burn 3

things that they won't teach you in school

1. skeletor isn’t wearing a blue body suit, that is his skin

2. skeletor isn’t a skeleton, he just had his face burned off 

3. skeletor isn’t actually undead

4. before skeletor had his face burned off, he looked like this

Barbara’s best ride

Cal Calore aesthetic

“Then to the surprise and delight of more than a few people, he pulls his shirt clean off and tosses it to the side. Better food and hard training have made us both more muscular, but where I am lean and agile, smoothly curved, he is all hard angles and cut lines of definition. I’ve seen him undressed many times and still it gives me pause, sending a flush from my cheeks all the way down to my toes.”

“’Trying to distract me?’ I pretend to shrug it off, ignoring the heat all over my face. He cocks his head to the side, a picture of innocence. He even clasps his hand to his chest, forcing a false gasp as if to say Who, me?