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you know sometimes I think about how Miss Fame is now signed with IMG models Paris and she’s actually making it as a model in drag, and how Violet Chachki was actually hired to perform burlesque, her specialty, while in drag at fucking Dita Von Teese’s show this past January, and how Adore Delano is achingly close to really breaking into the mainstream as a singer, and I just get really emotional that they’re actually making it? these sweet and talented girls are making it as drag queens and it’s incredible

Queer Self-Presentation and Burlesque Auto-Sexuality in Yuri Plisetsky’s “Welcome to the Madness”

PHEW! It’s finally ready for ya! 

Thanks to everyone for patiently waiting. I was overwhelmed with the response to my teaser post about this meta. I’m sorry it took so long to finish… I had to write the academic version for class, then rewrite it to be tumblr-appropriate (I’m still not sure that it is, constructive criticism is welcome!)

I’m hoping that this will contribute to the ongoing conversation about underage characters in fandom, and am looking forward to your asks. I’m a little nervous to be tossing my hat into the Otayuri discourse, but I hope I won’t catch too much hate.

I took out footnotes but included the bibliography at the end. If you have any questions about specific references, send me an ask or DM :)


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So Izzy went and did Burlesque. If you’re not familiar is a dance that tells a story or revels in an a theme, and alot of times it can be sexual and involve items of clothing coming off.

Angel Burlesque asked me to perform in their Vagina Show. The Angel’s are about body positivity, including bodies of all sizes, shapes, ages and bow trans. With the Vagina Show being about women they wanted to include trans members. I got recruited a week before the show. They also had a wonderful speaker, a trans woman body builder Amanda, who talked about Cis ideologies versus Trans.

My act was Sisters from White Christmas. I played a diva outgoing sister. It was cute. Because of how short of time we had to planned, some of our routine was planned the other half was improv. So nerve-racking but know one could tell it was improved so score!

Some of the other acts I saw from the TV in the dressing room was a cookie monster bit. The girl cookie monster loved cookies and vaginas. Half the cast where back up dancers dresses as cookies or vaginas. The cookie monsters pasties were giant googly eyes.

There was a “Let it Flow” number where mother nature comes in and sings about periods. She had worming wings, but the feathers were made of “bloody” pads.

The show ended with Nasty Women based off a Janet Jackson song.

It was such a nice body positive atmosphere. I wouldn’t trade my inclusion into it for the word. Minus the cut I got falling back stage. That sucked haha.

Am I not looking hard enough, or is there seriously not a burlesque performer with a Dungeons & Dragons act who goes by the stage name Critical Bliss? I’ll make twenty-sided pasties and take matters into my own hands if have to, but I’d rather just have the comfort of knowing I live in a world where this already exists.

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What about a one shot from the "grinding" Regina did with a stranger while thinking about Robin from Signed, Sealed, and Delivered? *adjusts halo on head*

OK I had fun.  RATED M

She’s tired of those worried looks, the hushed tones of concern asking Are you sure you’re alright?

She’s tired of Emma Swan looking at her like she sees right through her, offering to stay in and order takeout with her instead of going out for the night with the girls because she knows she’s going through a hard time right now.  

Regina is going through a hard time right now, of course. She misses her husband terribly, but what’s even worse than the dull, and sometimes acute ache of missing him is seeing pity in everyone’s eyes, and having to continually answer their incessant questions as to whether she’s alright by telling them that she is just fine.

But if she continues to withdraw and avoid all nights out, no one will believe her, and the questions will never stop.  If she can’t move on, she should at least be able to play the part of a woman who has done so.

The idea of a bachelorette had been….seemingly perfect.  A night of ogling beautiful people and drinking and spending time with girls, without any lovey-dovey couples reminding her of what she has lost.  Plenty of distractions, with less opportunity for people to focus nervous glances in her direction.

But the thing about bachelorettes is, they are filled with conversations of weddings and marriages and all that stuff that she is really trying to avoid, and she didn’t really think this through when she accepted the invitation.  Excited talk of marriage reminds her of how lovesick she had been as a young, engaged woman, head over heels for her husband.  

So she dulls the pain and annoyance with liquor. Lots of liquor.

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My aerial sphere performance at the Queen of the Pole competition last week.