burn a miracle

  • Akashi: *glaring*
  • Kuroko: *glaring*
  • Midorima: How long have they been doing that??
  • Murasakibara: About two hours.
  • Kise: I can't tell if they're trying to fall more deeply in love with each other..
  • Aomine: Or trying to use heat vision.

December 2013 Jin - December 2016 Jin (in selfies) 

That Modern AU is back! Law works in a small time clinic whose doors are open to all and helps out at a local bookstore on his spare time (It’s Cora-san’s). He’s also flirting with Dancer!Zoro.

LawZo has taken hold and I’m taking you all with me~

Twisted Tale - kat_snow2613 - A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 2/?
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Game of Thrones (TV)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Major Character Death
Relationships: Jon Snow/Sansa Stark, Robb Stark/Jeyne Westerling
Characters: Sansa Stark, Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Robb Stark, Jeyne Westerling, Catelyn Tully Stark
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Politics, Arya is queer, Homophobia, Discussion of homophobia and immigration, Slow Burn


At times, you may become aware of a subtle burning within and around you. Something is attempting to reach you, through the dream of partiality, as you wake in the morning, wander through the day, and are present to how fragile it truly is here. This longing can appear as an actual sensation in the body or more energetically as the activity of reorganization within your nervous system. Something is calling, drawing you into union, but it is far too vast and creative to approach by way of the known.

For some, this experience is associated with profound melancholy, for others an actual ache in the heart, and for others feelings of hopelessness, despair, joy, or bliss. You are being called back home, but it is not the home of the mind and what has come before. It is into your homeless nature, as the wanderer of love.

For those who are attuned to this movement, it can appear as an actual substance, a type of nectar come to seed new pathways, dissolving what you thought you knew about yourself, love, intimacy, ‘spirituality,’ what you thought you ‘needed,’ and ‘why you’re here.’ This substance is a primordial drop of integration, symbolizing the end of one world so that another can begin.

At times, it can feel as if your very survival is at risk – the anxiety, the urgency, the frenetic scramble for answers, for clarity, for some ground in which to seek refuge. You are convinced something must be ‘healed.’ It is here where a doorway appears, inside the very core of your heart. It is now that you need yourself more than ever. Stay close. Everything has led up to this very moment. Everyone you’ve met and every miracle feeling, emotion, and sensation placed into your holy nervous system… you are at the threshold of aliveness.

As you learn to stay embodied, present, and kind to the fires of love, you may come to see the burning as a sacred friend, though at times a very wrathful one, an old unmet part of you, not come to harm but to reveal something important and outrageous about the nature of love.

The burning is not an obstacle on your path, but is the very path itself. As you surround it with your warmth and holding, it will purify your heart and your connection with beings everywhere, so that you can attune to them and help them in unknown, infinite ways.

—  Matt Licata


“Ah geez - are you okay?” Iris was barely awake enough to register the fact that she’d walked directly into someone and, apparently, spilled her tea all over the both of them. It wasn’t hot enough to burn anyone, though - a small miracle for which she was infinitely thankful. “I’m sorry, I’m basically sleepwalking right now.” She’d graded so many papers last night.


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