buried clothes

Methods for Spells

TO BIND- wrap in black thread, drip wax over, or seal in a jar and hide it in the dark.

TO BANISH- burn an effect to ash and sweep off the back door step, cast it out a window, or bury in the ground and spit on it

TO ENCOURAGE-  plant it by the front door/steps, bury by a window, or place it on a windowsill

TO HIDE- place in a jar painted black, cover with cloth and bury, or wrap with a ribbon

TO CLEANSE- bury it in a bowl of  salt, burn herbs and pass through the smoke, or lay it in a moonwater bath

TO GLAMOUR- leave under the full moon, hold its reflection over a mirror with herbs, or 

TO WISH- place before a candle and blow it out, drown a coin in water, or let seeds blow into the wind

TO COMMUNICATE- (with a spirit or deity) - anoint a candle, leave out offerings, or open the front doors and windows

TO WARD- leave part of the spell in four corners, draw lines around the protected area, or plant an object of projection in the north, east, south, and west edges

TO CURSE- spit on it, drag your nails down it, or stick sharp things in it

TO DISCOURAGE - plant or bury by the back door, or burn to ash

TO JINX- say it three times out loud, or say a word the same time as someone else

TO MANIPULATE - use wax, use poppets, or tie several strings to pieces of an effect

TO BENEFIT - light a candle, charge a crystal, or create a talisman

Von’s Elemental Money Spell

You’ll Need: 

A candle (green preferably, but any will do)/ Something to represent Fire

A vial of Moon Water/Something to represent Water

Incense/Something to represent Air

Coffee/Something to represent Earth

Something to represent your Deity/the Universe/Spirit

A Drawing of a Pentacle/A pentacle cloth/A pentacle

A sigil for prosperity on a piece of paper/bay leaf

Something to contain your spell, I chose a small pebble from a water fountain, it must be something you’re willing to lose/bury.

A small bowl/cloth/shell (willing to bury)


Get into a meditative state.

Place the coffee/Salt in the Earth branch of the pentacle

Place the water in the Water branch of the pentacle

Light the candle and place it in the Fire branch of the pentacle

Light the incense and place it in the Air branch of the pentacle

Place what you chose for spirit in the Spirit branch of the pentacle

Place what you chose to receive the spell in the middle. 

Optionally, you can also form a crystal grid, with a crystal empowering each branch of the pentacle in addition to the associations (I did).

The Spell: 


“Mother Earth, Raise your riches up to me. (Touch your earth association)

Father Sky, Carry to me opportunity. (Touch your air association)

Brother Fire, Burn away any obstacles. (Touch your fire association, don’t get burnt)

Sister Stream, Lead me to what I seek. (Touch you water association)

Lord Loki (Goddess, Lady and Lord, The Universe, Your Deity, Your spirit, anything) this spell oversees. (Touch your Spirit Association)

This will be mine, so mote it be.” (Touch the spell recipient.)

Burn the sigil, keep the ashes. 

Meditate while holding the spell recipient, until it throbs. 

Mix a drop of water, the ashes of the sigil, the coffee and the ashes of the incense together (if you didn’t use incense, just use the hard end of a feather to mix everything up) and keep them in the money corner of your house/room/office.

Keep the spell recipient on you, or touch it daily until desired effect takes place. 

Bury the ashes and the spell recipient.

Ⓧ This spell has been tested . (It worked the next day)

Ⓧ This spell is my own.


Per Ohlin AKA Dead was the lead vocalist for the black metal band Mayhem, to a large number of metal fans Dead is viewed as a legend. He was responsable for doing the first Corpse Paint, due to wanting to look like a corpse on stage. He would often bury his clothes 3 weeks prior from the show so they could have a grave like look, he even begged his fellow band members to bury him along with his clothes so his skin would look like he had risen from his grave. (Per “Dead” Ohlin 1969 - 1991)


lite smut, fluff

it was cold outside so, you had the heat booming and episodes of your favorite tv show rolling. your little sister, yenan cuddled up by your side with the hugest grin on her face.

“is he here?! is that him!?” she jumped up in excitement at the sound of a car door.

you shrugged. “it could be him, im not sure.”

sometimes, you thought that your little sister was more in love with dean than you were. she’s basically his #1 fangirl. she knows all of his songs which is super shocking since his songs are in korean and she only speaks english.

lucky for her, she’s been backstage at a few of his performances with you. it’s so cute when they see each other, she buries herself in his clothes, does a little handshake that they made up with him and then she’d sit on his lap and play with his hair until you got noticeably jealous.

you were definitely the jealous type when it came to dean. he was yours and only yours but sometimes, even your sister seemed to get in the way. it was whatever though.

“dean!” yenan screamed at the top of her lungs as she ran to open the knocking door.

“yenan-ah!” dean picked her up by her under arms and swung her around.

feeling a little jealous at how they acted towards each other, you cleared your throat. “hey dean.”

his eyes switched over to yours. ‘damn.’ he thought to himself. your eyes were intimidating him. he knew he fucked up, giving all of his attention to yenan instead of you.

“hey jagiya.” he sat down beside you, pecked your lips and pulled you into a quick hug.

immediately, you recognized that smell that you loved. his cologne was titled ‘bad boy’ but it smelled sweet and innocent, kind of like candy. that was the smell you craved. you craved it so much and at the moment, you couldn’t do anything about it.

“did you miss me?” he nudged you.

“i missed you dean!” you rolled your eyes at your attention seeking little sister.

“shut up yenan.” you pulled her scrunchie out of her hair, causing her curls to fall all over her face.

“yah y/n why you do that?!” she ran away, probably to her room to fix her hair.

“somebody’s jealous.” dean teased you.

you rolled your eyes and masked your smile. he was right, you were jealous. as soon as he came through your door, he was supposed to be all over you, not yenan. it was time to play a little hard to get.

“yupp.” you said as plain as you could.

“yahh don’t act like that. what did i do?” he asked.

you shifted to your side and focused back on the television. you squeezed in a few fake laughs as the minutes past until he realized what you were doing.

“dean! i’m leaving, mommies here bye!” yenan came running back into the living room with her backpack on and stuffed animal in her arms.

“bye my caramel princess. and tell eomma i said hey.” he kissed the top of her head and let her go after saying her goodbyes to you.

as soon as the door shut and the two of you were alone, dean got closer to you and whispered in your ear, “what’s up with you?”.

you bit down on your lip hoping that he didn’t hear the slight moan that escaped your lips. but, he did. you hated when he could control you. when he would make you moan, it meant that you were basically under his control. he knew that most things he did could turn you on. like, just the sound of his voice, his presence or his soft touch.

“nothing.” you responded.

“oh, really? so why didn’t you talk to me for ten fucking minutes?” he placed his index finger on your chin and turned your face to face his.

“because, i was jealous.” you spat out.

he smirked, looked down and back at you. that look fucking killed. every single inch of his face was carved perfectly. his eyebrows gave a mischievous look to his face along with his high cheekbones and tanned skin. he looked like a playboy.

“you were jealous of your nine year old sister? baby if attention is what you want i’ll give it to you.” he kissed your lips.

his lips fit perfectly with yours. although yours were a bit more thicker than his, it still felt satisfyingly equal.

“i want something else..” you decided to make the real first move.

you reached for his pants zipper bit he stopped you. confused as to why he did let you proceed, you looked at him. “what?”

“you wanna do it on the couch? or in bed?” he asked, not even caring about your answer since he most definitely wanted to do it in bed.

ignoring your answer, he picked you up in one swift and carried you to your bedroom. he leaned into you which made you fall backwards onto the bed.

as he left soft wet kisses on your neck, you ruffled his hair around with your fingers. you learned that that fueled him up. it made his performance ten times better than it could’ve been if you didn’t play around in his hair.

“hyuk..” you titled your head back. you were so busy thinking about how good he was that you didn’t realize that he had already peeled your underwear off.


sooner than later, your room filled up with a mix of moans and groans from both you and hyuk. sex with him was amazing. he was gentle but rough at the same time. he would tell you how beautiful your skin and hair is while pounding the shit out of you and you liked it. scratch that, you loved it.

“babygirl look at me while i fuck you.” he grunted as he held your leg up on his shoulder.

the amount of pleasure that you got from this position was unbearable, so instead of trying to escape it, you closed your eyes and bit down on your lip. he hated when you closed your eyes while he fucked you so he would anyways tell you to open them and look at him.

you fought everything that you had in you to keep them fixed on his, staring back at him through your thick lashes gave him such a drive.

“don’t ever ignore me again..” he ordered you.

“yes… i won’t ignore you” you sat up on your shoulders to watch him stroke into;out of you.

suddenly, he sped up his pace. most likely because he was near. realizing the stiffening in your legs, you too were near. “say my name y/n.”

“hyuk…hyuk…hyuk…hyuk..!” you moaned aloud.

he slowed down as his strokes became a sloppy mess. he fell on the side of you after you came together. you rolled over into his chest and kissed the chisel of his jaw.

“you’re not on the pill anymore are you? i haven’t…you know for awhile.” hyuk asked, getting rid of the comfortable silence.

you thought of the last time you even took the pill. you damn sure couldn’t remember. “ahh no.”

“i can’t believe im having a blasian kid.” he lightly chuckled.

your eyes widened out of shock at what your boyfriend had just said. hearing that made you the happiest girl on earth. this meant that, he wasn’t going to care about what his parents would think when he tells them the unconfirmed news. it meant that he wasn’t scared. it meant that you were possibly going to have your own little family with the man you loved.

“go get a test.” you sat up with the sheets thrown over your shoulders.

it had been a long time since you saw hyuk move as fast as he did to put on his clothes and head out the door. he was so excited that he forgot all about a shower.

what if you were pregnant? how would your mom react to it? she would probably think that you’re too young and that it’s too early to start having kids when you just graduated from college. the thought of her reaction made you feel a bit worried so you prayed that it would be a good one. that is, if you were pregnant.

you got out of bed and headed to the bathroom to shower.


“is it finished yet?” hyuk yelled from the living room.

you checked the clock on your phone and the five minutes that you had to wait were up. slowly, you turned the test over and indeed, you were pregnant.

trying to not be obvious at all, you covered the smile that formed on your lips with your resting bitch face. you walked into the living area and sat beside hyuk, handing him the test after telling him to close his eyes.

“okay, 1, 2, 3 open them.”

he quickly opened them and looked down at the small test in his hands. with just his mouth in the shape of an o, and his watery eyes, you could tell that this was indeed a very special moment for him.

“im gonna…be a…father.” he said in english.

you pecked his cheek and leaned into him. he wrapped his arms around you and lightly sobbed until he remembered that he was man and sucked it up.

“we should tell our parents.” he coughed to cover up the fact that he was just crying.

you giggled. “you’re really gonna pretend like you weren’t just crying?”

“baby i wasn’t, i’m a man.” he pouted.

“whatever you say hyuk.” you picked up your phone and dialed your mom’s number.

“hello?” she answered on the second ring.

“yea eomma, i have some news. are you listening?” you took in a deep breath.

dean noticed your nervous state, so he intertwined his fingers with yours to reassure that everything would be fine.

“yeah go ahead.” she responded.

“well, i’ve took a pregnancy test. and it says that im pregnant.” you smiled a little at the fact that you could say that now.

“you’re what?!” she sounded happy.


“i heard! wait until i tell yenan! i just can’t believe it my baby’s pregnant i gotta tell everyone child im-… where’s dean?” you didn’t know this, but she was jumping around in her place of work.

everyone’s eyes were on her with the thought, ‘what the hell’s gotten into her?’

“right here eomma!” he spoke into the phone.

“congratulations.. i’ve got to go.” she finally calmed down same caught her breath.

“ok mom we’ll talk later.” you hung up the phone and looked over at dean who was dialing his parents number.

“hello eomma? is appa there with you? i have important news.” he softly spoke into the phone.

he put it on speaker, so that you could hear. “yes he’s here, what is it?”

“y/n is pregnant.” he bit down on his lip, hoping for a good reaction.

“what? you’re not married to her hyuk! what if she’s using you for-”

“she’s not, i will marry her. i love her and she loves me. just because she’s foreign it doesn’t mean that she’s different. you have to trust me eomma.” his eyes shifted over to you, he was shocked that you kept a smile on your face.

“i see..” she sighed.

“we’ll support you hyuk. we’ll support the both of you and congratulations to you and y/n. i can’t wait to see my grandchild.” his father spoke into the phone with his soothing and reassuring voice.

“thanks appa. we’ll talk later.” hyuk hung up the phone and tossed it to the side.

“you good?” he asked you, lightly tugging on one of your curls.

you nodded. his mother liked you, and you could see where she was coming from. that was her culture so you couldn’t really be upset with it. hopefully, she’ll be more accepting of the fact that you’re going to be carrying her son’s child. hopefully.

“i put a baby in you..” he poked your stomach. “that’s so sexy.”

you giggled at his stupidness and straddled him, unexpectedly. “promise me we’ll be alright.”

“y/n i promise you we’ll be alright. fuck what a hater gotta say. you’re mine and i’m yours. we’re together until the end.”


lite smut cause, i didn’t want to go into detail with that stuff yet. i hope that you still like it.

keep requests coming cause i love getting requests 💗


Top: Matilda Alice Powles, more commonly known by her drag stage name, Vesta Tilley. Tilley was one of the most famed English drag kings of the late Victorian era. 

Bottom: Ella Wesner, likewise was also a highly influential drag king from New York during the same time as Tilley. Wesner was known for her scandalous female love affairs. She also requested to be buried in her male clothing upon her death.

Ritual To Invite Spirit Contact

This spell is designed to let a specific spirit know that you are open to communication. It includes protective elements to avoid attracting negative entities.

*It is important to research the side effects of herbs before coming into contact with them. One should also keep in mind their personal allergies and medications taken when ingesting herbs. Your safety is more important than an ingredient.*


  • Dried Rose Hip (2 or more)
  • Clove incense
  • Dandelion (one stem and flower)
  • Mint leaf or scent, in any natural form
  • An item that relates to the spirit you wish to contact
  • A Brown or White candle


  • Light your Clove incense and your candle.
  • Sit with your item in your hand. Rub it clockwise.
  • Picture the spirit as you know it in your mind. Verbalize your openness to receiving communications (if you are unable to verbalize this or do not feel comfortable you can think it instead).
  • Take your rose hip and dandelion. Wrap them together (with string or cloth). Bury them under your doorstep (if you do not have a traditional doorstep you can put it on your porch, hang it in your doorway, or bury it by an entrance).
  • Leave a window or door open (it could be slightly open or fully open) for one hour.
  • Be sure to pay attention to little signs and happenings after performing this ritual and be sure to try and remember your dreams!

This spell is dedicated to my Grandmother, Marie, who I never had the chance to meet during her short time on earth. I hope to see you someday.

Looking for RP

I’ve never done this before, but I have a hard time finding RP organically, so I guess maybe I’ll try reaching out on Tumblr.

I don’t have anyone to RP on Portia with other than sometimes visiting the FC house for babysitting needs, and would really rather enjoy her meeting new and interesting people and groups.

As some of you may know, Lady Portia Bartel is a noblewoman of Gridania. She’s about age 28, and is a single mother. Her four-year-old Luna is a bright and adventurous little girl with a knack for magic even at her young age. And wherever Luna is, her pet tapir Cake is sure to be near.

Portia is polite, loves children, generous with her wealth, but also holds a great many secrets and dark history. She is obsessed with acting lady-like, flusters easily around improper behavior, as well as around Elezen (they make her uneasy). She also has a deep-seeded hatred for miqo’te tribes, but keeps it buried.

Mainly she wears clothing that covers her, but she is covered to neck, wrist, and ankle in rune-like tattoos.

Those who might want to meet her:

  • Anyone who wants to meet a nice mom
  • Poor/homeless characters looking for work
  • Nobles from different cities
  • Other parents
  • Random person on the road in need of rescuing 
  • Seeker miqo’te who might be related (her birth parents/tribe are unknown to her, but would be an interesting plot to one day get to do)

I’m also down to be pulled into any plots, since I haven’t been involved in anything like that in so long and I miss the adventure.

Please send me messages if you are interested!

When Luna Lovegood is twelve years old, she finds a box full of her mother’s clothes buried in a closet. None of the garments fit her, and almost all bear holes and scorch marks from her mother’s experiments, but Luna salvages what she can. She teaches herself to sew by hand, and pieces scraps together to fashion patchwork robes, as well as dresses and skirts.

Luna’s first attempts are messy and unpolished, with fraying edges and uneven stitches. She wears them with pride, despite her classmates’ teasing, because it’s like carrying a piece of her mother with her.

By fourth year, Luna’s sewing skills have improved enough for her to sew a quilt. After the battle at the Department of Mysteries, when Luna begins to have nightmares for the first time since she was a small child, she wraps it tightly around herself and tries to remember the feeling of being held in her mother’s arms.

Scraps of fabric in every color find their way into the rainbow of Luna’s wedding gown, and Pandora is there to walk her daughter down the aisle. When Luna’s sons are born, she takes apart her first clumsily-sewn garments, and sews the pieces, along with scraps of clothes she and Rolf wore as children, into two small blankets for them.

As she watches her children grow, Luna begins to find pieces of her mother in each of them, like picking out bits of cloth in a quilt of many colors. She sees her in Lorcan’s silver-blue eyes and endless curiosity, in Lysander’s easy smile and quiet compassion, and she remembers words spoken to her long ago: “Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.”

When your character is lying in the dark and the pain and then their rescuer finally arrives and they’re gasping their name in disbelief and grabbing for them and they’re clinging to them so tightly and grasping fistfuls of their clothes and burying their face in their shoulder and accidentally smearing blood on their shirt and sobs of relief are wracking their whole body and it’s over, it’s finally over.

I struggle a lot with body image and body dysmorphia and lately it’s been even harder. I’m at the heaviest I’ve ever weighed and it’s so difficult to not focus on the parts of my body that I hate and that none of my clothes fit and hating that I feel like I need to be thinner in order to be happy. and feeling that I need to be thinner so my family can stop commenting on how fat Ive become. I’m trying to be ok with my body. and somedays I really am. and somedays I feel so gross and huge and I want to bury myself in clothes and food, and that’s ok too.

it's not easy being green

For green bean anon:

imagine a pocket sized you with your arms crossed and seething as you watch taehyung cuddle with his kermit the frog plushie. taehyung usually asked you for naptime cuddles, but lately he’d turned to this ugly green abomination for warmth instead. you decide to take matters into your own hands, and when taehyung loosens his grip, you snatch the offending toy away and drag it under his bed. you snicker as you shove kermit under a dirty pile of clothes, effectively burying him alive, and brush your hands together, thinking to yourself good riddance. you turn to walk away from the crime scene but get stopped dead in your tracks at the sight that greets you. taehyung’s crescent-eyed smile is upside-down and shining with amusement as his body hangs halfway off the bed to watch the nefarious scene occurring underneath it. he tells you that you didn’t have to commit murder for cuddles; you’ll always be his favorite cuddle buddy. you pout but come out from under the bed anyway and reclaim your spot in taehyung’s arms. he snuggles you closer to his neck and you sigh contentedly as you breathe in his cologne and drift to sleep.

110 predictions (after 109 spoilers)
  • ayura&tetora: ... so we want you to accompany us to the sei empire
  • yoon: sei... u mean beyond our borders?
  • a&t: yes
  • yoon: sei as in... "abroad"?
  • a&t: yes
  • hhb:
  • hhb:
  • yoon: yona go get me an emergency sewing kit and clothes, thunder beast buy all medicine that's on the list, jae-ha ki-ja and shin-ah you're getting checked get in line immediately I CAN SEE YOU ZENO NO YOU'RE NOT GETTING CHECKED I KNOW YOU'RE PERFECTLY FINE
  • hhb: yes mom
  • a&t: ???
  • a&t: what's going on?
  • yoon: oh just a simple disaster prevention drill
  • a&t: but why???
  • yoon: we're allergic to abroad

There are some days when I want to feel girly, flirty, and fun, and I’ll wear cute shorts and a nice top or throw on a dress. I love to be able to throw on one-piece outfits, like rompers and dresses, things that are easy to pair with bits of jewelry and shoes and look really put together but are also extremely comfortable. And then there are other days I want to be completely bundled up in like a million layers of sweaters, jeans, and boots—just buried inside of my clothing. It’s whatever grabs me in the moment.