“the flowers that you gave me on the table, they may wilt, but our love will always remain” -The Aquadolls

a little doodle from last night that i drew in between study breaks and listening to the Aquadolls! If you haven’t already heard of them, i strongly recommend you go check them out right now <333

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have a great day you guys!!!<3xoxo

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A combination of a lot of doodles drawn during breaks between study time haha

The drawing in the left middleish says “bleached” because this guy that goes to my school thought it looked like the singer from bleached and theres a crappy looking burger there too because burger records is so great and a comic book hideout sticker because that place is so great and just a bunch of random thoughts everywhere that are too lame too mention and YEEAhh

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<3 have a great day you guys!!<3 :)


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