire time people were flinching and so he gets back to the altar after alls said and done and he’s like, “Guys, it’s just holy water. If it burns, come see me after mass.”

darling, you are the one
born with galaxies and supernovas like fireworks in your eyes.
your fingers hold strength that mine will never know.
your bones carry prophecies that mine does not dare dream of.

i was only born
     with flower petals staining my cheeks pink
     and strange songs murmuring faintly in my heart. 
i was only born 
     with snatches of fool’s good trapped in my hair
     and gossamer tangled somewhere between my lungs and my ribs.

and darling, i do not mind
if your light is brighter
   your voice is louder 
   your steps are stronger

i have always known, after all, 
that your fate soars much higher than mine ever will
and it does not do to envy a demigod
                                               or an angel 
                                               or a hero
                                               or a friend. 

but darling, this i swear:
when they come for you
     (and they will, my darling,
     let’s not lie to ourselves
                          to each other)
i will grind my teeth into bloodlust fangs.
i will file my nails into tigers’ claws.

darling, this i swear:
i will make poisons of the flowers in my cheeks
and spiderwebs of the gossamer torn from my chest.
i will teach my heart to beat to the rhythm of a battle drum.

and this, this i swear:
i will make them all face 
the thin-edged broken glass
     s h a t t e r e d  p i e c e s
          of myself.

—  gods should fear when pretty little things goes to war ( j.p. )

So you know how Lincoln was introduced in season 2, but then nothing really romantic happened with him and Daisy until season 3. Could that happen with Robbie in season 5?? Like boy portals on to the scene and bam! Quakerider?!



Part Nogitsune. 

Part Emissary. 

100% chaotic protector of the Hale Pack.

While the trickster spark provides guidance to his Alpha, his mate, he also attempts to nourish his insatiable appetite while protecting their pack from those unfortunate enough to cross their path harboring ill intentions. The Nogissary will stop at nothing to ensure the safety of his pack, his family.

Click pics to enlarge. 

PS: The runes tat says “Hale”    

 ✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(◕△◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧


Some brotherly eye to eye, nose to nose, eye to lips, chest to chest and what not for my bae @fenrirrises

The Call of the Morrigan

I knew her when I was young. I knew her when i was a little wild thing, running through forests like a hound, following crows, crouching low to spy through trees at fawns and does.

I knew her when I was young. When I was strong and sullen and speaking brave and acting bold, when fear gripped me in both hands like I was a sword to be swung, wringing out in a battle-tongue. I took fists and spat blood, felt the crack of my skull burn against walls. I knew her then, when I went silent, and she knew all.

Years hazed over, like a purple twilight, from the wild wood to the city pressed tight. I learned so many things. I swam in words. I followed streams. I dived into deltas, forded rivers, jumped like a salmon back to the source.  

It was a greening time. A wing-spreading time. I met more spirits, I made more friends, I followed different paths, I divided, and multiplied, and divined. 

But time, and life, as they do, circle back. The wheel turns, and we turn with it. I didn’t know she had perched and roosted close, watching me grow, like an oak, into strength and womanhood. 

She had waited. She had patience. She dropped feathers while I quested, and hesitated. Waited until I too, went to the ford, to wash the ghosts from my clothes, to bash them on the rocks, and send them from me in moving waters, loving waters, released from their bonds.

She has been waiting to show me how to scrub just so against the blood, how to slap the cloth and drown the stain, how to kill it and clean it, and become my own, again. 

And when we’ve done the laundry, she will teach me how to guard my newfound country. She will stand sentinel with me. She will teach me what it is again to be a bird and a sword, a witch and a wild thing, and free.

In other news I love gerard way in the deepest, realest way I know how and he’s the reason that I’m able to stand here with my back straight and my fists clenched and face everything, he’s the reason I can fight my way back to being a little bit okay, despite it all, the reason I’m still alive and here and breathing, and I’m so, so fucking thankful

misterryanadams: Tomorrow I will be playing Margaret Court Arena, named after someone who does NOT believe in marriage equality.
Someone who cites the bible as reasoning for denying people EQUAL RIGHTS.
…. Sorry but FUCK THAT….. LOVE IS THE LAW.
IT’S 2017… It’s TIME TO FUCKING EVOLVE <3 <3 <3


flarrow + hamilton: 8/? - the reynolds pamphlet

I love you, sis. Always and forever.

I love you too.

bless his heart, raphael just cant stop touching simon. he started with shoulder squeezes, a hand caress and thigh grab in s1, worked up to a hand on simons chest, hand holding, an almost kiss and eye sexing in the first half of s2 and now the cheek caressing,, am i dead??

is this heaven??

The very important Ford filk I’ve been working on for months but still can’t figure out an accompaniment for, so here’s an a capella version.

The melody used for the first line of the chorus comes from the Gravity Falls soundtrack by Brad Breek


When we were young we walked the beach
Where gulls cry and humpbacks breech
And I felt like we could reach the sky.

There was so much we would do
In a boat to carry two
Brave adventurers, just you and I.

But I grew up and I moved on
Found new dreams to act upon.
You refused and now you’re gone. Goodbye.

Still I remember ad astra per aspera
Through hardships to the stars
I’ll work, and I’ll fight, and I’ll strive
Till the glory that I’ve earned is worth these scars.

Into mystery I spurred
Seeking answers, undeterred—
The Muse chose me and I heard his call.

But my reach exceeds my grasp
And the flaming hand I clasped
Came back to burn me after all.

Now this whole world could be consumed
While I was puppeted and groomed
And like Icarus, I’m doomed to fall.

Still I remember ad astra per aspera
Through hardships to the stars
I’ll work, and I’ll fight, and I’ll strive
Till the vengeance that I’ve earned is worth these scars.

The years have passed and now I’m old
I could never have foretold
I’d have people here to hold me tight.

Pull me back when I was lost
Take my falls and damn the cost
And still not let that exhaust their light

Now the fire’s burning low
Dreams, like embers, still aglow
Keep these lights close as you grow. Goodnight.

Again I remember ad astra per aspera
Through hardships to the stars
I worked, and I fought, and I strove
And the family that I’ve found is worth these scars.

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