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We're all missing the point: Riley is the Jesus-figure of the story. His apparent "death" at the hands of the Ice Nation and his "resurrection" after being rescued clearly points to this, with Farm Station being the burial cave he emerges from. Clearly, Riley is the true savior of this tale, and will be the one to lead them all to salvation.

Omg you’re SO RIGHT. Like the religious implications and stuff. @ship-picky you’re my JC friend, what say you???


The Calderstones, Calderstones Park, Liverpool, 30.5.16. The stones would have originally formed a dolmen or burial mound and it is thought that the site would have approximated that of Bryn Celli Ddu on Anglesey, North Wales. As late as 1825, the stones were in their original site with the remenants of the mound. However, since then they have been displaced several times. At one point they sat at the entrance to the park. The stones are beautifully marked with prehistoric rock art although they have been defaced with subsequent graffiti. At present they are inaccessible to the general public inside a locked glass vestibule. 

“The English police officer was allowed into the burial cave, given the exception that he not take any of the sacred bones”

hoe don’t do it

“He pocketed some teeth”


“He suffered from deafness and had to leave the police force; he never returned the teeth and no doctor could treat or cure his symptoms”


Then there was another story of a woman taking a bone, she got a disease (it sounds like she had an incredible spike of testosterone as her voice deepened and body hair grew longer, I’m not entirely sure what a condition like that is called, can’t remember)- turned back to normal after returning the bone

A dentist stole a skull (WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO STEAL HUMAN REMAINS IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU CREEPY, DISRESPECTFUL BASTARDS), he complained of hearing teeth chattering in the middle of the night and started to go crazy- until he returned the skull

Moral of the story: Don’t FUCK with religious artifacts, temples, etc. You should do this out of respect for other people and the deceased anyway, but if you’re a real shit person and that isn’t good enough for you, DON’T DO IT OR ELSE YOU’RE GONNA GET FUCKED WITH HARD CORE.

Oh also, the beginning of the story started with a guy bulldozing a sacred rock and pool of water, that people of the area told him about and asked him to just skip over- like they were literally chill with EVERYTHING ELSE, just don’t touch the sacred stuff, and what did he do? He attempted to bulldoze it over, cracking a large rock and sending small stones into the pool. He got sick and died.


North East Passage Grave of the Balnuaran of Clava or ‘Clava Cairns’, Inverness, 26.7.16. This structure stood at over three and a half metres in height and is composed of various materials. The passage of this cairn was so low that people would have to crawl in order to access the central chamber. The central space was likely lined with quartz along the back wall so that at the shortest day of the year, sunlight would have reflected on these surfaces and illuminated the chamber space. This grave is one of a large number of cairns that composed a large scale prehistoric cemetery. Of interest is the single decorated piece that forms one of the foundation stones of the cairn. There is much speculation as to whether the ‘cup and ring’ markings on this single stone represent constellations and stellar alignments.

“Skulls and bones on display in the Fontanelle cemetery in Naples, southern Italy, on November 2, 2015. The cemetery is the epicenter of what is known as ‘The Neapolitan Cult of the Dead,’ or ‘The Neapolitan Skull Cult.’ It is a vast underground ossuary located in a cave in the tuff hillside at the heart of the Sanita quarter, once used to bury the corpses of people for whom there was no room in the public graves at the churches within the city.”

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