burgundy tassel loafer

The guy that sold us our HVAC system

The guy has been out here several times and admired my shoe collection, notably my Aldens. My thought particularly with him coming here in workboots was “What does he know about Aldens?” I thought he was just making conversation to make a sale. Howver, he seemed to know a lot about them.

Really cute and slim guy that is a few years younger than me. I think he might smoke though. I looked him up on Facebook and saw that he was an outdoors type. So, my wondered when he would ever wear these type of shoes.

Today, he boldly asked to see a pair and asked my about my shoe size. He happened to pull out my burgundy calfskin Alden tasseled dress loafers. I got the shock of my life when he smelled the leather and said “I hope you don’t think that’s weird. I have a shoe fetish.”

Happened today while I was working from home. True story.