Lawmaker Introduces Bill Banning Conversion Therapy in Mike Pence's Name
The Prevention of Emotional Neglect and Childhood Endangerment — or PENCE — would block the harmful practice of trying to “change” the sexual orientation or gender identity of LGBT minors in New York's Erie County.

“Erie County, N.Y., legislator Patrick Burke is trolling the vice president-elect by introducing a law banning conversion therapy under his name. Known as the Prevention of Emotional Neglect and Childhood Endangerment - or PENCE for short - the legislation, if passed, would make the New York county just one of a few municipalities to block the practice. Currently, five states, D.C., and several cities prohibit the use of conversion therapy on minors.

The name is a direct jab at Mike Pence’s 2000 congressional campaign website, which openly supported the harmful practice of attempting to “change” the sexual orientation or gender identity of LGBT minors.

On that website, Pence advocated that federal funding earmarked for “organizations that celebrate and encourage the types of behaviors that facilitate the spreading of the HIV virus” be instead redirected toward “those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.” The program he wanted to defund, the Ryan White Care Act, provides life-saving resources for people living with HIV.

Burke told WBFO, Buffalo’s NPR affiliate, that given Pence’s impending role in the White House, raising awareness about his antigay history is important.

“Mike Pence is probably going to have the most power of any vice president in the history of our country and he has openly advocated for conversion therapy,” he said. “I want that to sink into people. I want them to realize it’s a serious issue of abuse of children flatly, whether they are gay or not, it’s abuse, then you have a man who is going to have enormous power over all of us, who advocates for it.”

“This practice has no business in our society and really the idea of trying to sexually desensitize children is disgusting and disturbing,” Burke added.

The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network, a national LGBT youth organization, has been advocating to ban conversion therapy for the past 15 years and applauded the proposed bill in an interview with NBC OUT.

“GLSEN commends Legislator Burke for introducing legislation to ban conversion therapy in Buffalo,” said executive director Eliza Byard. “It is a harmful and discredited practice that uses rejection, shame, and psychological abuse aimed at changing one’s sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.”

Read the full piece here

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beatgenerationproductions Had the pleasure of meeting Tom Burke from BBC’s The Musketeers yesterday. As a long time fan of Dumas & the tv series was good to meet that swashbuckler Athos. Top bloke and a gent too. #themusketeers #bbcdrama #actorslife

Okay but what about the other kind of absolute fave?

There’s that post going around about characters who captured you at first sight, and I have a lot of them…but there are the others  whom I at first dismissed with a ‘meh, walking trope’ or was actively annoyed by…

…and then there was ~~~Character Development~~ or we saw their Tragic Backstory™. The story cracked them open and peeked inside and there was so much more to them*. Then I was like “oh, hello,  bb, i’m so sorry I underestimated you,” hopelessly entranced.

* For me the selling point is usually a nice chewy center of self-loathing.

anonymous asked:

So, I agree with your argument that rightism / conservatism (as advocated by Burke, for example) is not inherently "bad", i.e. racist, bigoted etc. What bothers me, though, is that, looking at the programme of parties such as the Tories during the last 50 years, racism, prejudice and hatred were just some of the most dominant themes. How does that fit into your argumentation? not meant as an attack / challenge, just curious to hear your thoughts :)

Well, I would argue that there’s a lot of left wing people who 50 years ago were heavily homophobic. The history of Communist parties persecuting homosexuals for instance, is fairly well known. 100 years ago even left-wing republicans were racist or at lest subscribed to the racial theories of the day. Many left wing men in even the 1920s weren’t up for giving women the vote too for instance.

So my point is that while certain conservative parties do have a tendency to be more prejudiced, conservatism in itself, as an ideology, isn’t inherently racist or homophobic or sexist. It’s like when you go read Adam Smith he’s not saying that people are poor because they deserve to be poor, that’s a posterior reading that idiots make of AS.


So now that it’s over I can finally show you guys the covers I did for the Watson Washington convention this year :D

I don’t think I’ve ever drawn this many faces properly together in one place D:

Thanks @sherlock-seattle for the opportunity, it was a lot of fun!


televison meme: [4/10] seasons → Grey’s Anatomy season two
↳ As doctors, we’re trained to be skeptical, because our patients lie to us all the time. The rule is, every patient is a liar until proven honest. Lying is bad. Or so we are told constantly from birth; honesty is the best policy, the truth shall set you free, I chopped down the cherry tree, whatever. The fact is, lying is a necessity. We lie to ourselves because the truth? The truth freaking hurts.

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