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Burial - Loner

Still utterly incomparable.

Ashtray Wasp
Ashtray Wasp

With little struggle, I just spent half of my 8 remaining dollars on the new Burial EP.

When I heard the teaser of “Ashtray Wasp” from the RinseFM Boxing Day broadcast I was a bit underwhelmed. I want to be a true believer and know that Burial can do no wrong, but I was disappointed with the “Street Halo EP” and from what I heard from “Ashtray” it sounded to be in the same vein: still wading in the waters of his second full-length, “Untrue." 

The "Kindred EP” is aptly named. Each track seems to traverse between his two full lengths. Each begins banging with his sparse energy reminiscent of his self-titled. Then as each track builds, it evaporates into a crackled and broken whisper a la “Untrue.”

The biggest surprise on this release is “Ashtray Wasp.” What I heard on RinseFM was merely the end. The post-coital square after 6 minutes of what I believe is the wildest Burial track to date. Certainly, it’s still minimalist at its best, but the swift pace and synths build an intoxicating mix that one could almost even dance to. Unheard of for this artist.

If for some reason you are not yet acquainted with Burial, this is the next best gateway to him behind “Archangel.” Donate 11 minutes of your time. Please. Validate my decision to pick this purchase over lunch. 


P.S. Tumblr tells me my file is too large. So, I’m stuck with a youtube link instead. Apologies.