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Do the Fair Folk ever pity the artists of Elsewhere? When an English major is struggling with Writer's Block or an upstart animator can't seem to draw their scene, what is the response of the Gentry? Or do they have any if the student doesn't first come to them? (I'm not knowledgable on the niceties of folklore. I hope to remedy this soon)

I imagine that it really depends on the individual Gentry. In a lot of older stories, the reason musicians and storytellers have such a draw is because the Fair Folk cannot create things like that on their own, and they deeply covet the ability to do so. So it’s entirely likely that some fae regard writers with writer’s block and artists who can’t art at the moment as broken, end of story. More pragmatic fae might recognise it as an opportunity to offer up a deal to the desperate, especially as finals draw closer. I think only those who’ve spent a lot of time on campus and those trying very hard to understand humans would really ever come round to pity, which is still not quite the same as understanding.


Love this 🎶 by my latest obsession @ezechiel_pailhes
Not sure what he’s singing about but it sounds fun! Plus he looks like a proper cool dude! And he’s French - so there’s that! 😍
And yes that is a giant bruise on my leg from yesterday when I crashed the rope swing into a tree! (See insta stories) 🙈#whataclutz #yoga #music (at Worsley Woods)

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Takumi twitter 2017.04.30

後は機材達が船で無事本州に帰って来るのを待つばかり(((ʘ ʘ;)))

Yesterday with the show in Okinawa ‘THE MARROW OF A BONE’ tour has finished!
From the north to south~
After that the only thing left is waiting for our equipment to arrive safely by ferry (((ʘ ʘ;)))
Well done everyone!