You know I really hope that Emu’s upgrade Gashats will come from Burgmon’s creator, because he got established as being able to create new Gashats, and one of the reasons he made the Juju Burger Gashat was to help the CR against violent Bugsters.

That, and it would be absolutely great to see Dan get defeated with Gashats created by someone else who he had dismissed before and purposely spited by killing someone he loved.

what was the point of killing burgmon? the way everyone reacts to it makes it seem like it’s supposed to show how cruel dan is but guess fucking what you did this exact same shit with kiriya we already know dan is a big worthless piece of shit so that just makes two deaths that add basically fucking nothing to the story other than making your audience depressed for no goddamn reason

ralphrius  asked:

RE: Pallad, I think it's mostly because of Genm, as the "Game Master", manipulating Motos for his own purposes. I guess you could say the other Bugsters all died within the confines of the "Game"'s rules, but Motos' death was essentially because he got backstabbed by the referee. It's not a perfect vision bc like, how does Burgmon fit in Pallad's views for example, but I do kinda understand what the were going for. (Execution coulda been done better tho)

i guess that makes sense but i think it would have worked so much better if this “game” had been mentioned before and it would have worked A LOT better if pallad didnt kill a fucking bugster like two weeks ago. i imagine burgermon fits into this since like ex aid “won” the “game” in that scenario so it was over but dan killing it was just unnecessary. like i get the intention of this side switch thing but good lord the setup is sloppy