burgers desert

A love story

The sun bleeds out across the sky, its light diffusing across the sand and over the twisted bodies of the Joshua Trees. There’s a coolness in the air; the passive touch of a desert winter. A car pulls up at an almost empty hotel, dispensing 3 Australians before the expanse of the land. So this was Twenty-nine Palms. A road trip through the Mojave and the fleeting day-warmth leaves stomachs empty, but even more so, hearts. Hearts, longing to continue drinking in something beautiful, something comforting; to continue being lulled by sheer experience. And they were not disappointed, for down the bare road lay a true treasure, a bastion of culinary culture and the ultimate classy dining experience: Dennys. And that is the story of how an Australian girl met America. 

They do make a good burger though


Burger Den in Yermo, California.  Going west I always hop off I-15 and take the Old Yermo Road in order to miss the backup at the agricultural inspection stop on the main highway.  It’s also a more scenic and relaxing drive, even if the pavement is a bit rough and sunbaked. 

One of the notable sights in Yermo is Burger Den, whose now faded sign advises us that it’s the original location of Del Taco, now a widespread if not particularly palatable fast food chain in the southwest.  Burger Den is showing its age, and its claim to fame, the Del Taco sign is almost unreadable in May 2017 when this photo was taken.  When visiting family in the region, I always stop at Del Taco if everyplace else is closed.

So it was my cousin’s 18th party tonight, and I thought I’d make her these adorable burger cupcakes as a little additional present (recipe from Nerdy Nummies) Super happy with them, they were easy to make and looked really cute.

Anyway, we get to the party and what is sitting there on the desert table? Burger cupcakes, dozens of them. Her friend made them to go with the pizza cake. I mean. What are the odds, oh my god.

Slightly embarrassing but whatever, everything tasted goood.