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I’m a #wierdo @guadalupeinnbk and I had such fun with Salmonella Fitzgerald & the Retro Remix #SalmonellaFitzgerald tonight! #bushwick #brooklyn #burlesque #burlesquenyc #burlesquebrooklyn #nyc #nycburlesque #burlesqueshow #performance #bushwickmusic #bushwickburlesque #darlindajustdarlinda #Repost @vbar531
#radiohead #burlesque #guadalupeinn #bday #im32 #williamsburg (at Guadalupe Inn Brooklyn)

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“There are always going to be places that have a specific or narrower aesthetic of bodies they want to book. I don’t find that to be a particularly body positive environment or philosophy. So that only certain types of bodies get to tell the stories that we tell in burlesque. I have been incredibly lucky in my career to find people in so many places that are explicitly openly body positive. Excited about having diversity along many different identity categories. Not just body shape or size. I have been able to really make a super cool career, and it just feels good.  It feels good to be a visibly non normative body and to take off my clothes in an audience where I am able to make eye contact with other people who have my same body type and for there to be this moment of connection where they understand that they have permission to do whatever the fuck they want.” - Fancy Feast

These are from my shoot with Fancy Feast a few weekends ago. They are part of a burlesque portraiture project that I have been working on for the past year. More work can be seeing on my website: JamesARidley.com. 

Fancy Feast can be found at: http://www.fancyfeastburlesque.com/ you will also find a link to her Facebook and twitter there as well.