Hypodermic Sally (Sarah Paulson)

Another junkie who lives at the Cortez, Sally is one of the more tragic figures found in the halls of the hotel. “She’s selfish” says Paulson. “She will put a stiletto in your face if it means she can get what she needs. But she’s also like a broken rag doll.”

CONFESSION :: It always hurts when I reblog ask memes, see people reblog them from me, and see them getting asks about it and then getting nothing myself. The only memes I ever get are the ones where I have to state my opinion on people, and while I get people want to hear if they can do better at something and what I think of them, I run an RP blog, not a public forum. I want IC interaction, and I feel ignored. It sucks… I might sound petty, but I wish I would get something once in a while, y'know?

You look prettier without them (Steve Rogers x Reader)

A/N Hey guys! Here is a short drabble inspired on a post I found here on tumblr. If I could redirect you all to it, I would have, but sadly, I can’t find it. I only had a picture of it and I deleted that one a couple of days ago :/ Yeah I know, smart me, smart me.  I just want to add in that the reader and Steve aren’t dating but are slowly falling in love. This is going to be one of many of a bigger story (at least I hope it’s going to be :) )

Oh and English isn’t my first language. I am very sorry if I make any mistakes, but you guys will know why now :)

Prompt Steve admires the reader and her sometimes sarcastic comebacks

Note [Y/N] is (as usual in these types of fanfiction) your name. The reader (a.k.a. YOU!) is wearing glasses in this fic :)

Have fun reading!

Steve Rogers

Sitting on the other side of the table was [Y/N]. Chatting along with Natasha about God knows what topics girls talk about. He didn’t know, that’s for certain.

He can see a figure approaching from the corner of his eye, walking slower than he normally would. Pietro or Quicksilver or The Guy Who Get’s Really Annoyed When Things Don’t Happen Fast. He takes a seat facing [Y/N] and Natasha, listening to what they were talking about. If Steve wasn’t already watching what was happening, he certainly did now. Pietro kept listening for a couple of seconds before brutually interupting what was happening in front of him by one, simple question.

“[Y/N], can you please explain me why you wear glasses?”

Your p.o.v.

You had heard the question for a lot of times. If not being able to see without glasses wasn’t a pain in the ass without them. But almost every week Pietro was one of the people to ask it. Without paying attention to him, you answered his question.

“Because without them. I literally can’t see anything. Without my glasses everything is blurry as shizzle. Without them on I’m officially dead.”

“But I don’t understand, you look prettier without them!”

You didn’t even need to think to give him an answer.

“Yeah, but you know, if I don’t wear my glasses, you look a lot prettier too.”

You could hear Natasha murmer something that sounded a lot like ‘burn’ and Pietro quitly saying ‘tha hell’ while he walked away. The thing that caught your attention however was the bright sound of Steve’s laugh. You caught his glare and quickly looked away, back at Natasha who was about to high-five you.