burgers are bad for your heart tho

pokshi  asked:

seventeen reacting to you promising them a burger then being all like SIKE no burger (fun fact: this happened to me and i cried)

omfg…….hope u got ur burger tho, doll <3


he’ll go “:O??? what!!! u lied to me?? omg youre so bad!!” but u rly put one over on him, so hes more entertained and impressed than upset he didnt get his burger.


he’ll remember u did this…its in his calendar now, so in case he forgets…..its there. he wont be that angry on the surface but, hoe…..u fucked up


his heart is now broken so youll need to heal it with chicken. but truthfully he’ll be like “babe, that was so mean!!!” and think its funny.


he’ll be shocked at first but find it pretty humorous, and go around telling the other members he got fooled the rest of the of the day. bragging on his s/o that theyre soooo funny and clever.


he’ll pout. rly bad. but its all an act ofc cuz he dont need no cheeseburger when he has u. tells u he needs a kiss to make it better. he puckers his lips and closes his eyes and ur like :l “oh forget it, stupid”


why would u do this do the god of cheeseburgers…….these are his family. he just wants a damn cheeseburger is that too much to ask for. is personally offended.


“that wasnt cool…. i was looking forward to eating the cheeseburger y/n :/” ah yes the Inventor Of Tsundere, Lee Jihoon. he doesnt fuckin care but he doesnt rly know to express his soft and fluffy feelings just yet, so he gets kinda angry. u feel bad but he apologizes to u for getting pissy, and comes clean that he was actually disappointed that u werent gonna eat lunch together, it had nothing to do with the cheeseburger lol. wat a cutie


finds it p funny and tries to do the exact same thing to u for a month until he actually fools u. when u do, its over ur fave food so ur rly upset. “aah y/n im so sorry!!! i’ll really buy it for u!!! please dont be angry!!!!”


oh look its Jihoon’s Apprentice of Tsundere, Kim Mingyu. he’d also act like he was a tad irritated, but it rly bad at acting (ironically, in front of u, bc hes a rly great actor) and u pick up on his facial expressions that hes lyin!!! as soon as u catch him he gets all shy and says sorry for being “kinda a dick.” overall its really cute, nose-boop worthy stuff


i feel like tumblr only gives him savage answers to this kind of stuff, and theyre all funny but contrary to popular belief, i dont think minghao would care about this??? he’d be like “oh thats it..?” / “ur not mad???” / “no??? its just food y/n” he wouldnt be upset or angry, more like indifferent lol


straight up fuckin pissed….i cant believe this bitch played him like this smh. he will buy a burger for himself anyways and ignore u the rest of the day


he rly wanted that burger. the next time u eat youll have to share ur food with him, and he wont take no for an answer


it takes him like 4 minutes to understand u were joking and that u fooled him ha! ha! “no chan, i was kidding, i dont have a burger.” … “so no food??” … “nope.” … “oh. ok. thats alright!!”

- diamond