Tumblr Tuesday

Haven’t done one for a couple of weeks. And you should follow all these people. Have some DC love right at the top and mixed in well throughout.

  • Emilydoesscience - she does science, does running, loves animals, will be doing tris soon, and in general is just a really great person to know. Love it when we get a chance to meet up for runs.
  • Robindoesrunning - One of the most inspirational people on my dash. She provides so much support to those around her, all while launching something special, ironman training, phd studying, taking care of her family, and working. How she gets it all done is amazing, and she always seems to have a little more to give.
  • Regainingmymoxy - She is so real, so nice, and in case you didn’t know she loves cats. She is running Big Sur this year and is always there to throw some support at her Tumblrs.
  • Runheatherrun - Heather is the first DC Tumblr I ever met. I believe our first conversation started awkwardly something like “You have a blog right? Hrider right?”
  • Burgerstobiceps - One of my newer follows but she is awesome. No nonsense support and some amazingly good food conversations. Though if I ever goto VA beach again for a race I will probably come back up 5 lbs instead of down.
  • TheReluctantRunner - Well obviously she is the BAMF that ran Boston last year. But more importantly if you ever need a quick smile just check out some of her videos. Seriously put a smile on my face every time. EVERY.DAMN.TIME.
  • Tridad - Dude is a stay at home dad that is currently in Ironman training and while he wants us all to think he is some curmudgeon of an old man, it is all a ruse. He loves his training, almost as much as he loves his family.
  • Buildingothersup - Yet another DC Tumblr. Also a newer follow, but based on her workout reports, and her gun show, I am pretty sure she could kick my ass.
  • fat-to-fast - Ms. ISingleHandedlyCausedInstagramToBeWorthOneBillionDollars her self! Oh Anna, what can you say about Anna. She has about 20 million crushes, ladies and gents alike. She trains, schools, and works and documents almost every moment of it. Oh and she has a smiley face tan line.

markicksass replied to your photo: It’s time for Easter gigs!! I’ll be spending the…

You look nice!

Thank you!! I was actually thinking I looked a little rough, mainly because I need a haircut. So thanks…really.

 burgerstobiceps replied to your photoMy friends are so thoughtful.

Hahahahahahahahaha! Hmmm catholic service?? Sounds familiar

We ended up sneaking out right after communion (since we didn’t have to play anymore) there were still at least 5 or 6 pieces that the others had to play on the list. I’m sure it was 2+ hours. We were also told that this would be the short one of the weekend and we should be sure to bring a book on Saturday and Sunday…looks like I’ll get A LOT of reading done!!

withloveminusthehandles replied to your photoPersonally, I think it makes it easier to read the…

Please tell me this is real life and not a planned shot.

Unfortunately, it was kind of planned. But it was really happening until she realized what she was doing…and then it was hilarious, and now she keeps doing it be funny, since the choir loft at this church has 20 million people crammed into it. Its actually a big choir loft, but they decided to hire every musician in town and have a giant choir.

runstephanierun replied to your photoIt’s time for Easter gigs!! I’ll be spending the…

you could tag this under: why it’s much more useful in life to play a string instrument vs a woodwind. Even my brass friends get gigs at the time of year :)

I’d just like to go on the record and say that there is a flute player AND an oboe player employed at this gig. So there.