square enix you have absolutely no good reason to not put Viera as a playable race in FFXIV: ARR. If you wanted it to be amazing you would do that or moogles. Just please. Nobody wants your stupid elf things. Viera, Burmecians or Moogles is what the world needs. I would have absolutely NO qualms about getting the collector’s edition if you did that.

Looking for Art

This is a shoutout to all people who are artists or who know artists that would be open for comissions and feel comfortable with drawing a burmecian, namely my Black Mage Sceada. I have no particular favourite in terms of art style and am open for anything, as I simply need more art of this OC of mine and I completely lack the talent to make it myself.

So, if you are an artist that’d like to tackle this and earn some money, please do contact me so we can discuss things. I’m really open for anything and am willing to invest money into this :3

If you know someone who might be up for this, please tell them about it. Thank you very much for that in advance.

Here’s to hoping I get to hear from a lot of you wonderful artists soon!


This picture surely took a while - getting the references was a pain because STALKER mods modified the look of the STALKER suit and there were variations of the suit depending whether you were playing CoP or SoC. The AK 47 there was also time consuming - there were many models some with the dustguard off and with differently coloured wood.

Another problem I’ve encountered here was the infamous ‘grass issue’ that always happens in painting grass - at some point the individual blades of grass blend into this fuzzy carpet of grass. If you don’t find the good point where that happens that can ruin a perfectly good picture. Also grass blending with the dirt is hard to do sometimes because it’s a real subtle thing. Go around a countryside and look at the roads and dirt paths. You don’t have a straight clear cut but instead a very blurred transition.

I hate working with digitigrade legs sometimes as their walk proves to be really difficult to picture without making it look silly. Fortunately Lucid here provided insight and help. 

I think I didn’t blend the colours good enough and it kind of creates a bit of foreground/background separation


The people modding Freya Crescent into Dissidia are paragons of humanity.

  The celebration was made with a certain tension, an air of disbelief, but of the greatest kind. The war is finally over!

   Ragyo has fallen.

   REVOCS is defeated!

  The relief is almost too much to realize, some soldiers awaken to alarm clocks ready to run into battle against the defeated kamui. Even the Burmecian would sometimes look into the horizon to find not a trace of sentient kamui suits. Ryuko’s new attire often surprises her, but is recognized with bitter salt. Senketsu’s loss tolled greatly on her mind.

    Many died to save this earth from their dreaded reign. Many more will weep for those lost, but now, let the tears remain dry for well-deserved celebration. 

  Freya had been ‘kidnapped’ by a few of the women to find her a ‘proper’ celebratory dress, leaving Tsumugu in Mikisugi’s care. Hours would pass before the two would find each other here.

   The women found a rather pleasant shade to her color, an emerald green fabric which drapes like the ocean to her body, like a grecian goddess, embroidered with gold baroque styled emblems. Her back dips modestly, just halfway of her shoulder blades, her scars well-hidden. Her long moonlight tresses drape her shoulders in wild curls, her lashes lengthened by a mascara borrowed from Mako.

   The girl had a surprising fashion sense.

  Her heart jumps to find Tsumugu, his body molded flatteringly by a fitting tuxedo, with a simple black tie to trail into a buttoned jacket. He is utterly breathtaking, even with the shock of red hair and rebellious jewelry in his left ear. 


 … You look amazing, my heart…”  



Art commission of my Samurai Burmecian OC: Talise Murray.

Artwork is by the talented kangda-nim: Tumblr; deviantArt

Backstory: Pending

Design: Talise’s costume, unlike my mages, came from original art pieces of samurai characters I saw around the net, her armor based on something I saw from Akaneiro: Demon Hunters. There are a few bits of Final Fantasy in her design, though, such as her ankle wear being inspired by that of Cleyran dancers. Her weapon, the Raikiri, is a blade from Bravely Default.

Upon shifting to Trance, Talise’s armor becomes slightly more Dragoon-esque, indicative of her people’s innate abilities. I was tempted to use the Dragoon helmet from Explorers for her design, but I liked the way the current one came out. Her armor is, again, inspired by Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, though a keen eye might notice the addition of Freya’s Dragon Crest on the chestplate. Concept art of how Talise’s armor would look outside of Trance was thrown in as a gift.

Writer’s Notes: Pending

Viera, Ronso and even Burmecian…there are a range of races throughout Final Fantasy but I feel like since FFX, there’s been an abundant of main characters that are from a difference race. Usually there seems to be barely one character in the latest games, it’d be good to have two or three different characters of races depending on the amount of main characters they include.
—  NyNyOnline, How Square Enix can revive the story of Final Fantasy  (Characters of different races, different backgrounds)
A Covetous Memory Fratley/Tsumugu


A dozen footsteps echo dully on rain-covered cobblestones as a group of Burmecians approached the town square on their way to the castle, all looking tired from their endurance training. They were lead by a tall Burmecian male, his wide brimmed hat obscuring his eyes garbed in travelers clothing. He raises an arm to stop his group whom stop without question.

“You there.. You are Tsumugu, correct? The newly arrived human from ‘another world’ as my young King has told me of. Where Freya had vanished to for so long..” Calmly he’d take the spear from the squire to his left, hefting it, testing it’s balance. “I am Sir Fratley ‘Iron Tail’. And I-..”

With a flick of his arm, the Squire’s spear was launched to land stuck in the ground by Tsumugu’s side just as he slowly reaches to pull his own halberd from his back. His hands were shaking from just how hard he was gripping his polearm, an odd sort of intense steeled gaze in his eyes. “..- Am going to test your worth, Human..

Fratley’s mind was burning with a rage he has not felt in ages. Why did the mere thought of he with her fill him with such rancor? “ANY who stand between this test will be dealt with in due time.” He orders aloud just as squire and citizen alive gathered at a distance. The Dragoon points his spear to him.

“Give me a reason to trust you and pick up that spear.. or be cut down.”

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Talking about muses, huh? Well okay then, but this will be long (because I have had nine in my time on Tumblr)

First off we’ll talk about the butt attached to this blog shall we? He’s actually my seventh muse since joining Tumblr all those years ago. I gotta admit, he’s probably my favourite of them all.  Just the freedom I have with him, because we have seen little outside the complete dork in canon. I’ve enjoyed building up the character, giving him a personality I think fits, giving him a background, giving him insecurities and things he is proud of and has confidence in. I’ve also met some amazing people since starting this blog also.

Next is the fabulous Burmecian Dragon Knight, Freya of Final Fantasy 9. She was actually my first muse. Unfortunately, I lost her completely after having played her for 3 years. I miss this muse.

This one is known about, Porom of Final Fantasy 4 (defaulted to the After Years version where she is older but I am always up for playing her as a child too). She comes and goes, but my time spent on her are some of the best. I made many many fantastic friends, a good few of whom I am still in contact with (and do actually still RP with on this blog)

Last one I am putting an icon for, because he is my last that I spent a substantial amount of time with. Trainer Ruby from the manga, not the games. This sassy, fashion crazy, everything must be beautiful, nothing must be untidy bugger was great fun, and honestly, I would probably still be playing him had it not been for almost all of my partners leaving when I went on an extended hiatus due to university work.

Other than these four there was also: Luca of Final Fantasy 4, Larsa of Final Fantasy 12, Basch of Final Fantasy 12, my Final Fantasy 14 character blog: Miwa Aelius (built like an OC but used cropped screen grabs of my character as icons— She was adorable), and an OC in this fandom.