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you know sometimes I think about how Miss Fame is now signed with IMG models Paris and she’s actually making it as a model in drag, and how Violet Chachki was actually hired to perform burlesque, her specialty, while in drag at fucking Dita Von Teese’s show this past January, and how Adore Delano is achingly close to really breaking into the mainstream as a singer, and I just get really emotional that they’re actually making it? these sweet and talented girls are making it as drag queens and it’s incredible


A snippet from the shoot with @neilnezkendall ~ NEW costume in action! #burlesque #burlesquelife #burlesqueperformer #showgirl #showgirls #showgirlcostume #vintageshowgirl #costumes #costumier #costumedesigner #vintage #vintagestyle #vintagelife #stylist #fashionshoot #photoshoot #talulahblue #talulahbluecreations #performer #entertainer #corporateentertainer #circus #circusperformer #gypsyshowgirl #pinup #model #dancer #showtime #theatre (at Chester, Cheshire)

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Queer Self-Presentation and Burlesque Auto-Sexuality in Yuri Plisetsky’s “Welcome to the Madness”

PHEW! It’s finally ready for ya! 

Thanks to everyone for patiently waiting. I was overwhelmed with the response to my teaser post about this meta. I’m sorry it took so long to finish… I had to write the academic version for class, then rewrite it to be tumblr-appropriate (I’m still not sure that it is, constructive criticism is welcome!)

I’m hoping that this will contribute to the ongoing conversation about underage characters in fandom, and am looking forward to your asks. I’m a little nervous to be tossing my hat into the Otayuri discourse, but I hope I won’t catch too much hate.

I took out footnotes but included the bibliography at the end. If you have any questions about specific references, send me an ask or DM :)


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After show, rockin’ my @bettiepagelingerie custom bra and my @orchardcorset 🔥🔥 What a night! 🖤 #montrealpinupqueen #pinupqueen #pinupgirl #modernpinup #pinupmodel #model #bettiepage #bettiepagelingerie #lingerie #orchardcorset #fishnet #burlesque #showgirl #dancer #performer #thewiggleroom #bulletbra #rhinestones #bettiebang #ilovemyjob #aftershow #striporama #production #backstage

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Venus persona chart mars placements 🌹⚡️

Mars in Aries: in love you may assert yourself very confidently and aggressively and most likely don’t like benign doubted. You may be very aggressive in bed.

Mars in Taurus: in love you may assert yourself in a very passive or subtle way, you might not actually get angry with loved ones as you’re very patient, you deal with anger in calm manner

Mars in Gemini: in love you may assert yourself very bluntly, or through speech, your words might cut like a knife 🔪, you’ll argue with your partner until they surrender and that’s only after they’ve started crying. In bed you are very verbal and loud–your moans are HEARD and you are very vocal.

Mars in Cancer: in love you may assert yourself in a very emotional way, you may get angry with slides because of very personal matters close to your heart, its very hard for you to assert yourself to partners in a non-emotional way

Mars in Leo: in love you may assert yourself very confidently and freely, you may feel superior to your lover and they might cower when you’re angry as you’re very extreme when asserting yourself. In bed you make it a whole damn burlesque performance, you want to be worshiped

Mars in Virgo: in love you may assert yourself in a very passive, subtle but calculated way–like you thought this shit through and are ready to bring out facts, receipts etc 👀, of your partner accused you of cheating?? You’re ready to pull out classified documents showing where you were at exactly what time

Mars in Libra: in love you may assert yourself very charmingly, if that makes any sense, you’re the type that can talk yourself out of any confrontation (like Gemini mars), you use your smooth words against your partner and are very persuasive. But you are very passive-aggressive…you hate fighting with your lover and avoid it at all costs but when you do you do it like a pro. In bed you are oh so gentle and oh so romantic

Mars in Scorpio: oh boy, do I even need to say anything? In love you assert yourself intensely, you are very jealous and most of your anger stems from jealousy and possessiveness over your lover, you don’t like sharing them, they are yours, and when angry with your lovers you are very intense and scary and may use sex against them. If you’re mad at them it means no sex for them, either that or you try to control them through intimacy and sex. In bed you are intense and want to merge completely with a partner

Mars in Sagittarius: so you don’t really get angry over much you’re quite chill but when angry it is expressed in an abundance. With your lovers you assert yourself rather arrogantly and in bed you can be very into trying new things

Mars in Capricorn: when in bed with a partner you can be bossy and kinda kinky 😉

Mars in Aquarius: I feel like in love when acting out sex you are very detached, you don’t like emotional bonding when it comes to sex–also quite kinky

Mars in Pisces: you want to transcend with your partners when making love, its very important to feel close to your spiritual side, can be emotional

DISCLAIMER: these are merely my interpretations, and are just what I think, keep in mind this isn’t your mars placement in everyday life–this is your mars placement in only a specific area of life and that’s in intimate relationships. You won’t be asserting yourself like a mars in Scorpio everyday unless you have this in your natal chart, you’ll assert yourself like one when in love but not in everyday life.


After show, rockin’ my @bettiepagelingerie custom bra and my @orchardcorset 🔥🔥 What a night! 🖤 #montrealpinupqueen #pinupqueen #pinupgirl #modernpinup #pinupmodel #model #bettiepage #bettiepagelingerie #lingerie #orchardcorset #fishnet #burlesque #showgirl #dancer #performer #thewiggleroom #bulletbra #rhinestones #bettiebang #ilovemyjob #aftershow #striporama #production #backstage (à The Wiggle Room)

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So Izzy went and did Burlesque. If you’re not familiar is a dance that tells a story or revels in an a theme, and alot of times it can be sexual and involve items of clothing coming off.

Angel Burlesque asked me to perform in their Vagina Show. The Angel’s are about body positivity, including bodies of all sizes, shapes, ages and bow trans. With the Vagina Show being about women they wanted to include trans members. I got recruited a week before the show. They also had a wonderful speaker, a trans woman body builder Amanda, who talked about Cis ideologies versus Trans.

My act was Sisters from White Christmas. I played a diva outgoing sister. It was cute. Because of how short of time we had to planned, some of our routine was planned the other half was improv. So nerve-racking but know one could tell it was improved so score!

Some of the other acts I saw from the TV in the dressing room was a cookie monster bit. The girl cookie monster loved cookies and vaginas. Half the cast where back up dancers dresses as cookies or vaginas. The cookie monsters pasties were giant googly eyes.

There was a “Let it Flow” number where mother nature comes in and sings about periods. She had worming wings, but the feathers were made of “bloody” pads.

The show ended with Nasty Women based off a Janet Jackson song.

It was such a nice body positive atmosphere. I wouldn’t trade my inclusion into it for the word. Minus the cut I got falling back stage. That sucked haha.