burlap blue


We love burlap curtains with a pop of personalization.  Add a touch of flair to your drapery with colorful trim that’s full of pattern.  This easy DIY showcases your personal style while sprucing up your home decor.  

Customizing your curtains can be done easily and affordably.  After selecting your fabric and trim, lay your drapery flat on the floor and align your trim (you can use a ruler and pencil to keep it level if needed).  Following your guide line, use adhesive to attach the trim and hang! 

What goes great with this project?  A playlist. Get your weekend “To-Do” to a “Ta-Da” listening to our favorite songs this week:

tersaseda  asked:

CS + 35

Emma’s still getting her bearings, blinking, trying to swallow her guts down from where they’re somewhere in her mouth and her heart in her stomach and everything out of place from their journey through time and space (warn a girl, please) and taking stock of her new outfit (burlap chic and a blue cloak, not all that flattering, but she supposes she doesn’t want to draw attention) when she hears Killian make a sound she’s never heard him make. It’s not pain, not exactly, but —

She looks up at him and stares. Somehow he’s come out of this much better than she has (that brown coat — mother of — ) but more than that, he’s holding up not one, but two hands in front of his face, two whole real working hands, an unexpected corollary of whatever spell Gold did to send them after Zelena, into the past. Moving the fingers, entranced, not daring to speak or look away, barely holding back tears.

At last he looks up at her, sees her watching. Smiles painfully. Can’t quite seem to get his breath.

“Swan,” he says huskily. “Can I… can I just… hold your hands? Just for a moment? Before we go?”

Emma doesn’t hesitate at all. Outstretches both of them, and he comes closer, crushing her fingers in his, pressing them against his chest, running his thumbs over her palms, in a trance. Something hot and wet falls on her skin. She pretends she doesn’t notice. Waits. Understands. Like a broken piece fitting into her own heart as well.

“Come on,” she says at last, very gently. “Let’s go hunt that witch.”

anonymous asked:

Caryl prompt: father's day ♥

Even after all these years, it was still a strange sight for Carol to be moving through the aisles of a dilapidated store to find one of her team standing there: wielding weapons and grabbing supplies.

That day, it was Judith. The 14 year old was standing in the special event gift card aisle, her black Glock in one hand, aimed down and away. Her other hand was pulling out cards one by one, opening and reading them.

“Psst,” Carol hissed to get her attention.

Judith started slightly, glancing at her. She looked past her and assessed the situation: no danger, no walkers, no alarms going off. Carol saw the girl relax.

“What are you doing?” she asked, drawing closer.

Judith’s blue burlap bag was on the floor, packed full of cigarette lighters, gloves, and tampons. Carol could also see a number of cards that she had already stashed in the bag. The girl mouthed soundlessly for a moment, then shrugged and dropped the card in her hands into the bag as well.

“Just…stocking up.”

Carol could hear Tara and Sasha at the other end of the store arguing about the usefulness of hula hoops, and she sighed, looking to Judith.

“What for?”

Judith frowned and then gestured to the cards. “Carl’s been telling me about some of the old holidays. I mean…I know about Christmas and birthdays and, Valo…Valentine’s Day and stuff…but here recently he told me about Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. According to Rosita’s calendar thing, Father’s Day is coming up…and I wanted to…I dunno…He said you used to give cards for things like that.”

Carol softened. “That’s right…You know one card usually suffices though?”

Judith cocked her head. “Yeah, well, they don’t have Uncles Day or…do they?” When Carol shook her head with a smile, Judith shrugged. “I mean, I don’t know how family stuff worked before…before, but it seems a little…not right to just thank Dad for raising me, when it feels like Glenn, Daryl, Carl, Abe…even Eugene…have all been there too, s’long as I can remember.” She paused, fidgeting once. “Is that stupid?”

Carol shook her head. “Not at all. I think it’s a wonderful idea.”

“It…It’s not gonna freak anybody out, is it?”

“How do you mean?”

“I mean…I know Abe had kids that he lost. Getting a Father’s Day card isn’t gonna make him go all…Sad Mustache…is it?”

Carol pursed her lips. “It might a bit, and that’s your call…but I think he’d appreciate it all the same.”

“And it won’t send Daryl up a tree? He gets weird about stuff sometimes.”

Carol chuckled, and Judith picked up her bag. They started back toward the others.

“I wouldn’t worry about him. Got everything you need?”

“Yeah…I stocked up on Mother’s Day cards last time.”