Yellowbonnet Survivor by Jeff Carlson

In what I’ve heard is anything from one of three, to the very last Santa Fe Yellowbonnet B40-8, I was pretty surprised to see the BNSF 577 laying over in Council Bluffs, IA. This June, ‘88 product of Erie emerged as the ATSF 7427, and its paint has held up remarkably well for 27 years.

Low Speed Chase in KC by Jeff Carlson

Slow Speed Race: In a chase that would embarrass OJ Simpson, an eastbound BNSF intermodal train rolls down the flyover as Amtrak’s train 311/316 (anyone want to claim what number it is at this point?) lumbers back towards Union Station after turning itself at BN Crossing. Combined speed of the two trains at this point was possibly 20 mph.

Last of the BN by Jeff Carlson
Via Flickr:
One of the last SD70MACs built for the Burlington Northern (#9708, built 12-1995) suns itself in Topeka, KS on the former business car track, on one of the first quasi-sunny days in quite some time. The 9708 is power for the Kansas Power & Light coal train, which delivers its train to plants in both Lawrence and Tecumseh (Topeka).

Pride. Of. The. Fleet. by Jeff Carlson

BNSF’s AC4400CW #5699 has been running around in this torched up condition for over a year now. While I fully understand that paint doesn’t help a train move, this may not be portraying the best image for BNSF. This is its appearance in Topeka, KS on June 13, 2015, not at the shops as you may presume, but rather on the power for the KPL coal train that serves the Lawrence and Tecumseh plants. All I can say, is at least it’s not a flag…