burk's falls


I’ll admit I’ve done a lot of things in my life that I’m not proud of. No. No, that’s not true, I’m proud of most of them. But what I’m about to do today…this is gonna be good.


Model Alicia Burke for Jason Wu Fall 2017 R-T-W Video Credit: Miroslava Duma


Still haven’t found Neal. We got a detail outside. Yeah, I saw. As if he’d be careless enough to come here.


Traveling has been an important part of my life, yet I have done very little of it. My yearning for exploration and unfamiliar territory has become stronger and stronger the older I get and the more places I trace along in maps. I enjoy the thought and concepts of nomadic lifestyles, even though I have not lived one, the idea of never settling and finding home on the road has become more and more appealing to me. I take small trips and document my progress as a way to appease my want to live on the open road, but someday that dream will become a reality. Here are 10 of my favorite photos I’ve taken over the past three years. I was recently sorting through my film negatives and compiled these as personal favorites and highlights on the few places I’ve been lucky enough to experience. From a week alone in my car, driving from the beaches of Southern California, to the Mojave Desert and Yosemite Mountains, to the Bay Area and all that the California Coast has to offer. Subway stations and High line parks in New York, the Salton Sea and snow covered road sides in Arizona on my way to The Grand Canyon. Sunsets and glowing clouds, smiling faces and out of the ordinary situations. Usually with very little planning, I’m usually flying by the seat of my pants and still having the time of my life, I find comfort in uncomfortable situations, because “fuck it” thing always tend to work out.