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drabble meme: family things with the bw rivals?

I have two answers for this because my sleepy brain misinterpreted this as a BW! rival family scenario and I was like YEAH, I’m on-board for rival shenanigans!!! So that’s answer number two under the read more and is very silly (and there’s, like, slight shippy stuff if you squint maybe, but I tried to keep it on the down-low).

Firstly, the families that raised them!

1. Georgia’s family is dirt-poor. Like, not looking-forward-to-eating-snow-in-the-winter-as-a-treat lower-than-dirt Jessie’s tragicomedy life poor, but. Preeeetty poor. Like, if you’re ever at a nice event, stuff your bags/clothes/pockets with all the food you can’t stuff in your face because who knows when you might get to eat this good again poor.

Georgia was absolutely not coddled in any way. Raised with the hard facts of life right from the get-go, hence her no-nonsense attitude (and, uh, penchant for clearing a table, regardless of who that food was meant for…). Okay, so, bit of a pickpocket too.

Loving, but strict parents. Raised her to be independent and aware. Most likely to have younger siblings (she basically had to play second mom to because who’s got money for a babysitter?!)!

2. Burgundy’s parents aren’t even that well-to-do, honestly, they were living beyond their means pretty frequently, but they sure spent all they could so Burgundy can have the best– they just didn’t do a very good job of raising her. Spoiled, bratty, vindictive, she’s like the worst stereotype of a rich brat without even the excuse of having wealth to back up that attitude, she just. Gets her way a lot and honestly, though, can you blame her parents too much? Her temper tantrums are SCARY.

Relationship’s… okay, they’re fond of each other, I’m not sure if she has one or both parents, but either way, it’s kind of an unbalanced “who’s the parent and who’s the child…?” scenario. Probably an only child for a very long time, threw a fit of epic proportions when/if a new baby came around, but would also be super protective of them if anyone else picked on the little grubby brat.

3. Bianca’s canonical tale is well-known, she has a loving, but overprotective father who held her back until she was a teenager (but still pure as the driven snow… and troublingly unfettered ^^;;;), but aside from the strife over him having a hard time letting her go and believing in her, they’re on fairly good terms, and will hopefully get even closer as Bianca proves herself more and more capable of making it out there, with her Pokemon at her side!
She’s an only child, very dear!

4. Trip’s family is quite wealthy, definitely upper-class, heck, they might even be very distantly related to the royal line (but probably unaware and neither ambitious nor pure enough to summon anything, really, they’re kind of boring, corporate types); Trip’s a rich little snob and you’ll have to excuse the “countryside”/”boonies” and “low-class” jabs, he drops them as he comes into his own.
An only child.

His parents are aloof and distant at best, manipulative and undermining at worst, the sort to always expect more and always poke holes into every achievement and are never pleased with anything.

He’s long given up ever earning their acknowledgement (hence why everything is funneled into gaining Alder’s acknowledgement!); that, and they find this Pokemon training business childish and a waste of his time– they’re hoping he gets bored and settles on a real job soon.

Now for the lengthy result of my misunderstanding the question, what a would a fic of the BW! rivals as an odd sort of family be like!

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