burly biker

werevampiwolf  asked:

We had a customer come in with his service dog. He's this huge, burly biker who was apparently a Vietnam vet, and his service dog is for his PTSD. The dog is the tiniest teacup Chihuahua I've ever seen, and she had a tiny pink vest on and it was so, incredibly adorable that I almost wanted to cry.

Oops, You're Drunk (Starters)

♡- My muse has just vomited all over your brand new shoes and then proceeded to laugh about it.

♤- My muse just kissed yours in a drunken daze, then yelled “fuck yeah, pussy for everyone!”

□- My muse accidentally stabbed yours not recognizing them. (“Oops, forgot you lived here, btw I’m drunk”)

♧- My muse left the bar and is wandering the streets about to pay a prostitute for a good ole’ fashioned ‘back rub’ (*cha-ching*)

○- My muse just fell into a trash can, jesus christ someone get them out of there.

&- My muse just kissed a big burly biker dude and is about to get punched

^-^ - My muse is attempting to have sex with a bar stool and is humiliating themselves.

What if you met your soulmate through your aesthetics? Like if you loved warm cabins and apple cider and sweaters but for some reason there was always a galaxy painting on your wall no matter where you moved. And somewhere out there is an astronomer who dreams of exploring past the solar system who keeps catching the smell of pinecones around her.

Or imagine a burly biker who dresses in leather with tattoos swirling up his arms for some reason loves pastel motorcycles, while a young man who just loves the soft colors of dawn and wears sparkly eyeliner with pink nail polish keeps dreaming of the wind rushing through his hair and the smell of asphalt.

Or how about a little girl who wants to be a knight (even though she would never hurt mr. Twinkles- hes a good dragon) always includes the castle’s alchemist in her make-believe world, while a child combines baking soda and vinigar (while their dad watches) for the 100th time as the future chemist brews up a potion for a knight they havent met yet.

Just imagine the possibilities of meeting someone and that moment when their face lights up as they discuss their passion, and you go ohhhh it you that’s been giving me the urge to collect feathers and the person (who has no less than 5 pet birds) just blushes… like is that not the cutest????