burgers are an important part of our society for many reasons

hanabaigel  asked:

so i just saw your post supporting the burger king 1200 kcal meal and while i'm sure that it has protein and fiber, you conveniently left out the fat content. how on earth can you consider it genuinely HEALTHY when it has so much fat and empty carbohydrates?

(This is the post we’re talking about. I’m tickled that it’s still going around, honestly.)

People need to eat in order to live. Eating “bad” food is better than eating nothing at all. If Burger King is what you have access to and what you want to eat, then I see absolutely no reason to shame people for that. 

No matter how much fat that meal contains, it still has plenty of nutrients that we need daily. Fat does not somehow make the good stuff become worthless. You’re still getting 28g of protein and 3g of dietary fiber, as well as 35% of your Vitamin C daily requirements, 2% Vitamin A, 12% calcium, and 27% iron. Those nutrients are important no matter what other things you eat alongside them. The presence of fat doesn’t mean that the 3g fiber magically disappears.

I know that this food isn’t what is traditionally considered healthy. I outright wrote “Is this the most healthy meal known to man? Of course not.” But that doesn’t mean that the food is inherent bad. You can still eat it. You can still like it. You can still allow others to eat it without forcing your own opinions and commentary in their face. It’s food - It’s meant to be enjoyed and consumed.  

Fast food is ridiculously stigmatized in our society right now. People find it so easy to forget that the high calorie content and the low price tag make fast food a responsible choice for many low income families, not to mention that the easy/cheap access to so many resources may be necessary when a person’s home is without them.  Fast food is often the best option available. Do not devalue it.

Food really shouldn’t have to be justified - Please stop acting as though your own personal values regarding health are going to be applicable to every single person. Just because you choose not to eat fast food as part of your diet does not mean that others are wrong for buying it.