honestly it’s kind of wild to think about the fact that, in universe, Pokemon can just be….made?? Like, the new Pokemon Magiana is a man made machine. There’s tons of Pokemon that are man made(Golett, Golurk)or influenced by humans in some way that essentially changes what they are(Burmy, Deoxys, etc). Like damn, the Pokemon universe must be so much more….malleable if organisms can sprout up like that

ok everybody i’m joining in

best to worst pokemon generations: 2 3 1 4 5 6
starter picks: charmander, totodile, torchic, piplup, tepig, idk fennekin i guess i aint played x and y yet
best pokemon types: ghost, electric, normal, dragon
worst pokemon types: grass, bug, poison
best pokemon: haunter/gengar, pikachu/raichu, rayquaza, lugia
worst pokemon: ditto, shaymin, tangela, burmy/wormadam, magikarp, feebas, bellsprout, tyrogue, idk who else should i chew out. dunsparce. beldum. ratatta. that ice cream one. the trash bag one
best main game: pokemon crystal
best side game: PMD red rescue team