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A love story

The sun bleeds out across the sky, its light diffusing across the sand and over the twisted bodies of the Joshua Trees. There’s a coolness in the air; the passive touch of a desert winter. A car pulls up at an almost empty hotel, dispensing 3 Australians before the expanse of the land. So this was Twenty-nine Palms. A road trip through the Mojave and the fleeting day-warmth leaves stomachs empty, but even more so, hearts. Hearts, longing to continue drinking in something beautiful, something comforting; to continue being lulled by sheer experience. And they were not disappointed, for down the bare road lay a true treasure, a bastion of culinary culture and the ultimate classy dining experience: Dennys. And that is the story of how an Australian girl met America. 

They do make a good burger though

Orgasms and Ketchup

PROMPT; could you do a smut where Dan has a vibrater in his ass in public and Phil has the remote? and like they will be buying food and Phil will turn it on and Dan will just groan??? that would be fantastic <3

A/N - I changed it up just a tiny bit, I hope that’s okay! Enjoy, you sinners

(BTW feedback is v much appreciated so I can get better at writing)


“Phiiiil” Dan whined as he hobbled around, his arms crossed over his chest. “Give me to remote! I don’t wanna get horny in public..” The brunette pouted, nudging his dominant partner.

“I don’t care. This is a punishment for flirting with that girl on skype” Phil said with a straight face, his eyes squinted.

“But she was the one who started it! I was just having fun!” Dan pleaded, squirming a bit as Phil forced him to sit in a chair

“Shut up and look at the menu. If you keep whining I’ll turn it on.” Phil spoke strictly, his eyes concentrated on the menu in front of him

Dan just sighed in annoyance but agreed reluctantly, opening the menu and looking over the choices.

Pasta, Burgers, Salads, Soups, Deserts, Wines, this place had everything! Dan went through every option, before stopping on one that stuck out

A spicy chicken burger with a white bread bun, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, and..

He almost gagged at just the name.

“Would you like more time?” A beautiful waitress approached the table with a gorgeous smile, a pen and note pad in her hand

Dan and Phil exchanged looks, before nodding in unison, Phil being the first one to speak

“I’ll have the chef’s favourite, with a side of onion rings and a glass of red wine.” He spoke casually, folding his menu and handing it to the woman.

She nodded, jotting down his order before turning to Dan. “And you, cutie?” She gestured to Dan, a blush rising on his cheeks.

“I’ll ha-” Dan’s sentance came to a stop when he felt a buzzing inside of him, sucking in his gut and avoiding Phil’s angry glare directed at him.

“Are you oka-” the woman began, getting interrupted by Dan rather quickly. “Yes! Yes I’m f-fine! I’ll have th-E spicy chicken burger with a side of fries, and chocolate mi-milk!” Dan sputtered out, his face dark red, and Phil’s glare now turned into a smirk.

The waitress gave him a concerned look before nodding and walking off towards the kitchen, Dan putting his head on the table and grinding his ass down into the chair.

“Daniel, we’re in public. Stop the lewd act.” Phil spoke so casually it almost made Dan angry. As Dan opened his mouth to retort with a sassy comment, he felt the buzz get louder, his heart thumping in his chest.

Phil watched as his baby boy whined and squirmed in his wooden chair, getting looks from elder men and woman. Dan’s face was bright red and his cock was starting to throb.

Almost as if scripted, as Dan was about to moan, the waitress came
Over with a tray. She handed the couple their drinks and meals, nodded her head politely, and then made her way to another table.

Dan was panting and whimpering, his sweater sleeve stuffed in his mouth and his forehead on the table. Phil watched amused as he began to eat some of his onion rings, watching Dan desperately grind on anything as if he were a cat in heat.

“M-Mmh!” Dan gasped as he came, shuddering and twitching afterwards. He ignored the confused looks, his face dark red. He just had an orgasm in front of strangers, while his lover ate his food like nothing had happened!

Dan sighed and shook his head, taking a bite into his burger and tensing up when he tasted it. The disgusting flavour of tomato and sugar splattering on his tongue. Instantly, he pulled away and grabbed a napkin, wiping his tongue continuously

The scene caught lots of attention, and the waitress rushed over, a worried look on her face. “Oh my, are you okay? Is there anything wrong with the meal?! Here!” She panicked, grabbing the plate, leaving the fries and drink infront of Dan.

“I’ll go fix this. I’ll give you two free dessert, on me!” She smiles before running off. She was going to ask what was the matter, before she saw the ketchup and saliva smudged into a napkin in the brunette’s hand.

Phil was laughing uncontrollably, his eyes screwed shut and fist banging at the table. “HaHAHA! You should have seen her face! She was so scared that there was some toxic fluid in the burger!” Phil erupted in a fit of giggles, shaking his head

“Ahh, I love you Dan. You awkward little bean.”

So it was my cousin’s 18th party tonight, and I thought I’d make her these adorable burger cupcakes as a little additional present (recipe from Nerdy Nummies) Super happy with them, they were easy to make and looked really cute.

Anyway, we get to the party and what is sitting there on the desert table? Burger cupcakes, dozens of them. Her friend made them to go with the pizza cake. I mean. What are the odds, oh my god.

Slightly embarrassing but whatever, everything tasted goood.