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The Pastie Project book is about the history of the burlesque pastie by Rosey La Rouge, available in a 7"x7" softcover, or in a special edition 12"x12" hardcover. Rosey’s ultimate dream for this project is to begin to bring to light the the study of burlesque costume as an important aspect of American performing arts costume history.  We have spent the last year and a half researching, gathering images, pasties, photos, and interviews to share both in the book, and as a digital archive that we will pass on to The Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.  We are raising funds primarily as direct preorders to print the book that is already complete, but we also need to cover the costs for photo usage rights, editing, illustration, and design.  Once costs are covered, proceeds from this Kickstarter will be donated to support BHOF and Burlesque Legends.

Needless to say, this has been a challenging project.  Creating, advertising and designing this book has been completely out of pocket, so our resources were very limited, but we have had some much needed help from early backers.  There has been overwhelming support from the burlesque community, and partly because of that, we believe this book WILL achieve our main goals: to give more background information to anyone interested about the history of the pastie, and to display the beauty of the pasties themselves, their construction, and the variety that exists because of the incredible variety of the performers who wear them.

We must meet our goal to go into production, but WHEN we do, our proposed publication date is June 2017, in time for The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender.  Gift packages will be mailed in late June to all donors who purchase a book, and those who donate and purchase playing cards only will receive their decks by May 2017.

We do hope you will consider supporting this project, which focuses on a part of Women’s History in the current political climate, where women’s civil rights are again challenged.  We can’t thank you enough for helping us achieve this little dream at a time when it’s often hard to keep a dream alive. Much love and gratitude to all.

The Pastie Project book goes on PREORDER sale via Kickstarter today!


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