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Just Watch Me

Fandom: Star Wars (Rogue One)

Pairing: Cassian Andor x Reader

As requested by @ly–canthrope  : Well could you please do a cassian x reader where they are on a mission and the reader has to pretend to be/do something cassian doesn’t like but all he can do is watch and he is tempted to drop the mission. Sorry it’s such a bad idea it’s hella early haha. You can add more.

A/N: I made this a modern au. also, lightweight inspired by Burlesque. Also, gets a bit hot. But no smut. Just sensual/sexual dancing.

Being a cop wasn’t that bad. At least, you didn’t see it as bad. You woke up every day ready to throw criminals away and save innocent lives. You liked to think yourself as a superhero. You would joke about it with your partner and boyfriend, Cassian, that you were 

“Cassian! We do what we have to in order to complete this mission! If that means I have to go undercover as a singer at a club then fine!” You threw in some dresses and makeup for your mission. You looked through your closet for some tight clothing that would be acceptable. 

You felt Cassian’s presence behind you, “I don’t think you know what you’re up against, Y/N! You’ll be getting up and personal with some of the city’s most wanted criminals! They’ll put their disgusting hands all over you!”

“I can take care of myself, Cass.” 

Cassian sighed as he circled his arms around you, “I know. I know. I just want you to be safe.” He kissed the nape of your neck and you sighed.

You circled around and put your hands on his cheek, “Baze will be there. He’ll keep an eye on me.” You gave him a quick kiss on the lips, “Now let me finish packing.”

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When I went to the LGBT+ night at the Banqueting House, I made friends with one of the burlesque dancers (actually, she calls it queerlesque which is amazing) and she is so!!! INSPIRATIONAL I LOVE HER she just posts a selfie and I feel ready to do….idk….something regal.

You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in he world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.
—  Dita Von Teese

did you ever in all your days think you would see Blue Brothers inspired burlesque??! well now ya have

Because there’s some confusion about what it is that I do for a living, I thought I’d present you all with…

A List of Weird Things I’ve Been Paid to Do:

• Weld an antique Victorian lamp to the front of a motorcycle.
• Juggle knives at an Edward Scissorhands themed engagement party.
• Help a twelve-year-old Bill Cipher cosplayer put his fake eyelashes on in a grocery store bathroom. (His Dad gave me $5.00)
• Dump the largest bucket of red glitter I’ve ever seen in my life on my friend for her Carrie-inspired burlesque act.
• Make a tiara out of wishbones saved from ten years of family Thanksgivings.
• Write someone’s wedding vows for them.
• Make fake intestines for a haunted house.
• Read history textbooks out loud.
• Teach a little girl how to chop firewood.
• Play the accordion next to a truck selling honey at a farmer’s market.
• Bury half a bathtub in an old lady’s yard so she could make it into a shrine.
• Take Polaroids of someone’s dog.
• Tell ghost stories in an abandoned glass factory.
• Play the cello for a They Might Be Giants cover band.
• Read sad poetry at stand-up nights.
• Do the actual adult job I somehow got despite these things.


Broadway Bares Fire Island Highlights 2015 from Broadway Cares on Vimeo.

Eye-popping photographers, alluring aviators and seductive swingers all found their place in the spotlight on May 30, 2015, as Broadway Bares Fire Island set the stage for a sizzling 25th season of Broadway Bares.

In two standing-room-only shows, 23 of New York City’s sexiest men and women tempted, teased and tantalized sold-out audiences at Fire Island Pines’ Brandon Fradd Theater at Whyte Hall. The evening, which marked Broadway Bares’ return to Fire Island after a one-year absence, raised $55,994.

The show featured frisky fly boys slipping out of their jumpsuits, studly dads, ravishing showgirls, delectable models in skimpy, skin-tight bathing suits and desirable, desert nomads all exploring male and female sexuality, and Fire Island fun and frolic.

Broadway’s Ward Billeisen served as the evening’s host, kicking off the night with an original song, written by Jeff Biering and Michael Lee Scott. Flanked by four lusciously lanky models from his darkroom, Billeisen set the stage for the show’s nod to provocative photography and imagery.

A south of the border beach party raised temperatures throughout the theatre as the chic Jena VanElslander set her sights on luring a sexy British gentleman in the form of Adam Perry. After firmly taking control of the Brit, VanElslander stripped the strapping Perry of his Union Jack undies to reveal an even skimpier leather thong.

Keeping the heat turned up, a close-knit - and scantily clad - group of buddies coaxed their uptight businessman friend, Jakob Karr, to ditch his stuffy suit and let go of himself (and his clothes). In another summer-hot number, the audience was transported to a desert where wandering nomad Colby Q. Lindeman was saved from thirst by Justin Henry, Ramon Thielen and Ryan Worsing dressed in revealing Bedouin-style costumes.

A picture was worth a thousand words as Joshua Buscher-West led a squadron of amped-up aviators in a hard-pounding tribute to the legendary movie Top Gun. Spouse-swapping swingers of the ‘70s came back to life as Shiloh Goodin guided a blindfolded Christopher John Beroiz through an erotic duet before inviting Thielen and VanElslander to join them for a wickedly taunting foursome.

After a high-energy Charleston set to Fountains of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom,” Barrett Davis quickly lost interest in Lauren Gemelli once he saw that “Mom” was actually one of Stacy’s two dads, the hunky, towel-wearing Matt Steffens. Backed by Alex Ringler, Sidney Erik Wright and Karr, Davis ultimately danced his way into the waiting arms of “Mom.”

“Hazel’s Hips” got a new, comical interpretation as Elizabeth Dugas took on the role of waitress Hazel, whose lusty hip thrusts thoroughly entranced the quartet of testosterone-fueled diners Sam Hay, Beau Hutchings, Lindeman and Worsing.

Tom Deckman provided a comical take on an old-school photographer in a number featuring VIP guests Richard Reichgut and Sally Sarfaty, who found themselves onstage as part of the Walk-On Stripper Spectacular ticket package. Sandwiching the fetching Benjamin L. Horen, the VIPs were asked to follow outrageous pantomime instructions that resulted in the gradual undressing of Horen.

Among the more memorable appearances of the night was inspiring Marine-turned-model Alex Minsky, who lost his leg while serving in Afghanistan. Minsky, who made his stage debut in last year’s Broadway Bares: Rock Hard!, arrived on theBroadway Bares Fire Island stage as a sexy beekeeper. He mesmerized bumblebees Cesar Abreu, Davis and Wright, who ditched their disappointed female flowers to focus on shedding Minsky of his beekeeper costume and revealing his muscular, tattooed body.

The evening’s finale featured the entire Broadway Bares Fire Island cast exhibiting their talent and bodies for the last time to the sounds of dance club hit “Uptown Funk.”

As is tradition at every Broadway Bares event, the performance concluded with the cast in Bares’ famous “rotation” - freestyle dancing before the thrilled audience to encourage cash tips carefully tucked into what was left of their costumes.

Broadway Bares Fire Island was directed by Michael Lee Scott and presented in association with Fire Island Pines Art Project. Robert V. Thurber served as production stage manager. The evening was produced by and benefited Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

The event provided an intimate preview of this summer’s historic 25th edition of Broadway Bares, which will fill NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom on Sunday, June 21, for shows at 9:30 pm and midnight. This year’s Broadway Bares: Top Bottoms of Burlesque is inspired by the golden age of Broadway and will feature a cast of more than 150 colorful and carnal characters. Get tickets.

Photos by Daniel Roberts