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It’s Burlesque- Part 2

Hey guys! Part 2 of It’s Burlesque is here! Hope you enjoy it! Sorry for any gramatical mistakes! Feel free to request anything! ily

Part 1

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word count: 3.8K

Warnings: Smut, cursing, angst

It’s been three months since you decided to join the team and you got much better at fighting. It’s almost like the old times. Everyday you practice during the whole morning with Steve or Nat. Everyone in the team is really nice to you, especially Nat and Wanda. They are so funny and caring, always being with you. Steve is also very good to you. But Bucky is kind of an asshole. At first his teasing was a little bit funny, but now it’s just annoying. Nat explained to you that he wasn’t that much of an asshole, but that he didn’t like getting really close to people so he acted like it.

During this three months, you and the team have been tracking down Hydra. The information you found in the pen-drive wasn’t useful at all. Steve said that it was the bait to get to you. They wanted you to become one of their agents.

“Captain, new information about Hydra just arrived.” FRIDAY’s voice echoes through the building and you look at Steve. Both of you are in the kitchen finishing your breakfast. Natasha and Bucky arrive. “Steve we should go and check it.” Bucky talks while walking to the meeting room. “Nat, get Wanda and Vision and come to the meeting room. I am gonna get Tony and Sam.” You walk beside Bucky to the room. “What’s new, doll?” That stupid smirk is already plastered on his face. “Nothing, but what’s new with you, Bucky? Decided to finally stop being an asshole?” He laughs at you and continues walking to the room. Once you are all in, Tony shows the new information. “Apparently during this months Hydra agents have been recruiting agents from different parts of the world, that’s why they try to get to (Y/N). They want to have some kind of extremely skilled brain-washed army of agents. All of this people are mastered assassins. They are back in New York.” Tony talks while swapping pics of different new Hydra agents. “What are they doing here?” “Looking for you, (Y/N). They probably know you are with us, but they really want you. You are really good at your job, you are silent, fast, skilled. They want an agent like you. They are here for you.” You swallow at Tony’s words. You have an organization of assassins behind you. “I doubt they are planning on attacking the tower.” Nat looks at Steve. “No, they are going to wait until she is alone somewhere.” Wanda looks at you. “What if I go back to The Burlesque?” “Doll, now it’s not the time to be thinking about your hobbies.” You roll your eyes at Bucky. “I know, I’m not stupid. What I’m saying is that I can call Jess, tell her to let me come back just for one night and that will attract Hydra. If they want me, they can come and get me.” “That’s really dangerous, (Y/N). What if they get you?” “They won’t, Steve. I’ve been practicing with you and Nat for a long time. I can handle myself, I swear.” “I’m with her Cap, plus we can be outside, if something goes wrong we get in and help her.” Sam looks at you smiling and then at Steve. “Fine, we’ll be outside the club. Tony I want you to hack the cameras inside so we can have constant vision of the inside.” “Done.” “I need to call Jess.” “Miss (Y/N)” FRIDAY interrupts the reunion. “I already call Miss Jess.” “Hello?” Jess’ voice resounds across the building and you smile. “Hi, Jess! It’s me, (Y/N)!” “Oh my god! It’s been a while! How are you, sweetie?” “I’m fine, Jess. I miss you and the girls.” “We miss you too, baby.” Your smile grows wide. “So… I’m actually calling you because I need to ask you something.” “Okay, shoot.” “I know it’s going to sound really weird, but would you let me come back to the club for one night?” “You want to come back just for one night?” “Yeah, I know it sounds strange, but I really miss it. If it doesn’t matter to you, I will do it for free, Jess.” “Which day?” “Saturday.” “Okay, yeah, fine!” “Really?!” “Sure, you were the start of The Burlesque, I’m going to tell everybody about it! Our little Chastity is back!” You blush like mad when he pronounces your stage name. You can see the smirks on everybody’s face and you look down. “Okay, Jess. I’ll see you. Thank you so much.” “See you, honey!” Steve looks at everyone before speaking again. “Okay, this Saturday we are all going to The Burlesque.”

You are in the gym right in front of the big mirror. Yesterday you called Jess again to talk about the numbers you are going to do. Three numbers that you have to practice because everything needs to go perfect. Before you can start, Bucky enters the room and walks to your side. “Hey, just for you to know, Hydra is already aware of you coming back to The Burlesque. Be ready.” “I am.” Bucky starts walking back but he turns around again. “By the way… Chastity?” “Shut up, it’s just my stage name.” “I know, why did they give you that name? Were you a virgin?” Your cheeks become red and you look at him with wide eyes. “That’s none of your business!” “So you were a virgin?” “No, I wasn’t! They gave me that name because they say I looked to pure to be a cabaret dancer! Are you happy now?” “They were right, you look so pure, so innocent.” Bucky is closer to your face and you start to get nervous. “Well, I was one of the best out there. Still am.” “You sure?” You want to slap his beautiful face. “Sit down.” “What?” “I said, sit down. There.” You point the bench to Bucky and he follows your finger. When he is seated you go to the CD player and choose Give It To Me Right. You start moving your body to the sound of the familiar music. From the corner of your eye, you see Bucky watching every movement. His mouth is slightly open and his hands are gripping the bench. A devious smile appears on your face as you move closer to him. You swing your right leg above his head and sit on his lap. Your faces are almost touching. You can feel his breath going faster. You grab his shoulders and bend your back backward. You get up of him and turn around. You swing your hips knowing that his eyes are glued to your ass. You go behind him, your hands going all the way from his shoulders to his hips. The song ends with your hands still on him. Smirking, you whisper into his ear. “Now look me in the eye and tell me I’m too pure and innocent again.” You can see his adam’s apple bop at your words and his cheeks becoming red. You smile and remove your hands from his body. You go to the CD player and pause the song that just started. When you turn around, Bucky is no where to be seen. You laugh and go back to practicing your numbers.

Today it’s the day. You are in your old dressing room. Jess told you that she hasn’t touched anything or given it to anybody and you really appreciate it. The three dresses you’re supposed to wear are hanging on the closet. You smile at your reflection, everything is going perfect. Your body is tingling with emotion as you walk to the stage. The public starts to clap frantically and you smile sweetly moving your body to the song.
It’s nearly 12:30 and you are ready to start your last number. You are inside one of the curtains when you see a group of man at the back of the hall. They are wearing black suits and you recognize them easily. Before going to the stage, you put your wrist close to your mouth and you speak to the gold bracelet you’re wearing. “Guys they are here.” Before you have time to listen what they have to tell you, you run to the stage and start the show. When the song ends, you run to your dressing room. Steve is giving orders on what you’re supposed to do. “(Y/N) you don’t have much time, put on something, grab the guns and leave. It’s better if we take the fight outside.” “Okay” Entering your dressing room, you know you won’t have time to do everything. You start to hear some screams in Russian, so you decide to grab the guns and your black bomber jacket. You run out of your dressing room while kicking your high heels off of your feet. “Steve, I’m going to the back of the building, it’s gonna be less dangerous for everybody.” “Okay, Sam and Wanda are already there, the rest of us are coming.” You turn a corner only to find two men dressed in black. Before they can say anything you shoot them both, killing them. You run again and finally reach the back door. Sam and Wanda are there ready to fight with you. Steve, Nat, Bucky and Tony arrive just in time. “What about Vision?” You look at Steve. “He stayed home on this one, we thought there were just going to come four or five agents.” “Wait, there’s more?” “There are 24 agents here, (Y/N).” “22.” You look at Steve smiling. “I killed two on my way here.” You shrug your shoulders and the backdoor opens with a loud sound. A bunch of agents appear, one of them is the man that offered you the money. “What do we have here?” His Russian accent echoes in your ears. “My future agent. Grab her.” He grins and all the agents start moving towards you. A big fight starts. You keep shooting at everyone that approaches you, until you’re able to reach the man with the green eyes. “My little slut thinks she can kill me?” He laughs and your blood boils inside you. “I don’t think I can do it, I’m sure I can.” “Try.” You shoot him in the forehead and his body falls backwards. You stay still, surprised that this was so easy. Suddenly, you hear a loud grunt and your eyes grow wide as you see the body of the man you just shoot move again. He gets up and you see there’s no bullet on his forehead. Your mouth hangs open and before you can react he grabs you and throws your body. Your bare legs are full of little cuts and scratches. You touch your head, which hurts like hell, and you see your fingers full of blood. The man is approaching you with his gun on his hand. You try to get up without getting dizzy and grab your gun. You now realize that you are seeing three mans with green eyes. Blinking you try to get back to reality. You see the mans pointing a gun at you and suddenly one hand grabs your waist and pulls you away. The shot of the man’s gun sounds in your ears as you are pulled behind a dumpster. “Stay here.” Bucky looks at you with a serious face. You try to get up and help the team, but as soon as you move a little bit the dizziness hits you like a hammer. Moments later, all the guns stop and everything goes silent. Wanda appears next to you and she helps you getting up. “Wanda did we get them?” “Not exactly, we are going back to the Tower, we will tell Doctor Cho to check that wound on your head and then we will talk.”

The doctor puts a bandage on your head and gives you some pain killers that really help you. You go to the meeting room knowing everyone is there. Slowly you enter and sit next to Nat. “How are you, (Y/N)?” “Fine, better.” “Do you remember what happened?” Steve looks at you searching for answers. “I think my mind is playing tricks on me. I remember weird things.” “I don’t think your brain is playing tricks on you, (Y/N).” Bucky looks at you with a serious face and then you remember. “You pull me away! You pull me away and I almost got him!” “What?! Are you crazy?! He would have killed you!” Your eyes shot open at Bucky. “I don’t need you to protect me, Barnes! And I would have killed him if it weren’t for you!” “Are you fucking kidding me? I saved your life. You would be dead right now if I wouldn’t have pulled you away. None of us can kill that bastard.” “What?” You look at Steve. “(Y/N) I’m with Bucky on this one, you should thank him. He would have killed you.” You look at the rest of the team, they all nod in agreement with Steve and Bucky. “I got him, guys!” “Oh my goodness… Newsflash doll, that man was a mutant. He has the ability to heal extremely fast, making him kind of immortal.” Your brows are furrowed as you look at Bucky and then at Steve. Tony shows you pics of him. “His name is Ubel Nemov. His mother was from Germany and his father was Russian. His mother died when he was just three and he moved to Russia with his father at the age of six. He joined Hydra ten years ago, he has been experimenting with mutation all this years, when he got his formula he started his own mutation.” Tony looks at you. “So no, you didn’t have him.” You roll your eyes at him and look back at Steve. “We need to do something, he’s probably coming back to get you again.” When you leave the meeting room you go directly to your room, the exhaustion of the day falling over your shoulders. Before you can get to your bedroom, a hand grabs your forearm turning you back. “You still haven’t thanked me.” Bucky looks at you smirking. “Why would I?” “Oh come on, I saved you.” “I could have handle myself.” “You are so stubborn, doll.” “You just realize that now?” “By the way, I didn’t like you teasing me on the gym the other day.” “I didn’t tease you, it’s not my problem you can’t control that.” You point at his member smirking. “I will have to get my revenge.” “Bucky I don’t have time for your games.” “You sure about that, doll?” His metal hand grabs your waist and his right hand travels to your chin, tilting your head slightly, leaving part of your neck exposed to him. You can feel his breath below your jawline and your skin shivers. He licks your throat and you let out a moan. You want to punch yourself on the face. You hate the way he gets to you so fast, how he makes your whole body feel like it’s on fire. He leaves light kisses all the way from your throat to your ear. He slightly bits your earlobe and mumbles something to your ear. “It’s a really good moment to say thank you.” You can hear the smirk on his face, but you can’t control your actions. You are lost in the moment and without wanting it you let the words roll off your tongue. “Thank you.” It comes out as a whisper, but he clearly hears it. He removes his hands from your body and you open your eyes, wandering why he doesn’t continue his actions. He is smirking at you and you then realize that this was just a trick to get the words out of you. And it worked. You are so angry you could shot him right now. He taps your nose with his index finger. “You’re welcome, doll.” “You are a fucking asshole, you know that? I hate you so much.” You go inside your room and slam the door shut.

The next day, you go to the gym and everyone is there except for Vision and Tony. “Okay guys, let’s start! Wanda, you’re practicing with me. Nat you go with Sam and (Y/N) you pair up with Bucky.” “No freaking way.” Steve looks at you surprised and he sighs. “Look (Y/N), we are a team. We need to have a good relationship, because this is just a casual training, but maybe tomorrow we are in front of real dangers. We need to have our backs, and we can not afford not talking to each other. So you’re gonna pair up with Bucky and that’s it.” “Fine.” You go in front of him, his smirk already showing on his face. “What’s the matter doll, you scared of me?” “Shut up.” You throw a punch at him but he blocks it with his metal arm and he grins. You quickly hit the back of his knee with your leg making him fall out. You are the one who’s smirking now. He grabs your hand and makes you fall next to him. He rolls over sitting on your lap and placing your hands above your head. You blush and he laughs. “Already blushing, doll?” You lift your knee and hit him, making him fall beside you. You put your legs on his sides and sit on his lap. You try and hold his hands next to his head.

Steve says that the training is over but you and Bucky just keep going at it. “Guys, c’mon, you can stop now.” Steve looks at the both of you still fighting. “Just one moment, pal. She’s about to give up.” “Not even in your wildest dreams, Barnes.” You can see Steve out of the corner of your eye move his head while laughing and then he leaves. The gym is empty except for the two of you. Bucky approaches you and you aren’t able to react before he throws you over his shoulder like that morning when you just met. “What are you doing, Barnes?” “I’m giving up. You are as stubborn as a mule. I’m not planning on fighting you the whole day.” “I win!” You can feel how Bucky is probably rolling his eyes at you and you realize he is carrying you into the locker room. He puts you to the floor and you look at each others eyes. Before you can open your mouth his lips crash to yours desperately. It’s a hungry kiss. He grips your ass and you jump wrapping your legs around his waist. Your hands travel to his hair while his mouth attacks your neck hungrily. You moan and he walks to the nearest wall. Accidentally, you press the button of the shower with your back. You feel the cold water running down your bodies. You kiss Bucky with passion, before separating your lips from his trying to catch your breath. “Bucky someone could enter.” “Doll, everyone have their own bathroom in their rooms, do you really think someone uses this?” “Good point.” You let go of him and take off your sports bra, leaving your chest completely exposed. His mouth travels to your breasts, licking and sucking on your nipples. You let out moans of pleasure while Bucky caresses your body. You unwrap your legs from his waist and take off the rest of your clothes. Bucky copies your actions and you can finally see what is hidden behind his pants. Your eyes grow wide at his big erected member. You feel his eyes go over your body. “God, you’re beautiful.” He grabs your ass and once again you wrap your legs around his waist. He positions himself at your entrance and helps you go down on him. You grip his shoulders until you are more comfortable and you start moving. You moan loudly and Bucky’s breath is faster than you’ve ever heard. “Fuck, Bucky!” Your head falls backwards and he kisses your neck. His hand goes from your ass to where your bodies meet, his thumb being in contact with your clit and moving in circular motions. You start to feel the familiar sensation in your stomach. “Bucky I’m- I’m about to cum.” You can barely form sentences and you moan desperately. “Cum for me baby girl.” He keeps moving his thumb and you finally reach your end, screaming his name. “Fuck, James!” You scratch his back, your words sending him over the edge while he grunts loudly. He grabs your ass again and rest his head in your shoulder. You are both breathing heavily and the water keeps cascading through your bodies. He gets off of you and puts you on the floor carefully. His hands travel to your waist and he rest his forehead with yours. “Do you still hate me, doll?” “I don’t think I can after this…” He laughs and kisses your lips softly. “I’ll be right back.” Bucky leaves you standing in the shower and he comes back with two white towels. He puts it around your body and he put the other one around his waist. You both exit the gym and he walks you to his room. “Bucky I need to go to my room to shower.” “My room has a really nice shower that you can use.” A boyish smile is showing on his face and you laugh at his words. “I like the idea.” You close the door of his room and let your white towel fall to the floor.

You wake up, your legs feeling sore at what happened yesterday. You smile at the thought of Bucky and you together.
You walk into the kitchen with your pajamas still on. The only one there is Bucky. You say hello to him happily, but he seems mad. “Something wrong?” You sit next to him and he looks at you. “What does yesterday make us?” You are surprised he is asking you this. “What do you mean?” “I mean, what are we? Are we supposed to be boyfriend and girlfriend? Because I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He’s quiet while saying this and you can feel the deception coming at you. You thought about having a relationship with him. Maybe it’s too soon? Maybe he is right and it’s not a good idea… Maybe you should stick with just having sex. You want to be mad at him, but you know you can’t. He has done nothing to you. “I think it’s a better idea to be friends with benefits, (Y/N).” You want to reject, you don’t want to be his fuck toy, but at the same time you know you can’t resist him. “Fine. Friends with benefits.”

A bad day always goes better with a bold lipstick. I find comfort in feeling glamorous.
I recall an encounter with my ex-husband at a party in West Hollywood. It was a cordial face-to-face, certainly far more cordial than our previous meeting at his manager’s home a few years before, to discuss the details of our divorce. Do you know what he said to me at the party? What he remembered most about our last visit was the way I looked. “You really turned on the Dita Von Teese that day,” he remarked. “I won’t ever forget how incredible you looked when you walked out that door.”
—  Dita Von Teese, Your Beauty Mark, 2015.

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