Sticks N’ Stones And The Garden Of Phea

Emily Fickeltin is not exactly the most popular girl at her school. In fact, she is constantly subjected to humiliation by her classmates. Kids can be cruel and it doesn’t help that she happens to be overweight. Refusing to deal with the abusive remarks of her peers any longer, Emily turns her back on the school and walks away with no particular destination in mind.

Upset and seeking escape from reality, Emily comes across Phea’s garden. She befriends a woman named Phea, who has a very unique point of view, and a rabbit, and together they run from their demons with hopes of being accepted.

The Garden of Phea is Emily’s equivalent of Narnia or Wonderland. Soon after discovering the garden, Emily finds out that she isn’t the only one with something she hopes to leave behind.

This story is a well-written fantasy tale of how a young girl deals with real-life problems by finding friends in those with situations similar to her own. It’s great to find a book where the main character has to struggle with actual issues, such as victimization as a result of physical qualities.

Angela Burkhead is definitely an author to watch.