burial scene

Two households, both alike in dignity,
In fair Verona, where we lay our scene, 
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, 
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean. 
From forth the fatal loins of these two foes 
A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life; 
Whose misadventured piteous overthrows 
Do with their death bury their parents’ strife. 

Dog of War: Prologue

The Tactical Visor had been his second chance, a way for him to continue to fight, to find answer for what had happened in Zurich. It wasn’t supposed to tear his life apart for a second time, leaving him unable to tell friend from foe, slowly slipping into a crimson stained world.

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

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My Thoughts On Owari

Owari was awesome, it got me emotional at the beginning and at the end, the Shredder fight was awesome but it should have been longer.

Seth Green’s voice acting is brilliant, you could hear the emotion in his voice.


I loved that everyone was there for Splinter’s burial. The scene was so moving without the dialog.

I won’t mention Pidgeon Pete’s appearance (We don’t talk about Pidgeon Pete)

Leo talking to spirit Splinter was amazing and sad. Leo saying “I can’t go on without you Father” hit me straight in the feels.

I liked that the Turtles visted Karai in hospital, they must have did a lot of stealth to get past the doctors or did they climb through a window. I like that Mikey is trying to reason with Karai to tell them where Shredder’s new hideout is. He is right though if he killed the Turtles then he would go for April and Casey and there families, The Mutanimals, Karai, Shinigami. Shredder would kill anyone connected to the Turtles. So they have to take down as soon as possible.

Leo holding Karai’s hand was so cute.

I wonder how long Karai was unconscious for because she knew about Splinters death when the Turtles visited her in the hospital. It must have been a few days since Splinters death because it would taken a few days for The turtles to prepare Splinters burial, make that tombstone and get everyone up to the farmhouse.

I like the Turtles wearing the new outfits but seeing Mikey wearing the black bandana didn’t feel right. The orange bandana is perfect for him.

I like Casey’s new metal mask, it’s a reference to Casey’s new metal mask from the 2007 movie.

I notice that Dr Cluckingsworth was in Casey’s car so they must have brought her back from the farmhouse for a little while.

Raph spitting is a dirty habit.

I know Fishface isn’t dead because remember that Instagram video Gwendolin Yeo posted From The Forgotten Swordsman over a year ago, you can hear Christian Lanz in the background saying to Raph about having a rematch.

When I first watched the episode in Korean Baxter returning to human was so unexpected. After watching it in English I was surprised again because Baxter wanted to stay as a mutated fly. I wonder if it’s this his last appearance or he’s becoming a cyborg next season.

Donnie calling Mikey ‘Michael’ was great.

The fight with Bebop and Rocksteady was great and I liked that Donnie turned there wepons against them but I am a bit concerned that Bebop and Rocksteady would want revenge on Donnie ('cough’ issue 44 'cough’)

Donnie and Mikey punching fists was great.

I like Tiger Claws new metal hand, it’s pretty cool that he can change weapons with it.

I’m glad Casey and April weren’t involved in the Shredder fight because to me it’s the Turtles fight and they both had there moments in Requiem.

The fight was awesome the Turtles movements were very quick, but it was hard to tell who was who at first because they were all wearing black bandanas but after watching it a few more times I got used to it.

I loved the teamwork in this fight, it was amazing. I was surprised that Donnie was the first to go but he got too distracted when he was thinking why the retro mutagen didn’t work on Shredder

Mikey’s movement with his nunchucks was pretty badass but it was a shame he got kicked out of the fight though, I would to see him in the fight a bit longer.

I wonder if that Orange glow might have been Mikey’s Spirit or it could be Splinters spirit protecting him. It wasn’t the fire because you don’t see any fire in that scene. I hope we see more of Mikey’s spiritual side next season and i’ve writtien a theory.

Leo is left and the dialog between Leo and Shredder is amazing, the one on one fight was amazing. I assume Shredder dislocated Leo’s shoulder.

I love that Splinter’s spirit was there, giving Leo one last advice so he could finally take down Shredder.

Obviously they couldn’t show a body without a head in a kids show.

The last scene was amazing and seeing Splinters spirit watching over them got me emotional but it was happy not sad, which was good because we had 2 sad ending before so this one needed to be happy.

I can’t wait for season 5 now Leo’s head of the family he’s going to be under so much pressure to keep his brother’s and friends safe. He can’t turn to Splinter for advice, he has to use his heart not his head because his brothers will be turning to him for advice and guidence. Leo and Raph can’t fight anymore and Raph has to respect Leo more and including working together to keep there younger brothers safe but I expect there will be a few small arguements. Leo will have to listen to Mikey’s ideas even if they sound strange.

Hopefully Splinter will be in season 5 but obviously we will see him as a spirit but also maybe in dreams, memories and flashbacks aswell.

I also wonder, will April have a psycic connection to Leo now or Mikey or both of them.

Can’t wait for Season 5.

Juan's Burial/Cesare and Lucrezia Dance
Trevor Morris
Juan's Burial/Cesare and Lucrezia Dance

Juan’s Burial/Cesare and Lucrezia Dance from The Borgias (Season 2)

Played during (you guessed it) Juan’s burial scene, interspersed with shots of Cesare and Lucrezia dancing at Lucrezia’s engagement celebrations. Composed by Trevor Morris.

Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, Regina King and Taraji P. Henson On Their Most Challenging Moments and Unexpected Milestones

Excerpts from THR’s   Viola Davis, Constance Wu and 9 Other Actresses on Their Most Challenging Moments and Unexpected Milestones

Viola Davis How to Get Away With Murder (ABC)

What scene was particularly tough to pull off this season?

Davis won the lead drama actress Emmy in 2015 for her first season playing criminal law professor Annalise Keating.

“When I do the homecoming — the burial scene — for the baby with Ms. Cecily Tyson in the finale epi­sode. I think it resonated for me because it’s not something that I would normally see in a one-hour drama, especially a one-hour drama that was filled with, OMG, really sexy and salacious moments. There was something about that scene that for me was very cinematic. The depth of it I enjoyed. I enjoyed the fact that I got to play it with Ms. Tyson and the fact that she was playing my mother. Just the concept of that scene I felt was very thoughtful and very heart-rending. It wasn’t gimmicky at all. It was a beautiful journey that I felt I took with my mom, considering how our relationship played out in the first season. The other thing that I loved about that scene was that when I signed up to play Annalise Keating, [she started out as] this mysterious, sexualized law professor, and for me, this character has taken me on a journey that has been quite unexpected but somehow feels right. I realize in my 50 years that you can never put a finger on someone. Ever. They have experiences in their lives that you cannot even imagine, and what you get is the final byproduct of that. I feel like she’s very vast.”

Kerry Washington Scandal (ABC), Confirmation (HBO)

What scene was particularly tough to pull off this season?

In addition to her role as crisis manager Olivia Pope on Scandal, Washington also produced and starred in the retelling of Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearings, playing the role of Anita Hill.

“That scene [in Confirmation] at the end where I’m reading the letters — that was never written to be a moment that included an emotional break. It just happened based on the story we were telling and stepping into what [Hill] would have been feeling and my understanding of the impact that the public response had on her in terms of breaking her isolation. I think that was a scene that I didn’t focus on, like, ‘Oh, I have to get this scene right.’ I didn’t actually know what the scene was going to be until we were doing it. Once we shot it, all the producers and the writers and myself were all like, ‘Whoa. That’s the moment. We don’t have to worry about another one. That’s it. We found it.’ ”

Regina King American Crime (ABC), The Leftovers (HBO)

What scene was particularly tough to pull off this season?

King shot a significant portion of the second seasons of The Leftovers andAmerican Crime at the same time.

“In The Leftovers, I wanted more than anything to have a great scene with Ann Dowd and Carrie Coon. Those were the two. They are powerhouses to me. Apparently, Carrie felt the same way, which neither of us knew until afterward. When we got a script and saw that it was an eight-page scene, just the two of us, then it was really like, 'You know what? If there wasgonna be an eight-page scene with anybody on this show, I want it to be with you.’ Then the day came. Carrie’s a very lighthearted person, and she’s witty and not walking around as [her character] Nora Durst all year round. Some actors do have to do that, they kind of have to be that person all the time to deliver a performance that they need to or want to deliver. I’m not quite like that, and neither is Carrie. It was great to have that intensity but then in between takes be talking about, 'So, what do you think about the Lakers?’ ”

Taraji P. Henson Empire (Fox)

How would you describe your character’s arc this season?

In season two, Henson’s Cookie Lyon witnessed one son get shot, another aggressively take control of the family record label, an unborn grandchild die and the ex-husband she still loves marry someone else to protect the family business.

“We got off to a rough start because at the beginning it became about, 'Who’s gonna be on the show?’ We lost focus of the family. So, I was more like, 'Let’s not make [season two] about who is going to be on the show.’ In the first season, the stars just happened. Courtney Love just happened to be on the show. It wasn’t just about, 'Hire this person or this big name.’ I was like, 'We have to stay focused on the family.’ That’s what people fell in love with. The world is able to tap into all different aspects and problems that this one family goes through. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is. I was more focused on that and continuing Cookie’s struggles to keep this family together in this crazy world we created. That’s where she started. That is what her 17 years was about: her family.”

i’ll say it before and I’ll say it again

Chester Desmond = Dale Cooper. in Deer Meadow when the Sheriff didn’t let the FBI at the body, Coop physically fought him for it

Albert is absolutely in the right in that scene, Laura’s burial helps no one (as Bobby later screams at the funeral) what matters is actually catching her killer.

Twin Peaks almost immediately puts Cooper in this softer dreamy state in the pilot. He goes from asking about Laura’s body, telling Harry that the FBI is in charge to asking about the trees. 

Twin Peaks is a charming anachronistic facade covering up deep rivers of secrets, it nicely mirrors Coop’s own escapism and refusal to embrace himself and his own experiences

Evidence for Beth’s return


Multiple characters in season 4 and 5 make comments about Beth’s inability to survive:
Lenn: “Was it one of the little one’s? They don’t last long out here“
Carol: “I don’t think we can save people any more“
Dawn: “Out there your dead or someone else’s burden“ “Your Not strong enough!”

Considering most of the audience already expected Beth to die, why did Beth’s death need to be continuously foreshadowed? Why make it so obvious? It only makes sense to me if Beth is going to survive against all the odds, and prove the audience and characters that doubted her wrong.

Beth says to Daryl in Still “Your going to miss me so bad when I’m gone Daryl Dixon” Word choice is everything, not dead just gone.

Daryl says in episode 5x10 that “Beth was strong, she just didn’t know it.” Only the audience gets to see Beth’s confidence and determination to escape Grady. It doesn’t sit right with me that Beth doesn’t get the chance to prove herself to any of her family. It just makes Beth’s character development pointless. However if Beth does return, surviving a bullet to the head and making her way back to her family by herself, would leave no doubt of how strong she is.

Beth and Daryl’s romance

Still and Alone in particular were setting up Daryl and Beth for a romance, and we were left desperate to know what Beth meant when she said “Oh”. Everything was building up to the reunion and then it just fell flat. I don’t believe that the writers changed there mind about a romance, because if that was the case they should have toned down Daryl’s determination to reunite with Beth. Also they should have had Daryl mourn Beth for a couple of episodes and then move on, but he is still grieving at the end of the season. However if this is really a slow burn romance, it explains why Daryl is still not over Beth, as they are going to meet again. Also why Daryl and Beth weren’t given a reunion in Coda, because it would cheapen their reunion later on.

Grady Memorial Hospital

The story of Grady was not needed, it served nothing to the plot other than to put Beth in the spotlight with an episode all of her own. Beth gets an episode dedicated to her character development, and in doing so the popularity of her character increased immensely. All of this effort to just kill Beth off?

Poorly executed death scene (wonky camera angles, psychic defying bullet, out of character actions) with does not correlate with the time and money spent on Grady. If this was just to kill Beth off, they could at least kill her off well.

Bullet Trajectory is survivable.

Scenes with body cut short, no close up of Beth’s face.

Traditional Walking Dead music in credits, no silence or sad music that is the usual after a character dies.

Morgan in the Coda putting down a lucky rabbits foot and bullet. Lucky to survive a bullet.

Grady is left standing, Doctor Edwards is still alive and when we last see Beth’s body she is conveniently just outside the hospital. I also feel like there was more to explore with Beth and Doctor Edwards.

Parallels to Rick’s origin story and Beth’s death

We got a lot of parallels to season 1 this season, the only thing we are missing is a sheriff coming back from the dead.

Rick to Beth; “There’s a new Sheriff in Town”

Rick is shot and left in a coma in hospital, he wakes up all alone in the overrun hospital and has to travel to find his family. His family moved on believing Rick to be dead. Beth wakes up in a hospital and has to survive all alone, she gets shot and her family move on believing her to be dead. So the way it plays out is different, but they wouldn’t want to redo the story exactly the same as it would make it obvious that Beth was going to survive. This time the story is from the perspective of those who believe Beth is dead, meaning the audience also believes Beth to be dead, which makes for a more emotional reunion.

Beth also gets to wear the sheriff’s hat, the only other two characters who wear it (Rick and Carl) both survived getting shot.


Misleading burial scene

What happens to Beth’s body is never answered, while we get closure and a burial scene for Tyreese.

No one refers to Beth as dead or killed in the episode, but instead the characters use ambiguous phrasing:

Noah: “The plan did work, something else happened after”

Rick “After it happened, right after it happened. With Beth in the hospital”

Tyreese’s hallucination of Martin refers to everyone as dead, other than Beth. “Maybe they would not be dead (the termites), maybe Bob would not be dead, maybe him being alive would also change things with Beth.”

The phrase would still work if Martin was to say - “perhaps Beth would still be alive” or “not be dead”. It makes no sense for Tyreese’ mind to use vague language when thinking about Beth. Unless Tyreese doesn’t know or is confused about what actually happened to Beth?

The position of the bullet in Beth’s head is different than Coda, which further enforces that Tyreese is confused about what happened.

The episode doesn’t include Maggie or Daryl who were closest to Beth. Next time we see them three weeks have passed since Atlanta. Convenient if they wanted to hide what happened to Beth’s body.


Daryl is given Beth’s knife, that he continues to carry around with him for the rest of the series and by the looks of it he will also have it in season 6.

The music box still playing despite Maggie thinking it is broken and giving up on it.

Daryl and Maggie being weary about cars, Maggie finds a walker that looks like Beth in the trunk.

It is curious that Beth has had a strong presence in the past two episodes, yet we get no closure or explanation of where she was buried.


For the rest of the season there continues to be references to Beth with blonde walker’s, quotes and the music box. Aaron even mentions Daryl finding the barn, which reminds us of Daryl mourning Beth. The next season seems to still have Daryl mourning Beth and separating himself from the group. In comparison Rick only mourned his wife’s death for a season and then moved on. Daryl has been missing Beth since the end of season 4, his storyline for a season and a half has been all about her, and it looks to continue. So what is it all leading to? How can Daryl be happy and hopeful again?

I just needed to put down everything into words. I know most of this has been said before, but these are the reasons I can’t leave Team Delusional and this post doesn’t even mention half of the evidence. (The parallels with Beth and Andrea, religious symbolism surrounding Beth, cancelled panels and Emily still talking about Beth in interviews.) There is just so much!

#1100 “My heart is so heavy after having seen BOFTA that I cannot yet express all the emotions and thoughts the movie raised but I can confess this: I love Thorin Oakenshield now more than ever; Richard Armitage is truly an amazing actor who endowed our beloved king with so much courage, decency and integrity that it brought tears to my eyes, and PJ did Thorin (and all of us) wrong by denying Thorin the royal burial scene so lovingly described in the book. I need that for closure … but not farewell.”

Why Pietro staying dead makes no sense.

In the comics, the twins play a huge part in the avengers team. Wanda arguably becomes one of the most powerful (and dangerous) team members to date with Pietro being the only one capable of keeping her powers in check. 

Pietro coming back to life does not negate the progress that Wanda made with her powers. I’ve heard the argument that him coming back to life would somehow dismiss the release of Wanda’s power. This just doesn’t make any sense. It’s not like her powers are going to regress if he comes back to life. If anything, she would want to become more powerful in order to protect him better. 

Individually, Pietro and Wanda are interesting characters but in reality it’s the two of them together that makes them so much fun to watch. They barley scratched the surface with this dynamic in AOU and I can’t imagine they would let so much potential waste away by keeping him dead. 

There were too many clues in AOU signifying his return. “Walk it off” with the camera aimed at Pietro, the cradle, no burial scene, Pietro being brought onto the ship etc. 

Pietro needs to be alive so we can see him being totally disapproving and overly protective of Wanda when he finds out she likes the Vision (this is canon in the comics). 

For those who think it’s irritating that characters don’t stay dead, Marvel probably isn’t a franchise you will want to stick with seeing as this is a common trope they employ. I’m personally happy that characters can come back to life in the MCU. That allows us to watch two dramatic extremes play out; their death and the shock of them coming back. It’s the reaction of other characters that really makes these two dramatic events entertaining. As much as I hated seeing Pietro die, the reaction of Wanda was so intense and beautiful I wouldn’t really have it any other way. I can only imagine how she might react when he comes back. ;)

End Rant.

Are we SURE Rollins did everything we saw him do? ALI'S PLAN THEORY

I thought Rollins was making Ali think she was crazy with the drugs he used. BUT … What if Ali actually has a full on mental disorder? What if Ali needed some of the drugs as tranquilizers after truly having a psychotic break? Considering all Ali has been through this is very possible. (And I’ll give an honorable mention to the unstable twin theory.) We saw Rollins TORTURING Ali, but was what we saw what really happened?

For example, in the scene where Ali was choking Rollins nearly to death, only when he drugged her did she calm down… What if we are seeing the WRONG SIDE and we are seeing Ali’s hallucinations/ warped thoughts and Elliott really didn’t do/say some of the things that Ali heard, she is just mentally ill? But she is still our narrator and perhaps not a reliable one.

That could mean the deluded Ali WANTED the girls to kill Elliott; she knew enough to realize that she wouldn’t be implicated just like Charlotte and Mona weren’t. She CHECKED HERSELF IN and it could be that a part of her, a part she doesn’t even know she has, planned all of this. It’s possible that she believed Rollins to be in on her plan, hence him saying “change of plans to Ali when taking her out of the institution. I am not saying that Rollins was a good guy by any means, but whose point of view were we really getting when we saw him and all his atrocious behavior?

Once again I will mention that Ali once, (in the first secret) planned a hoax to see if the girls would save her if she really needed help.. She said they passed the test. And maybe she finally really needed them because she wanted Elliott dead but didn’t want to do the deed herself?

I can’t trust this girl! Maybe during the burial scene they say “poor Hanna” because Ali was NOT as stable as they believed her to be, causing major remorse and explaining why this is the biggest mistake of their lives. When Emily killed Nate in self defense and defense of Paige, it wasn’t called a MISTAKE. This was an accident and defense of Ali… Unless it wasn’t. @pllawesomeness @tremolux @spencerslakehouse @spencersbleedingpurse Thoughts? And I’m trying to get these tags to work…

it’s been confirmed that a ‘tragic’ ‘graphic’ scene happens in 7x03, something ‘bad’ happens and the girls make the biggest mistake ever, so it’s pretty clear the burial scene takes place in 7x03. and now we know Rollins is chasing Ali through the woods in 7x03 as the girls are trying to get her out of the hospital. the synopis says the girls make their big mistake as a result of trying to help alison. i knew i called it right. rollins is going to die.