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Hanzo and Winston's reaction to their s/o wearing a virgin killer sweater for them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

More with virgin sweaters here (Hanzo, Reaper, and McCree) and here (Soldier 76, Genji and Lucio). 


  • He literally stops in his tracks, you can see his brain short-circuiting as he takes in how you look. His face slowly turns red as he realises just how much skin he can see, that peek of the side of your chest really enticing.
  • He turns away, trying to get away and you quickly wrap your arms around his burly one, pressing a kiss to his bicep.
  • He snaps, pulling you into a kiss, his hands desperately roving across your body as he pulls you close.


  • He doesn’t even notice, just holding your hand tenderly as he greets you after coming home. You keep coughing, louder and faker with each cough, until he finally realises what you’re wearing.
  • He’s immediately flustered, talking loudly and fixing his glasses as he just started telling you about a new invention he’s working on.
  • You just laugh, making him even more flustered, and gently rest your head against his hairy arm. You’re smiling as he finally stops, resting his head against your forehead in a tender embrace.